Online Bingo is the world's most popular game. Try your luck with this magical pastime and you could win a jackpot!

How to Play Bingo Online

Bingo online is very similar to playing Bingo at a local Bingo hall but of course, there are some digital differences ultimately making online bingo gaming a more favorable choice. Given how easy it is to play the game online, you will always be able to find yourself a table with respectable jackpot and get your numbers rolling and this article will focus on everything you need to know before and during a game of bingo on the internet. 

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Simple steps to start playing Bingo online

Bingo Game balls

1. Follow the link to one of the recommended Bingo sites and register your account in a few simple steps.

2. Once logged in, most Bingo sites will let you see all of the available game options right in the lobby. Live games show what time they are scheduled to start and you have time decide which game to play.

3. Once you have selected the Bingo room you want to play in the Bingo cards will be displayed. The number of grids on the card varies based on the type of Bingo game, like 75-ball, 90-ball and so on. 

4. You select the number of tickets, or cards you want to buy and to what price and continue by clicking Buy. 

5. Once the game starts, all of your purchased cards will be displayed and you have an option to turn on or off the auto dauber. You can easily monitor the game development and see the prices.

6. Depending on the game you may need to fill all the numbers on the card to win or only a horizontal line. Which pattern is needed will be displayed to you. 

7. Once the game is over the winner will see a pop-up notification and the won amount is immediately credited to your account. 


Buying the cards for online Bingo

This is done at the actual Bingo site where you wish to play. Even though you can view the upcoming games, only logged-in members can actually buy the tickets or cards, so make sure you have completed the registration and can log in easily when it's time to play.

The price options per ticket vary depending on which type of Bingo you wish to play but most sites apply a minimum ticket price of $1. 

As you are logged in to your Bingo site the available Bingo games are displayed and you simply select the number of tickets you want and to what price. 

How to win and actually know you won

The winner of the game is the player who first fills all of the required numbers on their card for a winning line.

Depending on the type of Bingo you play you need to mark up a pattern (can be a horizontal line, square or anything else determined by the game rules), as in the popular 75-Ball Bingo OR the full card as when playing 90-Ball Bingo. If you play the type of game where the big jackpot goes to the first player completing the full card, you will also have several chances during the game to win smaller prizes for filling one, two, three and so on horizontal lines until someone has crossed all of the numbers on his card. 

Playing online has the advantage that you don't need to sit 100% focused during the entire game session. The technology of the game will make sure you don't miss a win, even if you fall asleep during the game. 

At online Bingo the numbers will be displayed by a random number generator and you can either choose to mark the correct numbers on your card yourself or use the automatic tool called the "Dauber".

The Dauber is an automatic pop-up message that will let you know if you are the winner as soon as the game ends and when playing for real money the amount you win automatically gets transferred to your account without any delay. You don’t have to wait at the counter to collect cash or cheque. Thus, it is much faster and makes the use of the internet for a better purpose that is, of course, fun and earning money.

How much you can win can be anything from $50 of a standard game to millions of dollars when it comes to games with progressive jackpots. 

Bingo Rules

In order to play and excel in this game, it is important to know more about the bingo rules. It is important to mention here that online websites and casino portals may have their own different bingo rules according to the variant of bingo you are playing.

Therefore, it is necessary to check up the bingo variations you are going to play and understand the rules accordingly:

  • As the basic rule, the game will start when all the players have bought their bingo tickets.
  • A bingo ticket is a 5X5 card which contains 24 random numbers and the letters ‘B-I-N-G-O’ right below the columns.
  • The random numbers have a limit from 1-75 and there is free space at the center of the card.
  • As the game begins, the callers select and call random numbers and at the same time, all the players mark those numbers on their tickets.
  • This continues until one or several players complete the winning bingo patterns.
  • The patterns can be a line either vertical or horizontal or diagonal, a full house or any symbol, letter or digit.

Let’s have a look of different bingo pattern examples that will ease up your understanding.

Popular Bingo Patterns

  • Arrow

An arrow pattern is formed usually in a corner and a diagonal that stretches out to the opposite corner.

  • B & O

In this pattern, every number in the B and O line should be covered.

  • Diamond

This pattern is formed in the shape of a diamond with the boxes of each side of the bingo ticket forming the point of the diamond.

  • Layer Cake

This pattern is formed by covering every box in each horizontal line.

  • Letters

This pattern is only valid if your caller decides on a specific letter for winning a bingo. Popular letters such as X, Z, S or E are formed on the outside edges, diagonals or even corners on the bingo ticket.

  • Lucky Seven

This is one of the most popular bingo patterns that will cover all the square boxes either in the top or bottom of their bingo ticket and should also include a diagonal line from any one of the corner.

  • Numbers

Just like the letters, number patterns are also valid if your caller decides to be the winning pattern. Popular numbers such as 7, 3, 4, 8 or 9 can be used as a pattern on the bingo ticket.

  • Top & Bottom

This pattern is formed when a player covers up all the square boxes in the top and bottom of their bingo ticket.

  • Outside Edge

This pattern is valid only when all the square boxes are covered on the outside edge in the top as well as in the bottom of the bingo ticket.

  • Four Corners

 To win with this pattern, you need to be the first player to cover all the four corner square boxes.


Have you ever played Tambola? The same game where you buy a ticket with some random numbers printed on it. The host picks certain numbers from a bag, and if you have the same number on your ticket, you cross it off. The one who crosses off all the numbers on the ticket first or establishes an already decided pattern is the winner.

Well, why are we talking about Tambola in an article about Bingo? Because Bingo is more or less based on similar lines. When two people have similar thoughts or the same taste or say the same thing at the same time - Bingo!

This is how you can play Bingo at top casinos. Rest assured, it is a wonderful game which would not disappoint you at any point in time. Play it today!

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