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Blackjack is a card game that has existed for many centuries in one form or another. The purpose of this game is to draw a value with your given cards which are higher than the value the dealer has, with neither of you going over a total of 21. If you do, then you lose the game. Of course, many games go on for multiple rounds as each player tries to inch their hand closer and closer to the 21 mark without going over.

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Card Values When You Play Blackjack Casino

When you are dealt your cards, the cards with denominations between 2 and 10 are worth their face value and the Ace can be worth either 1 or 11. All of the other cards in the deck are worth 10. If you receive a hand and your Ace is counted as 11, it is called a “soft hand”. That means if you get a 5 and an Ace, the Ace is considered 11 points and your “soft hand” is 16 points total. If you get a hand with the Ace valued at 1 point, it is called a “hard hand”.

How to Play Blackjack Online

When you play Blackjack online, you place a bet and the dealer gives you two cards face down. The dealer also gets two cards but they are face down. If your two cards equal 21, then you have won immediately and you get odds of Blackjack play online3/2. However, if the dealer and yourself end up with 21, or “Blackjack”, then it is considered a tie.

If you receive your cards and do not immediately have a value of 21 you can choose to “stand” whereby you do not receive any more cards. The dealer will ask each player what move they want to make before making their own. If you want to get another card to try and get a value closer to Blackjack, then you can “hit”. You can continue to hit until your total goes over 21. If you receive two cards which are the same, you can split them and start playing two separate hands simultaneously. The dealer is a bit more restricted than players like yourself. If, for example, their cards total 16 or less, you have to “hit”. If they have 18 or higher they have to “stand”. If they get a “hard” 17, they have to “stand”. If they get a “soft” 17, they can choose to hit though.

Evaluating the Best Online Blackjack Sites

When you play Blackjack online there are many places where you can play. Small and large casino sites offer great games with different variants and different bonuses. You need to be aware of the bonuses and rewards offered by a particular site so that you can choose a place where you not only get to play a game you like but you get to make potentially more money doing so. Smaller websites, for example, tend to have more aggressive sign up bonuses to keep you playing on their site. You can also find sites that offer match bonuses, providing you with a match percentage for whatever you deposit as your first deposit. Some sites give you free hands or free games instead of match bonuses, others give you things like tickets for tournaments or prize drawings.

Loyalty Programs

There are also loyalty programs that allow you to earn points the more you play. These frequent player points will add up and eventually be redeemable for cash or prizes. In some cases they get you entry into tournaments, in other cases they keep you free merchandise, and in some cases you simply get free cash. These bonuses and loyalty programs are significantly more beneficial for you compared to what you would receive in a traditional casino. They are not only more enticing but they are better for you as the player rather than for the house. With lower operating costs online casinos can provide you with better rewards so that you win more often and earn financially enticing prizes. For newcomers or experienced Blackjack fans alike, taking advantage of such deals and programs can be quite lucrative. In fact, the more often you play the more lucrative they become.

Play blackjack online and enjoy the thrill at your favourite online casinos.