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Online Bingo is the world's most popular game. Try your luck with this magical pastime and you could win a jackpot!

Play Bingo Free for Fun!


Bingo is one of the most popular games played at the casinos today and not just for the purpose of gambling or for gaining some pennies, it is, in fact, played as a very good source of fun and entertainment by the people. In fact, most of the people go to the casinos for recreation and not for earning a jackpot. 

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Bingo, as we know it today as a game of lottery, is one of its kind and had a long back history. It started in the year of 1530 when it was first organized by the Italian National Lottery Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia in order to attract the crowd with their new game form.  In fact, due the popularity of the lottery because of this game, Bingo was initially known by the name of Lottto. Further, the game evolved over the centuries, many new rules were made, modifications were done and finally, it was known by the name of Bingo.

Where to play free Bingo online

Just imagine, if you don’t have to even step out to the casinos for playing this amazing game and can enjoy it on your laptop screens at your home itself, and that too for free. How surprising it would be to have the same fun and excitement while just sitting on your couch?

The online free Bingo websites give this extraordinary opportunity where you can play Bingo on your smartphone or laptop screens online. You can have free Bingo cards online which is not the case with offline casinos. One has to walk to the casinos in order to buy a single Bingo card. Thus, it is much more comfortable and is almost inexpensive to go online.

There are many websites available online where one can play the game for free. These sites are much more flexible and introduce you with different people while playing the games. Several sites even give the advantage of chatting with other players through their app itself.

Play Bingo for free - not so different

Free bingo gamesThe game of Bingo is basically the same if you play for free but obviously, you don't have the chance of winning some real cash. A traditional Bingo card has a set of five columns and five rows, making up a network of total 25 cells, to which different numbers are assigned. There are a number of such cards available from which the player has to choose a single card.

Every card has a different set of numbers, obviously. Each row is named as B, I, N, G, and O, making up the whole term ‘BINGO’. The numbers are assigned to each row, with numbers ranging from 1 to 15 in row B, 16 to 30 in row I, 31 to 45 in row N, 46 to 60 in row G and 61 to 75 in row O.

Every time, there appears a number on the Bingo board and the player has to mark that number in his table present in the Bingo card. The player who first makes a horizontal pattern in a row by marking the number called upon is declared as the winner. The game is very friendly and not so hard to learn. Bingo is one of the most evergreen games that fits both the old as well as today’s selfie generation.

So, whenever you feel drowsy, go for Bingo. It will help you to relax your mind, and that too for free!

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