Play Bingo - An Online Review

With the advancement of technology, today we can play one of the most famous parlour games, Bingo, in the comfort of our own living rooms. The game’s origins can be traced back to 1530, when Bingo evolved from a local version of the Italian lottery which took place on Saturdays. Later, the game made its way to France, and from there, it conquered the world to the point where Bingo became an online phenomenon in 1996, at the dawn of internet gaming. Today, we examine both the history of the game and how to play the different versions.

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History of Bingo - Offline and Online

Traditional Bingo

Many of today’s gambling games originated in either France or Italy. Bingo first appeared in Italy as a local variation of a popular Lottery game as early as the 1530s, with Italians making a habit of attending parlors and play the so-called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia,” the forefather of today’s Bingo.  Moving forward, the game continued to win players’ affections and it eventually found its way in France, going by the name of “Le Lotto”. The game was first adopted by the aristocracy and then spread among the middle-class in the late 18th century. By that time, Bingo had made it to Germany, too, where the game was again featured as a sort of lottery.

But the true foundation of Bingo as the modern game we know it comes from the United States, which may have been last to introduce the game, but they certainly have coined much of its most memorable aspects. For example, it was in the United States that people would yell “Beano!” upon getting a winning combination.  “Beano” was also the original name of the game in the U.S., which eventually evolved into Bingo. It was in the United States that the game was truly perfected with Math Professor Carl Leffer developing 6,000 different bingo cards to reduce the overall number of non-repeating number groups and effectively pave a way for scenarios whereby people would not be less likely to win, because of a poor draw of their card.

In 2010, Bingo was worth $1 billion worldwide, and its value is now expected to double by 2020, although no comprehensive statistics have been cited since. The online games started appearing in 1996, roughly around the same time the first online casinos were introduced. Bingo can be found online both as a standalone portal or as part of a casino’s offer.

How to Play Bingo Online

Play Bingo OnlineThe benefits of playing Bingo online are many and distinct. But how do we actually play the game? Well it’s simple. You need to find a portal that you can trust first. We provide you with a list of quite a few. Then, you pick your name and make an initial depositing. The different versions of Bingo that you can play at each casino or dedicated portal are many, but they all boil down to the same principle.  In online Bingo, an automated feature, “The Caller,” announces numbers, which you then mark down on a card that you are dealt before the game starts. The card contains a series of numbers. Your goal is to tick off each as a caller announces a number. This way, depending on the version you play, you will win as soon as you have a line of numbers ticked off.

Other versions of the game require you to have multiple lines covered and there are those games of Bingo which ask of you to tick off every last number from your card to win the game. These specifics can always be clarified by referring to the “Information Tab” available Bingo game.

Remember that Bingo is a game that concludes as soon as a winner has called “Bingo!”. In online versions, naturally most of this is done automatically. You can even opt for an “Auto Dab” feature, which allows you to always mark your numbers, not fearing that you have missed any.  Again, there will be slight variations with regards to the card size in each individual title, so we recommend that you read through the instructions quickly before beginning to play in earnest. If you are still unsure about the type of bingos you might encounter, they most commonly include 90, 75, 80, and 35-ball Bingos. There are a few exotic examples that introduce gambling features and side games, too, but they are not as popular.

Meanwhile, one of the most important aspect of playing Bingo online is the jackpots. There are several types that you would want to consider first, to name the “Fixed Jackpots”, “Progressive Jackpots”, and “Community Jackpots”.  Each one has its own specifications. A Fixed Jackpot is just a sum that never grows. If you win, you win the specific sum. Progressive jackpots mean that if nobody wins the game, then the pot’s size grows and it’s for the next round of players to win it.  With Community Jackpots, all players that participate in the game at a time when a jackpot is won get a share of it.

Conclusions on Playing Bingo Like a Pro

Setting out to explore the world of online Bingo will definitely prove a treat. From its interesting beginning to the present-day form, Bingo conquers gamers from all over the world. Given how easy it is to play the game today, you will always be able to find yourself a table with respectable jackpot and get your numbers rolling.

Online Bingo is gaining in popularity in the gaming world. Try playing BINGO today at our best online casinos!