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Best Casino Software Brands


When it comes to choosing a gaming site based on the software brands that create the iGaming products, the sky is the limit. It is hard to pinpoint the best companies, but you can name the masterminds and top competitors with fair certainty. Whether it is Playtech or Play'n GO, your gaming experience promises to be satisfactory. Some have pioneered inimitable products whereas others have focused on delivering cutting-edge live dealer games. The simple truth is excellence demands commitment. Today we check out what makes the house names the best in business.

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How to Spot the Best Casino Software & Games

Casino Software Multi Platform PerformanceEvery single provider comes with their own unique traits, but as diverse as they may be, all companies share the same established criteria of excellence and professionalism. One proper gauge of how authentic and reliable a casino’s software is, is by tapping into the wealth of gaming options and going meticulously through what they have to offer.

Spotting a winner is as easy as making a single tap. Before long, you will have your game loading and the logo of the brand elegantly fading into your screen. By identifying the brand, you can observe for common denominators which establish how good a company is:

  • Do their products load up fast?
  • Are there any technical hiccups that sully the experience?
  • How do we tell if a product is downright iffy?

With a bit of practice, you will get to enjoy the whole array of games. These do not boil down to video slots alone. And even slots are changing quite rapidly. Many studios now come along with a number of excellent additions to the classic video slot experience. As a result, you may end up with an excellent 3-D slot, but there is more.

The top online casino software providers will have elaborated all too-becoming solutions for the lovers of blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and of course – live dealer games to your heart’s content!

List of the Top Casino Software Brands 

The full list of casino software providers is long and we make sure to review them all! Some of the main brands you soon will recognize at almost every online casino are: Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution. Betsoft is another known name especially for the US market and if you live in Australia, you probably heard of Aristocrat. 

Amazing Graphics and Delightful Sound

It’s true, nothing quite compares to a beautiful picture quality and nice little tunes humming away in the background. That’s why the top names in the industry will not stint when it comes to investing generously into how their games look. We have experienced quite a few unique and whimsy elements that definitely do their developers’ credit. Take NetEnt (NetEntertainment) for example, a developer that has done well in introducing intro to all its titles!

What you get is a pleasant paintwork of colors and sounds in the background. But it’s hardly just that. Whilst some bet on setting the plot with a neat intro, others will have you enjoy specifics, such as the omni-channel experience. Other games even introduce classic gaming elements, such as The Aliens where you have to gun down, well, Aliens, in a special bonus level, which allows you a bash at the big pot!

Things get even more intricate with the Live Studios! Developers offer the software suite a good casino would need to set up their own live offers, and those are tempting! Let’s face it – it’s almost more fun to play in the company of the dealers. With the advancement of Virtual and Augmented Reality, this experience is bound to be even more exciting!

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that everything on the casino employing a brand name from our list is completely secure. Even the live games are arguably more secure than attending a real casino because there is no way the numbers can be cooked. It’s all in the software and that’s safeguarded by auditors and the studios themselves!

Safety and Fair Play

Casino Software ProvidersWhat guarantees that your casino software providers play by the book? Simple! They set the return-to-play rates on their products, which means that third parties could hardly tinker with those numbers. Even casinos have little say over how the products’ numbers are calculated. And if there’s any foul play, you can expect either the software devs or third-party auditors to quickly spot the discrepancies and come down hard on the miscreant of a casino.

Apart from the common security checks that we careful run, there’s also a growing trend among developers to drop flash and rely fully on HTML5 instead. As a result, the common bugbears and security qualms related to flash are swept away in one brisk movement. HTML5 has the undisputed advantage of closing up any security misfire that may occur in the course of normal play.

Finding the Casinos with the Best Software

It may take a bit of looking at first, but most casinos buy from the big names. Anything less is just not to be taken seriously, alas, in the highly-competitive industry that is iGaming. We have curated hundreds of websites for you, plucking the best ones and putting them on our lists of endorsed casinos. If you would much rather peruse what we have to offer rather than spend hours looking up for a decent casino yourselves, just check our list of dedicated casinos.

A Closing Thought on Casino Software

The industry is changing quite expansively, not leaving much for any company that is not prepared to commit in full and invest sufficient proceedings in bettering their products. The existence of omnichannel offers and AG/VR playing stations is just the beginning. And while nobody can say with absolute certainty where the next big change will come from, it’s rather fair to assume that all this competition will give rise to more innovation.

Discover All About the Top Casino Software Brands!


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