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by Dave Brown
play mobile casinos online

If you are looking for the Best Online Mobile Casino and Betting Sites compatible with your smartphone or tablet then you are in the right place!

And you are not alone! Recent studies show that more than 65% of all bets are made on mobile devices and smartphone gaming is the fastest-growing segment, estimated to reach a global market share of $95 billion by 2022. 

We don't need another reason to present you the top mobile casinos & Bookmakers for 2021  to enjoy from wherever you are! Play directly on your web-browser for some exciting real money gaming

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Mobile casinos allow us to play whenever we want using the same account. No matter where you are you can access your online casino from your mobile device. As long as you are using a reputable and respected online gaming site you should have access to omnichannel software which means that you can open your same account on any number of devices. This means that you can easily open your account and login from your desktop at home, play a few rounds, and then log out. After that, you can log in on your mobile device and take your gaming with you. All your information and your account details will remain the same.

When you want to play casino games with your phone or tablet and make money doing it, all you have to do is to log in to a recommended mobile casino from your smartphone/tablet, without having to install an app!

How to play at a mobile casino

  • Start by choosing an online casino we recommend for mobile gaming and simply click "Claim Bonus" or "Go To". This will take you to the casino website.
  • You will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of the casino if the casino has one desktop and one mobile platform. 
  • All you have to do is to register with their site if you don't already have an account. If you already have an account you simply log in using the same user details. 
  • Make your deposit and enjoy your mobile gaming!

What do I need to play at a mobile casino?Mobile casino

Most online casinos today are optimized for mobile gaming, meaning they use a compatible operating system. Most people today play by Instant Play directly through the mobile web-browser with no need to install an online casino app. The only requirement is Flash and the casino will automatically let you know if you need to update your Flash version before you can load the games. 

Playing at a mobile casino today offers you the same great experience as playing the desktop version of the casino. You are able to access the same functionality and features from your phone as you would on the traditional website and this includes things like making deposits, switching to a different game, checking your statistics, withdrawing your winnings, and much more.

There are still a few casino sites that use two different versions of their gaming platform, one desktop and one mobile platform, but most operators have optimized their casino website to give the best gaming experience regardless of where you play.

Safe gaming on your mobile device

Remember to utilize the same security measures that you would on your desktop computer when you use your phone or tablet. Obviously don't log in with all of your banking details and your password if you are using a public wireless connection that is unsecured, and if you don't necessarily trust your mobile device for high-end security you can always conduct the banking aspects of your online gambling from the safety of your home network and then play the games whenever you are out and about.

Use the same casino account for your mobile and pc gaming

Every tablet and smartphone means an opportunity to log in and start playing your favorite account. Everything that you do on your cell phone is transmitted to your desktop account and vice versa. So if you open your account at home from your desktop and you play a few games, win a few bonus rounds, and earn extra cash, that will be in your account when you open up your account from your mobile device 25 minutes later while on your commute to work. There is NO need to open a specific mobile account and you should avoid doing it as the new account will be considered a separate account and having more than one account is a violation of the casinos' general terms and conditions! It just as easy to play on your smartphone, you can log in and play and even do all of the same things you would do on the website such as make deposits from your bank or make withdrawals to your bank after you win.

Differences between a regular online casino and a mobile casino

About 10 years ago the best option to play casino games online would be using the desktop version of the casino simply because operators had a bigger selection of games offered on the desktop than on their mobile websites and so you got more bang for your buck. You were also unable to make a withdrawal from your phone and play free spins on slots. Today casino operators have caught up and optimized for gambling on any device and if there are any differences then it's most often in the design as the casino platform must contain fewer click buttons and a different menu structure to be optimized for mobile touch screens.  

What about casino games for mobile phones?

When you go online for some real money mobile gaming you are going to find a large array of casino games that give you the same great experience as playing on the PC. You will be able to play most of the casino games on your mobile, including live casino games and slots. The selection of games on a casino mobile app is still limited but normally contains the most popular titles of the specific casino. If you play the same game title both on desktop and mobile you will sometimes notice that the mobile version is shrunk down to fit your smaller screen as well as being "touch-screen" friendly. 

Some designers of casino games optimize the software so that all of the same features that you would find on a desktop game can be viewed in your mobile setting. There has to be some compromise because of the limited space and data on a mobile device.

For that reason, manufacturers have to forgo some of the features but you will still get the same betting buttons and animations. In these situations, the more complex the design in the more features you have, the more resource-heavy the game will be and slower it might be based on the speed of your device and connectivity.  

Of course, the upside here is that you have more features and more interactive elements like bonus rounds.

One of the coolest innovations associated with mobile slot games is the way you spin your reels. Recent developers have made it possible for users to Simply swipe down or shake their device in order to spin.  Shaking your device is more of a novelty while swiping down on your device speeds up the gameplay with new online casinos.

What about mobile casino sign up bonus and free spins?

No need to worry, you don't need to look for special "mobile no-deposit bonuses", you can claim ALL bonuses and play free spins using your smartphone or tablet, there is no difference. Every online casino understands the importance of gaming on the go so they make sure to give free spins on games that are available at the mobile casino. The exception here can still be if you play on an application as the number of games available on the app version of the casino is still limited. 

mobile gaming is growing

Mobile phone gaming on different devices

Luckily today a modern online casino like those we recommend is compatible with most mobile devices and this is one of the requirements we have for when we use the label "mobile casino" or smartphone casino. However, there are still some good casinos on the internet that opened before mobile gaming becomes so popular and they may not be optimized for all devices. Modern smartphones and tablets operate virtually the same way but when you are using them to access casino websites you want to make sure that you are finding a website that is best suited to the device you are using. Those minor differences can cause serious errors in terms of the gameplay if you accidentally download the wrong app or try to use an incompatible website.

  • Mobile Casinos for Android & iOS

IOS and Android devices like Samsung have dominated the market in terms of market share and so software developers have spent more of their time focusing on these particular devices. So, almost every website today is optimized for Android users and iOS.

  • Windows Mobile Casinos

Windows users might find that some of their options are slightly more limited but if you are using a Windows phone you are basically putting a small mobile computer in your pocket because the phones use the same Microsoft software as your home computer which means that you can access an online casino through your phone in the exact same way that you would log in from your home computer. Now, this simply means that you will have to type in the online casino website rather than tap on an application but the array of games that you have as a result will make it well worth the extra 5 seconds.

The development of casinos for mobile phone gambling

In the middle of the 1990s, the online casino industry exploded. Top software developers were providing games that people could access from the comfort of their homes. This was unlike anything before. There had existed games you could play from your computer but none of them profitable like these. Soon enough Apple became the first company to produce the iPhone. This Smartphone took center-stage among cell phones because of its unique operating system. Users had a major computer in the palm of their hand. 

In tandem, online casino software developers started to focus on making games compatible with the operating system of a mobile device. Seeing as Apple was the main product, most of the development in the field of mobile device compatibility was specifically for Apple devices. As Apple devices started to have higher processing power with larger storage capacity, companies could produce apps which would allow users to download the application to their phone, and from the application launch any number of casino games. This application allowed for the best online games choice to be accessible on the same devices without having to download each game individually.

Soon enough the Windows operating system started to enter the market and developers had to focus on providing games that could be accessed through Windows phones as well as Android and other operating systems. When Windows became a competing smartphone, casino game developers had to focus on improving the number of games that could be accessed through a Windows Mobile Casino. At the time given that Apple had existed for a longer amount of time, the majority of games were available through Apple users, not Windows users. But things started to shift and companies began to focus on mass compatibility for all mobile devices.

The future of mobile gaming

We have already seen an increase in the development of specific mobile casino apps but this is not what keeps the casino-game developers busy. Gaming apps for online casinos have not become such a hit as many perhaps thought as an app will always have its' limitations. Development is still going on to improve the graphics of casino games for mobile screens and overall improving the casino sites to better fit the mobile player's comfort. Virtual Reality games are expected to increase and we bet development is on its way that can turn your smartphone into a VR headset. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been implemented by Apple and Samsung, which makes it possible for the game and casino developers to further personalize the gaming experience. Implementation of the "Beacon" Technology is another possible future that online casino operators may choose to implement for their mobile customers. When it comes to the future of mobile casino gaming there is only one thing to conclude - anything can happen! 

With a Mobile Casino, you can play anytime, anywhere, without compromising on your gaming experience and chances to win! 

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