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Online Bingo is the world's most popular game. Try your luck with this magical pastime and you could win a jackpot!

Comparing Bingo and the Lottery


Bingo versus LotteryLottery versus BingoBingo is a card game where players purchase a card that contains random numbers. The game host calls numbers one by one and players are required to cancel the numbers in the card. A jackpot would be available for those players who get a full house, i.e: all their numbers are cancelled or struck off.

On the other hand, the lottery involves buying a lottery ticket that has a unique serial number. When the lottery is drawn or results announced, and the winning number matches your number, then you have won the lottery. There are also prizes for 4 digits matching or 5 digits matching and so on.

Similarities Between Bingo and Lottery

Both Bingo and the lottery are different games, the common feature being that both are games of chance. Both involve luck and the result of the game doesn’t depend on the player’s skill or experience. But there are significant differences between both games. Let us take a look at these differences.

Differences Between Bingo and Lottery

  • The players and the prize

While there are many players who play Bingo, the number is very less compared to the number of players participating in the national lottery. The prize amount also varies. The amount offered in the national lottery is significantly higher compared to that in Bingo games. Also, there is only one national lottery whereas there are many Bingo games being played all over the country.

  • Frequency

The national lottery happens once a week. So if you want to play you have to wait for one week. But Bingo is played frequently and there are various websites where you can learn how to play Bingo every day. So the frequency of the game is different for both games.

  • The Winner

Another difference is Bingo is played until someone wins. As long as numbers are being called, someone would win and the game ends when there is a winner. But in the online lottery, the game ends once the winning number combination is announced. It is possible that no one could win the jackpot prize if the winning number doesn’t match with anyone’s tickets

  • One big vs. many small

The lottery prize is really big, whereas Bingo involves many prizes for each row completed with one prize for full house. And the value of these prizes is significantly less compared to the big prize that the lottery offers. One cannot hope to become rich by winning Bingo. But winning the lottery jackpot is a once in a life time event, it is a life changing moment, where one can become rich beyond his dreams.

  • Number selection

In Bingo, a player is not allowed to select numbers, the bingo card already has numbers on them, printed or generated randomly for online games. But in the lottery, a player can select the number of his choice before making a purchase. This allows players to select their lucky number and also to select combinations.

  • The odds

The odds of winning in the national lottery is very low as the prizes are given only for a few numbers nation-wide and also the number of players playing the game are too many. In fact, in the lottery, there is a possibility that no one would win. Effectively you have a one in a million chance to win the lottery.

In Online Bingo though, there are more chances of winning as you can win even for a row and the number of players playing one bingo game would be significantly less, compared to the lottery. So the odds are more in Bingo. If there are 100 players playing and you have 5 cards, you have a 5% chance of winning, which is much more compared to the lottery.

  • Buying more

When you buy more Bingo cards in a game, your chance of winning significantly go up. It is possible that in a game where there are 100 players, you can have 10 cards or a 10% chance to win. But in the lottery, there would be hundreds of thousands of people participating, so even if you buy 10 tickets or for that matter 100 tickets, it would hardly make a difference to your overall odds. 

  • Social interaction

Playing Bingo online allows you to interact with other players. It is more of a social game, where players talk to each other and not just about the game. But in the lottery, there are millions who buy the ticket and obviously they don’t even know each other, so interaction is almost negligible. There are many players who love Bingo more for the social satisfaction it offers than the prize. But the lottery is where people play hoping to win the big jackpot that can change their lives.

  • The attraction

Games of chance generally are addictive and there is a chance of people getting addicted by playing more and more and losing lots of money like in the casinos, but that’s not possible in the national lottery as you can play only once a week. However, there is a possibility that one can play too much of Bingo as there are many Bingo games available online. But it surely is not as addictive as casino games.


Both Bingo and the national lottery are games involving luck, but there are differences, the main difference being that the lottery involves a huge prize and is played weekly, while Bingo can be played more frequently but doesn’t give a bigger payout. Thus, play bingo or lottery to win real money!

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