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Online Bingo Varieties

Online Bingo VarietiesBingo is one of the most tempting and enchanting games, all thanks to its simplicity and easy-to-understand features. The growing popularity of bingo has led to the development of different variations of the game. In fact, you can play different bingo games every day, thanks to the plenty of bingo variants offered by plenty of real money casino sites.  

The different types of the game offer some variations but they all boil down to the same principle of traditional Bingo. Not all types of Bingo are available at all online gaming sites so you may find variations between what the different online casino sites offer. When it comes to playing the various versions of Bingo you don't have to worry as they are not that different. What you should pay attention to is basically what counts as a win and the card size. 

Some versions of the game require you to have multiple lines covered and there are those games of Bingo that ask of you to tick off every last number from your card to win the game.

There might also be slight variations with regards to the card size in each individual title, so we recommend that you read through the instructions quickly before beginning to play in earnest. These specifics can always be clarified by referring to the “Information Tab” available for each bingo game. 

Different Types of Popular Bingo Games

  • 30-ball Bingo

This type of bingo is played using 30 balls and is also known as speed bingo. It is gaining increasing popularity in recent times. In this bingo variant, the bingo ticket is a 3X3 grid card containing only nine numbers.

One or several players who can finish covering all the nine number square boxes from their bingo ticket will be declared as the winner.

  • 75-ball Bingo

This is the most common type of bingo where each player is handed a 5X5 bingo card that contains 24 numbers and centered free space. The letters ‘B-I-N-G-O’ is printed at the top of the columns and each column contains numbers within a specific range.

Players who can successfully mark off any completed line either vertical, horizontal, diagonal or any other above-mentioned patterns will be declared as the winner.

  • 80-ball Bingo

In this version of bingo, every player will be given a bingo ticket of a 4X4 grid containing only 16 numbers. Similar to 75-ball bingo, each column will have numbers within a specific range.

The winner will be the first player to successfully cover a specific pattern which can either be a vertical line, horizontal line or 4 corners as well as every single number.

  • 90-ball Bingo

This 90-ball bingo variation is widely accepted all over the world and is one of the simple bingo game to play. The bingo ticket contains a total of 15 numbers. There will be nine columns in which three rows are spread randomly. These 3 rows will contain 5 numbers each. There will be three rounds of play in this bingo variant.

The first player to successfully mark off a horizontal line will be declared as the winner of the first round. The second round will be won by the player who completes two horizontal line and the third prize which is the largest of all will be won by the player who marks all the numbers on the card first.

What is Hoy Bingo?

Hoy Bingo is another variation of the game where rather than using the standard Bingo Cards, a standard deck of cards is used. The players are given a sheet with a few cards from the deck. They are required to match all the cards present on their sheet with the cards that are picked out by the Caller and announced. The one who matches all the cards first emerges as the winner.  It is just another fun variant of the game where the balls and the random numbers are replaced by the deck of cards. Another fun element is added in the game as the players can also bet about their possible combinations. It adds to the adrenaline rush and the payout is huge. However, it is equally likely to lose because, ultimately, it is a game of chance.


Bingo is one of the versatile games and is very popular among both gamblers and non-gamblers. However, we would highly recommend you to check the version of the game you are playing as different varieties of the bingo game have a different set of rules.  No matter how simple or complex it may be, it is certainly a fun way to celebrate different occasions with your friends and family. So wait no more and play bingo today.

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