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Apple Pay is quickly gaining a reputation for one of the safest ways to transact money and charge your online casino account. The payment is often listed on licensed casinos in specific jurisdictions around the world, offering safe, secure and reliable. Apple Pay is a fantastic way to top up your bankroll. Together, we will find more about this mobile payment method and while it’s trusted and depended on.

What Are Apple Pay Casinos?

Apple Pay casinos are not as new as the name of the payment method may suggest. They have been around since 2014. The payment option first debuted in the United Kingdom where it was adopted by some of the biggest names in casino gaming, including 888, Unibet and Bwin.

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The success of the Apple Pay casino allowed the payment option to quickly expand to other European countries and beyond. Thanks to this small revolution that took place in the mid-2010s, many casinos have begun adding Apple Pay as a viable payment method. It’s important to note that this is a mobile payment option and clear up any confusion when we mention “devices” later on. Apple Pay works with iPhones and iPads or any device that is designed to run on iOS and supports a user interface.

The option allows by quickly using your phone to charge an online casino account, using personalized verification method that is unique to each user. In many ways Apple Pay is similar to other casino payment methods such as PayPal.

The only thing that is different, perhaps, is the convenience, and the level of security you achieve by opting for Apple Pay casinos and using the specific payment option. Just because Apple Pay offers a more polished and intuitive look that doesn’t mean that the solution is unfamiliar to the average consumer.

Just to the contrary, on a very functional level, Apple Pay is designed with the simple purpose in mind to let you use your VISA, MasterCard or Maestro to top up your account. The fact you have to run your bank card through Apple Pay adds another layer of security that many players prefer.

So far as security goes, you can actually use your finger print to complete a transaction, offering you a one of a kind way to complete payments and completely eliminate the need to rely on any other type of payment security.

How to Use Apple Pay to Deposit at an Online Casino?

Apple Pay is an intermediary that facilitates payments between your bank account, or in this case debit card, and the merchant or, in this case, an online casino that accepts Apple Pay as a viable payment option.

You can use Apple Pay even in physical casinos if there is a payment terminal by simply pressing your device against the screen and verifying the transaction with a finger print. Now, the key difference between Apple Pay and depositing straight with your credit or debit card is that you enjoy an intuitive way to protect your funds and identity. As more casinos adopt Apple Pay, the method is becoming a more desired payment solution.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Playing at Apple Pay Casinos?

Apple Pay casinos offer great benefits. First, if a casino has decided to add Apple Pay as a viable payment option, there is a good chance that you are already looking at an industry leader. Secondly, Apple Pay casinos offer a new level of trust. Outside of the SSL encryption and very possibly a license used and held by a casino, Apple Pay is a convenient method to deposit.

However, we ought to mention that you won’t be able to withdraw using Apple Pay or use it at too many casinos. On the upside, however, there are sufficient established casinos to offer you quick deposits with Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay Secure?

Simply put, yes. Apple Pay is the most intuitive payment method and has been for a while. You can verify a transaction with a code or by using a finger print, which puts the level of safety a notch above most standard payment methods out there. Apple encrypts its data transfers with an impregnable way that even law enforcement couldn’t crack. Actually, they could, but it would take any agency, including the FBI or NSI, years to do so. Apple’s encryption is superb and it will provide you with the highest level of security when playing at online casinos.

Set Your Apple Pay Account in a Few Steps

To set up an Apple Pay account, all you need to do is install the app and connect your bank card. Now, depending on the jurisdiction, you may be limited to only debit cards, because laws have changed to suspend credit cards and even third-party facilitators. In other words, you can no longer connect your credit card to PayPal, for example. It depends on each specific jurisdiction, so it’s always worth checking.

A Final Thought

Apple Pay is a great way to boost your casino gaming. When looking for worthwhile ways to deposit money, you will definitely benefit from giving a trusted and inspiring payment method such as Apple’s handy mobile solution a try. Apple pay allows you to personalize the payment option to your own identity by using a finger print and only authorize payments you are fully certain of. Apple Pay establishes a level of trust and reliability like few payment options today can.

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