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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the United States, the UK and in many other countries around the world. With the advancement of technology and the popularity of online casinos, Bingo is no longer confined to a traditional Bingo Hall. The online version of Bingo is very popular, for reasons we soon will reveal and with this online Bingo Guide, you will be playing Bingo for Real Money in no time! 

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Given how easy it is to play the game online, you will always be able to find yourself a table with respectable jackpot and get your numbers rolling and this guide covers everything you need to know about Online Bingo! 

Playing Online Bingo 

The benefits of playing Bingo online are many and distinct, but for obvious reasons playing online is a bit different from local Bingo at least when it comes to calling out B-I-N-G-O. An online Bingo game session can last a few hours so this is not a quick game but don't worry, they are open 24/7, every day of the week! 

Usually, a set of 10-15 games are played during one session and many online sites will let you buy a package of cards, similar to what is common at a local Bingo Hall. This will allow you to play more than one card per game, making the game even more exciting. 

In online Bingo, an automated feature, “The Caller,” announces numbers, which you then mark down on a card that you are dealt before the game starts.

The card contains a series of numbers, the most popular card in the US is the traditional 5x5 card used for 75-ball Bingo. Your goal is to tick off each as a caller announces a number.

This way, slightly depending on the version you play, you will win as soon as you have a line of numbers ticked off. 

As the online players get their cards many sites offer you to join a chat room where you can interact with other players and the host. The numbers are called out by the computer and if you’re lucky enough to have it on one of your cards, you mark it by clicking on it.  In regular Bingo, the one who achieves the horizontal row first emerges as the winner, but in a full house game, one has to get all the numbers on the card.

Another thing to remember when playing Bingo Online is that the game concludes as soon as a winner has called “Bingo!”. In online versions, naturally, this is done automatically. Many sites allow you to opt for an “Auto Dab” feature, which allows you to always mark your numbers, not fearing that you have missed any.

Where to play real money Bingo-online

You don't need to look for an exclusive Bingo site to play online. Many, but not all, online casinos today will let you play real money Bingo along with their other casino games and you don't need to open a new account in order to play Bingo at those sites.

Some online gaming operators have developed a full Bingo-game product while others may only offer one or two Bingo games. The number of available games varies greatly as well as the overall service you can get as a Bingo player. Bingo games at online casinos are sometimes listed under a Bingo game category but if they only have one or two games you are more likely to find them under the category of "other" games.

A recommended online Bingo site will have a selection of different types of Bingo games, a Chat room for players and some of the smart functions like Auto Dab. We also value the possibility of getting a Bingo bonus and a chance to play for free. 

Playing real money Bingo

Even if free Bingo exists most online players of Bingo are actually looking for the real money version. New players to online Bingo usually want to know how to buy the actual ticket and how to collect the winnings. We have a full guide covering all of these questions but overall, once logged in to your Bingo Site, all steps are quite clear and easy to follow. The price of a bingo ticket varies greatly but are usually around $5 and cheaper budget buy tickets for as low as $0.5.  

Good to know is that some Bingo websites work for charities and the money earned by the players acts as an effective means for raising funds for these charities. Thus, the game also contributes to noble causes and helps in developing the society. 

Bingo bonuses

When it comes to Bingo bonuses and perhaps more to the general question of where to get the best online bingo offers, you may already have realized that Bingo Bonuses are not rare to find. There are plenty of Bingo bonuses any casino player will recognize, like Bingo Sign-up Bonus, Bingo Welcome Bonus and even Bingo Loyalty Rewards.

What may surprise you is perhaps the high % being offered. A regular casino bonus may be of 100% but a Bingo deposit bonus may be as high as 1000% (!) on a single deposit so don't be surprised if you see a 2500% Bingo Welcome Package. 

Also keep an eye out for the more specific Bingo promotions like Budget buy tickets and Free game tickets. 

Online Bingo - Newcomer Tips

  • Being a game of chance, the probability of winning reduces with an increase in the number of participants, so always go for the least crowded games.
  • Keep yourself updated on the bonus games, lucky draws, and snowball rollouts.
  • Don’t overexert yourself by buying a lot of cards. It is not that easy. It is always recommended to play with 3-4 cards in the beginning.
  • You should always know where to draw the line. Don’t spend more than you can afford. It is an engrossing game and it is extremely important that you know how to resist the temptation. After all, its luck you’re fighting against!
  • The other features provided by websites like chat boxes, goodies, free credits can to some players be too much of a distraction during the game. You should know where to keep your focus.

Types & variations of online Bingo

The most common types of Bingo to play online are 90, 75, 80, and 30-ball Bingo;

  • 30-Ball Bingo: Often called "Speed Bingo" or "Fast Bingo", played on a 3x3 card. 
  • 75-Ball Bingo: The most popular Bingo game in the United States on a 5x5 card.
  • 80-Ball Bingo: Played on a  4x4 card
  • 90-Ball Bingo: Popular in the UK and Europe, played on a 3x9 card. 

The different types of the game offer some variations but they all boil down to the same principle of traditional Bingo. Not all types of Bingo are available at all online gaming sites so you may find variations between what the different online casino sites offer. When it comes to playing the various versions of Bingo you don't have to worry as they are not that different. What you should pay attention to are basically what counts as a win and the card size. 

Some versions of the game require you to have multiple lines covered and there are those games of Bingo which ask of you to tick off every last number from your card to win the game.

There might also be slight variations with regards to the card size in each individual title, so we recommend that you read through the instructions quickly before beginning to play in earnest. These specifics can always be clarified by referring to the “Information Tab” available for each bingo game. 

Bonanza Bingo

Online Bingo websites often come with an option of Bonanza Bingo, which is much more than the original Bingo. Bonanza Bingo is altogether different every day. If you’re the winner of the Bingo, you have to match at least three lotto numbers to win cash. Six lotto numbers are picked fresh each day. You have to Bingo or complete in 48 numbers and you win huge money. If you match all the six numbers, you could even win the jackpot. However, every online casino has its own rules and regulations and they have the full right to revolve the game as they want. So the schemes vary from casino to casino. But all these schemes and bonuses come handy with the online versions without any delay.

The Bingo games software

Some of the top software developers of online Bingo games are Rival and Betsoft, also known for their great casino games. 

Online Bingo and Jackpots

One of the most important aspects of playing Bingo online is jackpots. There are several types that you would want to consider first, to name the “Fixed Jackpots”, “Progressive Jackpots”, and “Community Jackpots”.  Each one has its own specifications. A Fixed Jackpot is just a sum that never grows. If you win, you win the specific sum. Progressive jackpots mean that if nobody wins the game, then the pot’s size grows and it’s for the next round of players to win it.  With Community Jackpots, all players that participate in the game at a time when a jackpot is won get a share of it.

Some advantages of Bingo as a game

    One of the most amazing things about Bingo is that it needs no special skills to play the game. Whether they are old people, youth or even small children, all can play traditional Bingo at home (not real money bingo!). Not only is the game very easy plaid without learning anything special but various studies have also found that playing Bingo has multiple health benefits. It involves concentration which further improves short term memory and listening skills and promotes socialization. 

    Still wondering what Bingo is?

    Bingo is a group game that involves a large number of players, varying from five to ten to hundreds, to even thousands. Actually, an infinite number of people can join the game at one time. In various countries like the US, there are huge bingo parlours with a seating capacity of around a thousand people. They organize weekly games.  In Bingo, players compete against each other and not against the house. The main aim of the players is to beat the other players to get the numbers crossed first. However, it is a game purely based on luck.  In order to win, players should be very alert so that they don’t miss out on any number. Before, giving away the payout, the organizers or the house or the host, as you call them, cross-check the numbers to ensure that the player has not cheated or lied or made any mistake in crossing out the numbers.

    History of Bingo - Offline and Online

    Play Bingo - HistoryThe game’s origins can be traced back to 1530, when Bingo evolved from a local version of the Italian lottery which took place on Saturdays. Later, the game made its way to France, and from there, it conquered the world to the point where Bingo became an online phenomenon in 1996, at the dawn of Internet gaming.  Here we examine both the history of the game and how to play the different versions;

    Many of today’s gambling games originated in either France or Italy. Bingo first appeared in Italy as a local variation of a popular Lottery game as early as the 1530s, with Italians making a habit of attending parlors and play the so-called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia,” the forefather of today’s Bingo.  Moving forward, the game continued to win players’ affections and it eventually found its way in France, going by the name of “Le Lotto”. The game was first adopted by the aristocracy and then spread among the middle-class in the late 18th century. By that time, Bingo had made it to Germany, too, where the game was again featured as a sort of lottery.

    But the true foundation of Bingo as the modern game we know it comes from the United States, which may have been last to introduce the game, but they certainly have coined much of its most memorable aspects. For example, it was in the United States that people would yell “Beano!” upon getting a winning combination.  “Beano” was also the original name of the game in the U.S., which eventually evolved into Bingo. It was in the United States that the game was truly perfected with Math Professor Carl Leffer developing 6,000 different bingo cards to reduce the overall number of non-repeating number groups and effectively pave a way for scenarios whereby people would not be less likely to win, because of a poor draw of their card.

    In 2010, Bingo was worth $1 billion worldwide, and its value is now expected to double by 2020, although no comprehensive statistics have been cited since. The online games started appearing in 1996, roughly around the same time the first online casinos were introduced. Bingo can be found online both as a standalone portal or as part of a casino’s offer.

    Remember, the game is purely based on luck, so put on your lucky socks before you start to play!

    Other popular casino games to play online

    Many Bingo Players enjoy playing Keno, but there are many more popular game one can find on most online casinos today, just pick one of the recommended gaming sites and you will find a large selection of games to play! 

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