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Use Bank Transfers at Online Casinos

Use Bank Transfers to pay for deposits at Online Casinos

International bank transfer options are an easy and fast way for you to deposit money into your online casino account and then start playing. Many casinos today offer a variety of financial services. But none is going to be faster and more reliant than bank transfers. The bank transfer is when you send money from your bank account directly to your online casino account and then you get to gamble with it. When it goes the other way you are taking money from your online casino account and depositing it directly into your bank account.

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Making Sure Your Bank is Approved

Before you sign up with the company you want to make sure that your bank, in particular, is approved on their list of bank transfers. Just because you are located in Australia and the company is licensed to operate in Australia, for example, does not mean that they have the authority to approve of bank transfers from Australian banks or from banks in New Zealand. You should verify with their customer service department ahead of time that your bank is on the approved list. Once you know that your bank is approved it will obviously make bank transfers significantly faster for you. In some cases, your bank might not be approved on one website you are looking into but it is approved on many others that are equally as appealing.

Cost of a Bank Transfer

When you want your bank to make your deposits on online casinos the cost is typically negligible.  In many cases online casinos will not charge you anything to complete your bank transfer. Some casinos have different fees that they attach on a one-time basis. That means that for each time you make a deposit there is a single fee of a set amount of money, sometimes $3 sometimes $10. Other websites will charge you a percentage based on the amount of money that you are sending over. So anything that you are depositing under $99 might be free but anything under $499 might get a fee of 2% of whatever amount you are depositing. Again, in most cases depositing money is free from any fees at least on the side of the online casino.

Then you have to consider the cost from your bank. Your bank might charge you a fee to send money to an online casino depending on how the bank operates. This is something you will have to discuss with your bank before you get things rolling.

How to Make a Bank Transfer

In most cases on the website itself, you can simply click on the cashier button or the accounting button and from there follow the simple steps to deposit money. Once you input your banking data you can choose to have the website save that information for later so that you never have to put it in again, or you can choose to input the information each time you make the decision. After this, you want to make sure that you apply any codes for things like match bonuses or deposit bonuses or even welcome bonuses. Select the amount of money you want to deposit and then confirm the process. How long it takes for the money to process is based not only on your bank but on the casino itself. The casino typically processes withdrawals instantly so unless there are issues with your bank or you haven't verified your identity yet and this is your first time, this process should be very fast. As soon as the money is in your online casino account you can start playing your favorite games.

If you want to make the most of your wire transfer,  it is recommended that you transfer money at a time when the casinos are offering bonuses for deposits or some sort of promotion. You could, for example, wait two days and deposit money on a Friday if your casino offers match bonuses for deposits on Fridays. Then you get more money for free for doing the exact thing that you were going to do anyway.

Making Your Withdrawals Via Bank Transfer

Once you have started winning, the process of withdrawing your income becomes very simple.  You can choose to use the same method of your bank for your withdrawals. Again, if you put the information into the system already and you have chosen to save it then you can simply use the same cashier buttons to make your withdrawals and set up how much money you want to take out and direct toward your money transfer. This should take approximately two days to be approved when you transfer money. Now the amount of time it takes for money to be approved is contingent more heavily in this case upon the casino itself.  The casinos themselves have to process that payment and you will find information on how long it takes them on each website.  Some websites process withdrawals in one to two days and others take up to 7 business days. Some might take even longer. Then you have to consider how long it takes your bank to process money that you have received. Your bank might only take 2 days. Your bank might take 5 days. All of this directly influences how long it will take for the bank transfer to complete.

Make a bank transfer today and start playing your favorite online games!


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