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by Cameron Dover
Augmented Reality at Online Casinos

Augmented Reality or AR allows players to fully immerse themselves in a casino game online while able to experience all the action similarly to participating in real gambling inside a traditional brick-and-mortar casino.

It's kind of a virtual Las Vegas Casino - in your own home or smartphone. Cool! 

But the technology is not there quite yet so what is the current state of the things and how soon can we expect to see AR as part of online casinos?

Let's find out!

You may already have heard about AR. Especially if you are a fervent fan of gambling or gaming in general and you are constantly up-to-date with the latest releases in the industry, you are probably familiar with Augmented Reality Games, at least as a terminology.

Modern technologies involved in AR developments have started to slowly, but surely capture the interest of popular developers and startups interested in emerging technologies. These technologies are also part of the reason why the industry is growing at such fast speeds. Casino game developers are particularly willing to change some things around to stick their head out of the crowd, given the repetitive selection of games players can find at all web casinos.

AR might just be the answer to their prayers and the solution to their problems.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that creates an interactive real-life experience by making it more immersive. The first AR app for android was released already in 2008 and the technology has been used for years within both military and medical training. It is now quicker than ever spreading to other areas like classroom education, design, and gaming. Big companies like Ikea, Coca-Cola and Zara are all examples of businesses that have boosted their sales with the help of AR technology.

In the gaming industry, AR is probably mostly associated with the popular game Pokémon Go but the technology is spreading and has been on the future development list for online casinos for quite some time now.

AR will allow casino operators to improve the overall gambling experience of their clients. It works by superimposing virtual images on items found in the real world around us. Online casinos can rely on this fresh and highly innovative technology to improve their software and provide better live-experiences. 

They can effectively mix in the space players live in with virtual reality elements and allow them to compete against other players inside virtual casinos that feel extremely real.

Augmented Reality can “teleport” live casino dealers to players' homes or to remote locations they choose to play from. 

Gamblers will have the chance to notice everything that is happening in their vicinity in a realistic manner. Namely, they will see;

  • the table they are sitting at

  • the rest of the players they are competing against

  • the dealers

  • croupiers and other casino staff usually found inside a casino.

What is the difference between AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality)?

The experience for the end-user is an enhanced experience. VR usually refers to the experience of being immersed in a digital world to an extent that it feels completely real. Augmented means the actual action to enhance or add something so we are talking about imposing a virtual image ON a real-life element. A digital/virtual element can be graphics, sounds or even touch elements, all with the purpose to create a more realistic virtual experience.  

Will AR add more advantages to playing online?

Yes, for sure. Lets first look at the reasons why we play online to start with.

Online casinos have always been a decent alternative for players dealing with logistics problems, want to cut down on long-distance traveling or simply not be dependent on opening hours and other limitations related to offline gaming.

If this is new to you, then picture yourself playing your favorite games of poker, roulette, blackjack, craps or baccarat using an online casino while on the train or subway, commuting to work early in the morning or traveling to see the family.

Or while waiting in line for your Starbucks coffee to be brewed or,

while waiting for your turn at the doctor's office.

It's definitely a flexible, unique, highly realistic, engaging, entertaining and stimulating experience that most gamers will appreciate.

Especially those who live somewhere where there aren't any nearby brick-and-mortar casinos and who need to travel long distances just to play a few poker hands before going back home.

Or someone who needs to play an entire trip to Vegas just to get the real feel of a fruity or action-hero themed slots machine.

Now, when we talk about Augmented Reality, then imagine this again, but this time visualize yourself at the actual gaming table. AR takes remote gambling to a whole new level and opens the door to the most realistic experience players love reliving every time.

If so great, why aren't online casinos yet AR?

This actually a really good question so let's figure out the answer.

For starters, Augmented Reality does come with a number of challenges and obstacles in the way. More software engineers are needed to start working on efficient ways of providing this technology on a large scale to all casino operators and gaming developers interested in using it.

The large costs of using advanced and expensive hardware to make the most of the AR experience is another reason why the phenomenon is not more widely spread at the moment.

Software obstacles are also delaying the process.

Similarly to Virtual Reality experiences, players are required to purchase and use special AR glasses and headsets in order to create the experience and enjoy it to the fullest.
Developers still have a lot of work to do in the design and manufacturing departments. While several AR models do currently exist in the market, they cannot be used by anyone. It might be a few more years until players may actually get to use AR technology as a regular alternative to VR or normal gameplay.

For the above-mentioned reasons, Augmented Reality casinos are under discussion, but it might be a while before we will actually get to enjoy them.

It's definitely a game-changing innovation that will forever change the way we gamble or play video games, but we will need to be patient about it. We can only cross our fingers and hope for the best while continuing the enjoy the current tech advancements provided by today's virtual casinos.

Are Augmented Reality Casinos - a reality?

We do not have any solid data to indicate the fact that Augmented Reality casinos or video games are going to ever turn into a reality of our times. However, we do know there are a few developers and operators working hard at coming up with the most advanced solutions for having this technology completely change the way we play games and enjoy our fun experiences.

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