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by Dave Brown
Best Diet for Gamblers

"We are what we eat," but can the foods we willingly choose to ingest every day affect the way we perform during an important poker tournament or a relaxed session of online slots at home? According to experts, yes! The things we choose to put into our system will eventually turn into the fuels that will help us perform better while sitting behind a virtual or land casino table.

The power of example and the need to replicate professional players' behaviour is particularly important if you want a career as a gambler but applies also when playing poker online, and all other beginner players when trying to find their own pace, style and winning strategies. Does this mean you should also follow the diets of pro poker players who win millions? As professional gamblers, especially e-sport gamers and poker players, must have a good short term memory, be able to stay focused and alert during long gaming sessions and often live a very hectic lifestyle, they can actually set a good example in terms of what to eat and what not to eat. A healthy diet is considered one of the most important factors for anyone who wants a professional career as a gambler and since the "gamblers diet" is based on "brain food", we can all benefit from it!

Foods That Can Help Gamblers Focus

The cells inside our brain need certain neurotransmitter chemicals in order to communicate between different cells. Serotonin, acetylcholine and dopamine are the main neurotransmitters that you will need to remember here. They are responsible for feeding the brain with the necessary chemicals it needs to keep working and stay healthy. Certain foods can help promote the health of your brain and make it more efficient.


Acetylcholine is responsible for storing and recalling memories, focus and the proper coordination of the muscles. These are all essential for a casino player for obvious reasons to stimulate the production of acetylcholine. Try not to overcook these foods so you can benefit from maximum levels of acetylcholine.

  • broccoli
  • cabbage  
  • cauliflower
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • salmon
  • flax seeds
  • black beans
  • bananas
  • oats
  • corn 


Dopamine makes us feel calmer, more tranquil and more blissful, and to stimulate it you should eat more

  • cheese
  • bananas
  • chicken
  • fish
  • beets
  • watermelon
  • legumes


Serotonin is responsible for boosting the energy levels and improving the mood while lowering anxiety and stress levels and making us feel less depressed. Certain foods can promote the production of serotonin.

  • dark chocolate
  • hummus
  • potatoes
  • turkey
  • lentils
  • bananas
  • tofu
  • avocado
  • fatty fish
  • yoghurt
  • seeds

Include Walnuts In Your Gamblers Diet You could also include more snacks consisting of walnuts, chia, flax seeds as well as canola oil and eggs into your daily diet and it's a perfect snack to eat during gambling sessions online.

Limit Your Portion Sizes

Playing poker, especially at a professional level means your brain has to burn a lot of extra calories to help you get through a long tournament or exhausting game with flying colours. However, you will be sitting in your chair for the duration of the game or tournament, so chances are it is not necessary to eat a large meal packed with calories before a more important game. Ignore this rule of thumb and you will end up with the vasodilation problem that will cause the blood to rush to your stomach and assist with your digestion, which will leave you with smaller blood supply to the brain, which is exactly where you need it during the game.

Finally, never disregard the importance of being properly hydrated. The human brain is made of 70% water, so staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining healthy brain functions. Make sure you have at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis to steer clear from foggy thinking that is specific to the state of dehydration.

Professional Gamblers and Hectic Lifestyles

Truth be told, most players that have won WOP bracelets or who have fat bank accounts live on some rather hectic schedules and without a good, healthy diet, they wouldn't make it. They pull all-nighters and practice their skills, try out new strategies, join online tournaments for huge pots or simply play blackjack online as a means of relaxing and taking some of the edge off. Some may be so big in the industry right now that they dedicate most of their time doing interviews, managing their own blogs, websites or poker programs they choose to sell or travel the world to participate in various events they are invited to attend. Here are some examples of professional poker players that know the importance of a good diet;

The Best Food for GamblersJoe Hachem is probably the most popular professional poker player in the world and he is mostly known for having won his first bracelet during the main 2005 World Series of Poker event. He began his online poker career in 1995, followed by a switch to land gambling and his love and interest for numbers and logic in general made playing poker come very natural to him. The fact that he was blessed with incredible skills the second he started playing is a rare thing that not all players can say has happened to them. In 2005, he took home $7,500,000. When he is not busy winning more events or managing his very own poker academy online, Joe also practices healthy eating and plays golf to keep fit.

Another pro poker player Scott Lazar who began his career in 1987 lost quite some weight with the help of Hachem's dietary advice. Joe opened a new restaurant around the time when Lazar was going through a rather turbulent period of his life and losing weight was one of his priorities. Hachem prepared a special meal plan for him that included zero junk food like chips, pizza or candy. Lazar was allowed to have a cheat day a week and the strict and healthy diet helped Lazar lose over 80 pounds, with the help of Hachem's dietary knowledge.

So Joe Hachem might have started with a more hectic lifestyle, but as years went by and his career started to take the shape that he wanted it to take, he became a lot more aware of the food he was eating, especially during big events where one can easily stuff his face while being distracted by what his next game strategy should be.

Now you know what foods to eat to improve your gambling, Put the theory of food to the test and pick your favorite online casino! 

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What foods are good for your brain?

Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Fish

Which vegetables are good for memory?

Broccoli is full of vitamin K which is known to boost cognitive brain power.
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