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Baccarat is an excellent card game that comes with many opportunities to win. Easy to play, Baccarat comes in many variations.

How to Play Baccarat - The Rules


A game of Baccarat is exceptionally easy to play. We will go into the rules in a moment, but for the time being it helps to know that you have two bets to choose from and that each type gets two cards. There are slight differences between versions, but we will certainly elaborate on these in a moment. Let’s explore one of the oldest casino games together!

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Baccarat – A Game for Everyone

Just like any other card game, including Blackjack, for example, Baccarat started as a game played by the French nobility. If you look at the available versions of the game today, you will notice that there are quite a few French-inspired versions, which even have their names written in the language!

In any event, we are here to discuss Baccarat’s rules and help you understand how to play.  The basics of the game are quite simple. Every Face card (10-K) have no value at all. Aces count as one whereas all other cards (2-9) are available at their pip value, i.e. the displayed number.

The goal of the game is to get closer to 9 without ending up with a sum that is greater than that. If you exceed the number, then you will have to detract 10 from the sum total, which makes it so exciting. Of course, there are variations given how many decks you choose to use and how many players participate.

The biggest versions of the game will accommodate up to 14 players and you will end up with three dealers. Conversely, the mini version will have you play with six players and a single dealer slot.

When the game comes down to actual play, there will be two hands – the Player’s and the Banker’s. Each bet slot is dealt two cards. At the end of the dealing turn, the value of the card is revealed so that everyone can see who wins.

Lastly, you can still draw a third card if certain conditions are met. All modern software will prompt you to draw a third card when the opportunity arises.

The Best Baccarat Strategies!

We have read some advice that spotting patterns is not really useful as the game’s outcome is randomized. We agree, but there may still be trends that emerge. There are several ways to spot a pattern that you may use:

  • Bead Plate
  • Big Road
  • Big Eye Boy
  • Small Road
  • Cockroach Pig

baccarat online casino gameWhile some may argue that this is pointless, we are in the very least convinced that you can gain statistically-relevant information to help you improve your game a great deal. And better yet – even the casinos that we recommend will offer to track down the pattern for you, which is automated and a great way to help you follow what’s happening with the game.

Baccarat Bonuses

Most bonuses you can pick are part of a greater promotion, so they may not specifically concern Baccarat. However, in order to get better Baccarat odds, you may want to consider a bonus, as it will most certainly extend your stay at a casino and help you understand the game better.  Of course, every now and then you will also realize that there are after all bonuses that provide you with specific Baccarat treats, which will quickly have you run your game like a professional.  Any extra money you can earn will help you stay in the game longer. Still, bonuses or no bonuses, keep in mind that prolonged sessions of gaming may cut in your overall profits.

Playing Baccarat for Real Money on Mobile

One of the distinct qualities of Baccarat is that you can just as easily play it from your smartphone or table. There will be little difference, really, so you needn’t bother yourself too much with the contingencies.  Now, every self-respecting operator out there will help you pick from two main versions for mobile play – iOS and Android via a dedicated app that makes the Baccarat gameplay quite intuitive.  Another feature you can benefit from is exploring the mobile version, which will require no download at all.

Playing Live Baccarat

If you want to have a more authentic experience, then you can opt for a live Baccarat version which is equally popular and definitely worth trying out. The game consists of users joining live lounges where real croupier will help you play the game.  All of the professionals who cater to your needs in the live versions are well-trained and capable of helping you with any issue. They also keep the friendly chat going, which means you will definitely feel as if you were in a Las Vegas casino.

Baccarat Versions and Their Rules

Baccarat’s rules may differ slightly. This depends on the version you are playing, the decks each game contains and even the number of bettor-slots available. Remember, in Baccarat we refer to Player as one of the two available types.  Rules & commissions may change from one Baccarat table to the next, so we recommend that you take your time to examine what you are opting into!

Simple & Fun, Baccarat is a Great Game!

Baccarat is plain and simple, and yet it offers so much excitement! You can benefit from great table limits and the occasional bonus. All the best options are up for grabs. After having picked up the rules all that is left for you is to enjoy the game.

Learn the Ropes Quickly and Play Baccarat for Big Payouts!

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