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Ice Hockey Online Betting for Real Money


Top Ice Hockey Betting Sites

The sport of ice hockey brings with it a host of the top sportsbooks from around the world all vying for your money. However, you won’t need to worry about finding the best sportsbook for all your online ice hockey betting needs as we have compared all of them to save you the effort. This means that you can choose the best one for your needs and get started.  If you are not familiar with betting on ice hockey, or don't really know the game itself, our Beginner's Guide to Ice Hockey Betting Online should be your first port of call.

Comparing Online Ice Hockey Bookies - How We Compare Betting Sites

Ice hockey betting online has become such a prominent gambling option in this modern age that we look beneath the surface and discover what really makes these sites tick. Of course, the fundamental basics of an inviting welcome offer, ongoing promotions and other perks are merited, but it’s really the best odds that we are looking for.

The expert team will ensure that when you win, you win more money. As well as this, they will ensure that the strict laws that come with gambling are followed by the bookmakers that we choose to endorse. The researching of online ice hockey bookmakers can be one of the most daunting tasks that bettors have to abide by, but with our help, you will never have to put in the work alone again.  

We stick to the main principles of what a good bookmaker must be. The bookmakers that we advise to bet with are all connected in the way that they offer exciting promotions and welcome offers, as well as quick and relevant banking methods. The bookmakers that we select are also certified SSL to ensure ultimate safety for the player and a licensed by a respected gambling authority.

Types of Ice Hockey Bets

2-Way Match Betting

The most straightforward way to place your ice hockey bets is this market. It simply removes the draw out of the equation, and you’re picking one of the teams to win the match. The gambler selects either the home side or the away. The bet is won if your selected team wins the match in regulation time. If they don’t, then the bet is lost. If the match ends in a draw and enters overtime, then the bet is void, and the stake is returned.

Over/Under Goals

One of the online ice hockey betting markets that you can take advantage of that doesn’t depend on the winning side is the over/under market. Here, the bettor can simply lay a stake on either over or under whether the total goals in the match will be more or less than the benchmark set by the bookmaker. For instance, if a wagerer bets there will be over 3.5 goals, then there will need to be at least four goals in the match for the bet to be a winner.

Correct Score

Ice hockey betting can be lucrative, and this is one of the markets that can be utilised for that. Gamblers can stake money on the exact scoreline that the match will end with. The bet is only a winner should the bet made match up with the exact correct score from the match. Regardless, it could be an incredibly lucrative market for bettors.

Major Ice Hockey Events


The biggest ice hockey competition in the world is the NHL. Online ice hockey betting in USA and Canada revolves around this sport, as all of the elite sides in North America aspire to reach the playoffs and earn a place in the Stanley Cup. The playoffs for the Stanley Cup is a brutal period of the season where sides must compete in rounds of best of seven games to advance to the next stage. With that, comes an array of betting markets and different types for bettors to maximise their returns on online ice hockey bets.


The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is also immensely popular among bettors, due to the unpredictability in the competition. There are three leagues inside the CHL; these are Ontario, Quebec and Western. The winners from each of these advance to the latter stages along with the hosts of the Memorial Cup, to compete for the most prestigious crown in CHL. Like the NHL, wagerers can bet on each individual game as well as the outright winners of the competition.

World Cup

The very best international players take to the global stage every year to compete for the World Cup. The favourites for the competition largely revolve around the USA, Canada, Russia and Sweden. Bettors can bet on the competition throughout by placing individual game bets. Meanwhile, they can also place wagers on the outright market, with each-way value also to be had should your team finish second. It’s essential to study the squads before placing bets because it’s common for NHL teams not to allow their main stars to compete.

Why Ice Hockey Betting Online?

Millions of people are turning to bet on ice hockey online since this is the ultimate place to maximise your potential returns. It is also safe due to the licenses that bookmakers have to hold to ensure they aren’t breaking laws and the SSL encryptions ensure that all your sensitive information is stored safely with the bookmakers. Furthermore, you are always guaranteed to receive your winnings due to bettor’s rights, and these winnings are tax-free.

Online ice hockey betting is the simple and best way to bet on one of the world’s most popular sports.

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