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To play slots you need a bit of money. Make a bet of your choosing and spin the reels. Each spin has a chance of winning, big or small. 

Online Slots Tips


Of all the many online casino games, slots are the most popular of all and perhaps also the simplest. So players wrongly assume that strategies are unnecessary for a win; as slots are considered a game with a high winning probability. Two important things to understand before you start playing slot machines are: luck plays a crucial role, and landing a win is not as easy as you may assume. Here are some top tips and strategies that will help you emerge with decent winnings and very little heartbreak while playing online slots for real money

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Important Online SlotsTips to Remember

1. Overcoming Wagering Requirements

The no deposit bonus offered by casinos is money that is totally free.  When you register with an online casino, you might, for example, get a no deposit amount of $10. You can use this money to play slots online for free.  The side benefit here is you can win real cash while playing the free slots games. However if you have won a substantial amount, you will have to deposit, which is required to cash out the winnings.

2. Compare Casinos Before You Choose One

Online Slots Tips and StrategiesWith online casinos densly populating the internet, they must compete with each other to attract new customers. You can turn this situation to your benefit. Whether it is casino bonuses or free spins, almost all casinos have something to offer in return for registering with them.  So look closely at the reviews and factors like wagering requirements, payment methods, welcome bonus, house edge and so forth you can make an informed decision.

3. Spotting An Amazing Bonus

To know whether a casino offers an excellent bonus, you have to know about the wagering requirements. The betting rule is a form of multiplier denoting the betting amount you have to make before you can cash out your bonus money.  Most welcome bonus offers are difficult to withdraw unless you satisfy the wagering requirement. So a low wagering requirement is what you need to look at. An even better option would be a casino that does not have any wagering requirement!  So if you have registered with a casino that offers $10 bonus and a 10x wagering requirement, you need to bet an amount of $100 of the winnings on the bonus before you can cash the money. Without a wagering requirement, you can easily withdraw cash you won via the bonus.  If you cannot find a casino with no wagering requirements, the next best thing is choosing a casino that does not limit the amount you can cash out from the bonus winnings.

4. Know When To Stop

If after a long spell at a slot machine online, and you don’t see any wins you should move on to another slot game. Since slot machines function based on the random number generators, every spin you make is unique.  You have the same chance of winning with every spin. So you should not assume that the higher the bet amount the greater the chance you have of winning. However,  it is wise and safe for your bankroll, if you move on when you have a losing streak.  A new slot may do the trick and turn luck in your favor.

5. Online Free Spins

Online Slots Strategy and TipsAs mentioned before, online casinos are so numerous in number that there is stiff competition in the industry. The casinos use unique promotional tactics and offer amazing bonuses to attract new players and to prevent existing players from moving on to other casinos.  Free slot spins are one such promotional endeavor favored by online casinos. Free spins are offered on particular online slot games.  Free spins provide several advantages. You can play test a particular slot game and know whether it is worth your money. You can also learn how to place bets and win big without spending even a single cent.

6. Online Slot Pay Tables

The pay tables give you information about the top games to play prior to playing the slots for real money. The pay table for each slot game is unique and the differences you see when comparing the pay tables can influence how you bet and earn money in the game. It is best to read the detailed review of slot games especially features like scatters, multipliers and wilds. The addition features can help increase your earnings in the slots considerably.

7. Should You Bet Maximum On The Slots?

'Bet max' is the mantra that every casino online spouts. The reason is that the multiple pay lines can give huge cash outs with maximum betting on multiple line wins. While this may be true, you also have to remember about the Random Number Generator.  As mentioned before, your chance of winning when it comes to online slots is the same whether you bet on one pay line or multiple pay lines. Maximum betting will not increase your winning odds.

Online slots have a particular volatility level. The slots that carry high volatility do not pay frequently but when you win they bring bigger winnings. The low volatility slots give smaller winnings but 'hit' more frequently. So if you want to take advantage of high volatility slots, you have to increase your bet amount. Further consider features like multipliers, which can give you big wins.

Slots tips at online casinos will give the edge you need to make the best of every game.

Online Slots: FAQs

Are the online slots spin results truly random?

Each spin is purely random. The symbols that appear for each reel are randomly selected by the game software's Random Number Generator [RNG].

How are payouts calculated for online slots?

Each player's return or payback is based on the winning combination probability and the amount paid for these winning combinations.

Is there any way to predict which symbol will appear next on a reel?

You cannot influence the sequence in which the symbols appear. So each spin carries the same winning probability as the spin before it.

What is the "Single Play" slot strategy?

"Single Play" is a simple and effective slot strategy.  You play at a slot machine only once and make the highest permitted bet. If you hit a win, you play the game again. If you lose you try a different slot. This strategy will help you avoid lingering at the same slot for a long time and save you time and money.

What is the "Deviation" slot strategy"?

"Deviation" is a slot strategy that uses a mathematically advanced equation. You decide on the best winning chances with the equation. You need to be patient, have focus, and be ready to spend your bankroll to get a guaranteed return.  Use a slot machine that has equal pay. This means the machine receives a value related to the coins that you bet on a pay line. For instance, you wager a 2 coin you get 20 coins in return and for 4 coins you get 40 coins. Play at a slot machine continuously until you have won for at least two or three times and count the spins it takes to reach a win. If the standard spins are a minimum of 10 between wins, you have the spin average that you can use when you are at a slot machine with high pay outs.

Will my money last longer playing online slots compared to other games?

Online slots are programmed to play quicker than other games in a casino. Being at the slot machines for a longer span can drain your payroll fast. When compared to" table games" like blackjack, poker, and baccarat, slots odds are much worst.

Which slots are best - fixed max payouts or progressive jackpots?

Jackpots at progressive slots are always rising, and the returns are very seductive. To attract a big jackpot you might have to play for hours. With fixed payouts on non-progressive slots, the payouts might be limited but as the bet sizes are often relative to the payouts. Especially if you are a newcomer, it is best not to get fixed on winning the progressive and enjoy smaller rewards and lower bets.

How many spins does a slot make each minute?

On average, a slot machine performs around 10 spins per minute. The more activity you add to a casino, the more will be the amount taken from your bankroll as house edge. Thus slow down on the spins, relax and chat with fellow players instead of focusing on the game too much. This can diminish the amount you bet on the reels and your bankroll will last for a longer time too.

Is there a difference in payouts between classic slots and video slots?

Although video slots provide the ultimate slot entertainment in online casinos with their stunning graphics and sound effects they pay out less. When compared to normal machines, these machines give far less returns. The main reason is the time factor. The video slots take longer time to display. This results in a loss for the casino, while the slot takes time to perform. Hence casinos program the machine to charge more money from customers. Classic slots machines, although simpler in their are therefore a much better and safer option.

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