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Live Dealer GamingLive Dealer games are currently the hottest trend in the online casino world. Today internet gamblers can enjoy on screen access to a real dealer through a webcam who is sitting inside of a live casino dealing the cards if you play blackjack, or spinning the wheel if roulette is your game. Everything is made to feel like you are truly at a live casino. You get to play with real money and you can even chat to the dealer if you want in some of the games.

These games work in exactly the same way as other online based games or live casino games. The rules are the same. The only difference is that you have a human being who is on camera dealing the cards and interacting with you. Larger casinos have even gone so far as to make their lives dealer games available on mobile devices. Most of these will use a lot of mobile data and wireless connectivity. The games are a little bit slower and they do demand higher bets. They are slower simply to compensate for people who might have different internet speeds. Otherwise the rules are exactly the same. The live dealer casinos have strong customer service and friendly dealers. Some games have specific time restrictions but more often than not you can always find at least one or two types of the same game being played at different times.

Developers of Live Dealer Casino Platforms

The two main software developers behind most of the Live Casinos are Evolution Gaming and NetEntertainment, both well established Swedish companies, offering Live Dealer games in different languages.

Future of Online Live Dealer Games

Walking into an air-conditioned casino seems great when you visit Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Waitresses bring you free drinks on demand but the problem is that although the atmosphere is buzzing, the air is full of smoke and noise. The meals are expensive, the hotel bills get quite large, and your travel costs are exorbitant. If the casino in question is busy you might be waiting for hours at a time for a game table. Alternatively, playing live dealer games online give you access to a little bit of human interaction the same as if you went to one of these physical casinos but without the hassle and expense of it all.

However, to get back to the point. The ability to see the dealer and to see what they are doing gives not only a much more real gambling experience as you see the person in real-time but also gives you a better sense that you re ]nt being swindled. 

Live Casino Games OnlineThis is one of the reasons as to why online live casino games have become all the rage at the moment. 

The Best of Both Worlds

You can sit at home in your pajamas in front of your computer and talk to a dealer face-to-face thanks to live dealer games. Just like traditional casino games, playing a live dealer game takes nothing more than a physical device with a fast internet connection. If you really prefer that human element then this is a wonderful option for you because you can see a real person shuffling the deck or spinning the wheel.  Some online gambling enthusiasts like having this personal element in their gameplay especially compared to the random number generator. You might prefer to see the dealer's shuffling in a certain way and you want to know that everything is 100% legitimate.

When you are playing live dealer casino games you can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the dealers are professional and attractive. What's more, they offer great promotions for live players.

Video Feed

There is a video feed involved in the use of live dealer games so in order to play you need a powerful computer and reasonably fast internet. If you have fiber optic broadband you probably have everything you need. And you will obviously want a good amount of memory and computer processing power as well as a decent graphics card so that the video quality or streaming is top-tier. Obviously you will not reap as many benefits from the live human experience if the speed you are receiving is fuzzy or unclear. It is important to note that when you are playing live dealer games they typically have higher limits for each of the games they provide. Just be aware of this before you start downloading and playing your favourite games.

Types of games

There are different types of games that you can find with online live casino dealer games , with the most popular being roulette. Just like playing a traditional game of roulette, the online live dealer version has all of the basics including the wheel, the board, and the buttons that you need to control your chips. You get the American wheel most of the time with the 2-0 sections. You place your bets the exact same way as you would with a normal game. The difference is instead of relying upon a computer to generate a random spin, the dealer does it. Then the results are displayed and an once.

If you prefer blackjack you can give that a try as well. Your cards are dealt by the live dealer on a land based physical casino table. All the rules of traditional blackjack games are exactly the same. You can even try live Texas Hold'em where you and the dealer are trying to get the best hand and betting against other players. This game is great because if you are at home you can play with a dealer who is inside of a casino and get huge wins. Baccarat is yet another classic land based casino game and here you can play with a live dealer, your opponent, face to face. With any of these games you will get to see the video  and the dealer shuffling and dealing the cards because the cameras pick up from multiple angles not just what the dealer is doing but what the cards are doing on the table. This transmits data to your computer so you know that everything is 100% fair.

And Finally...

At GamblersBet we highly recommend giving the live dealer online casino option a try. It's a great format to learn more "at-the-table" gaming skills while having an enjoyable, and hopefully profitable, realistic casino experience.  Best of all, you can play from the wherever you feel the most comfortable, whether transiting home from work, on your break, or, best of all, in the comfort of your own home opposite your desktop.

Check out our online casino reviews for the best options for playing the most up to date live casino games.

It's just like being there - in fact, it might be even better!


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