Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino BonusesThere are many different bonuses and promotions that you will find when you visit online casinos. The different options that you have at your disposal will vary from one casino to the next which is why it is important for you to do your homework and evaluate the different options you have at your disposal long before deciding upon which casino you want to use.

Welcome Bonus & Match Bonus

The first type of bonus that you should consider is a welcome bonus. This is a type of bonus bestowed upon you as a way of saying thank you for signing up with the casino. Most of the time this bonus is something like free spins with specific games or special loyalty points. Other options include match bonuses. These match bonuses can be rewarded at many times one of which is when you first sign up. In this instance, your welcome bonus or match bonus is something that is based upon your first deposit. When you make your first deposit on the website they will match it based on a percentage and then give you that percentage directly into your account as soon as you've made your first deposit. This can be up to 500% in some cases. Now you are looking at these welcome bonuses, check for any strings attached. With these welcome bonuses, you might have to play a specific amount of times, play within a certain amount of money, or play specific games. That certainly doesn't mean it's not well worth the free money.  Free money is free money after all.


Other bonuses and promotions that you want to keep your eyes peeled for include weekday promotions.  With many online casinos, there are special promotions that take place during the week. There are also promotions that take place on the weekends. Depending on the site you are using, the best bonuses and promotions might be available on Mondays or they might be available on Saturdays. The types of bonuses and rewards that you get are going to vary dramatically from one site to another. One website might give you a deposit match bonus for everything that you deposit on Mondays. Some websites might have 50 free spins on particular games every Tuesday. This means you don't have to bet any of your own money. You can just start playing on Tuesdays for free. You might get special loyalty packages with a website and find that they offer loyalty specific promotions during the week. These promotions could be things like double points for every game you play on Wednesdays.

Loyalty Promotions

In the online gambling world, there are so many different casinos out there that each casino has to make sure their customers remain loyal. One of the ways they can do this is to set up loyalty programs.  Now, you are probably familiar with loyalty programs.  Traditional casinos have them in some form or another. The big difference is that online programs are highly lucrative especially compared to the traditional programs you would find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  If you are gambling in Las Vegas you can sign up with a specific casino or hotel chain like Harrah's and each time you gamble you accrue points based on the money you have spent and the number of times you have played a specific game. Eventually, this could manifest into things like free rooms. But you might have to play $10,000 and potentially lose all $10,000 before you receive bonuses like free flights or a hotel room for the weekend which actually totals just under $800 in value. So what you get versus what you put in is drastically different. When you are playing online these loyalty promotions and programs don't give you things that you might be able to purchase cheaper yourself. Instead, they give you free games, extra cash, entry into sweepstakes, and in many cases you earn different high-value items based on the level you have achieved within that loyalty program. The higher up you are the better bonuses you might receive such as unlimited and free withdrawals without any fees attached or better customer service or a personal representative who helps you make smarter investments in different games.

Choosing the Best Casino Bonuses and Promotions

When you set about choosing the best bonuses and promotions you should evaluate the websites themselves in addition to the promotional packages they offer. Make sure that their customer service is top tier and that they are licensed to operate in your area. Verify that they offer the banking method you want to use and they rely upon standard SSL encryption to protect all of your data. After this, you should check that the companies in question have the games you want and that their bonuses are not things you wouldn't use.

Check out the online bonuses before you sign up so you will know what they have to offer!