Caribbean Stud Poker
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Online Caribbean Stud Poker - Just you, the dealer, and lots of real money chips up for grabs at the table.

Play Real Money Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Real Money Online GamePoker has always been the most admired game amongst all the other table games in casinos. People love bluffing, playing mind games and befooling their opponents and earn some handsome amounts in the process. Although luck does have a say in the game, still a majority of the role is played by the strategy and the presence of mind applied by the players.

Caribbean Stud Poker, popularly known as Casino Stud Poker is yet another table game with rules similar to that of Poker. The only difference is that the former is played against the house i.e., the casino itself, however, the latter is played against other opponents. The essence of the poker is bluffing, but since this game is played against the house, there is very little or no scope of bluffing or deception.

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History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Although it is not known with certainty where and how the game actually originated, it is believed that the game dates back to 1982 and was invented by David Sklansky. The game has been subjected to quite a lot of variations ever since its inception.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

There are some standard rules of the game in the USA which are accepted by all, however, there are certain variations in other countries, specifically on the pay-outs and the betting limits, depending on the mindset and general tendencies of the players.

The rules of the game are quite similar to another variant of the game - five-card stud. You just have to keep in mind that you have to play against the dealer and not against other opponents. So, you don’t really have to bother to guess, imply and keep track of other players’ strategy in mind. You can put in all your focus on your strategy.  Players sit around the game table across the dealer. They, one by one, place their bet on the marked space, also known as Ante. On getting the cards, if they have been lucky enough to receive what you bet in the first place or even luckier to receive a Flush, Full House, Royal Flush or some other High Combination, you have fair chances to win the payout amount along with some additional bonus.

The payout varies from game to game, dealer to dealer. Normally, the participants are charged an entry fee, a specific portion of which is distributed as the payout. The game money is announced well in advance by the dealer.  It is not as easy as it sounds. The chances of getting such high combinations are quite rare and also depend on how much your stars are in your favor. So, it is always recommended not to get carried away and place your bets strategically.  Once all the players have placed their bets and the dealer as well as all the players have been dealt the cards, the dealer shows just one of his cards whereas the players have to keep all their cards face down. Now, the players look up in their cards and check it with the up-faced dealer’s card. Now is the time to take your decision.

Based on the common understanding of the poker hand rankings, the players decide whether or not they have a fair chance of winning the bets they originally placed.  If the sub-conscious and the intuition say, no, it is advisable to fold. Keeping your cards face down on the table is a sign that shows the dealer and the other players that you have absolutely no pair and therefore you’re folding, implying that you’ve lost your ante bet and are out of this hand. This process is repeated by each and every player.  If, on the other hand, your intuition says that the game is yours and that you indeed have a playable hand i.e., you either have a straight pair or that you have such combinations that would beat the dealer’s hand, now is the time that you place an additional bet, however, it is not compulsory. You may or may not increase the bet amount.

Once, this has been done by all the players, the dealer shows his other 4 faced down cards. Now, the players who continued in the game check if the winning combination formed is in their favour or not as in whether they are defeating the Dealer’s hand. The Dealer’s cards must have a minimum hand ranking. If yes, the player wins the bet and the payout money. If not, the bet is lost and he is supposed to pay the additional as in the secondary bet money too.

As discussed earlier, if you have been lucky enough to receive a Flush, Full House, or any other high combination, you would win a Jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Money

As it is said, nothing comes as a free lunch in today’s world. The players are charged either an entry fee in the casino or they have to buy credits to deal in the game. This money is used by the dealers to distribute as payouts. However, the whole of the money is not distributed; certainly, they keep some amount as their earnings.

Nowadays, a lot of websites and game providers are also providing this game online wherein a registration and participation fee, in some cases, is charged. You can register yourself and join the game anytime.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a combination of luck, the right mind-set, a rational brain, and an optimal strategy. So, be ready with all the above ingredients.


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