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by Sara James
Play at online casinos and give to charity

Want To Gamble AND Be Socially Responsible? Charity Gambling Might Be Your Thing!

So you like to gamble for money and perhaps feel you need to do something with your winnings or just in general, are looking to become a more socially responsible person.

Well, that's great and there is a lot you can do but perhaps you shouldn't aim to be generous overnight but rather think of some long term charity strategies. 

Overall, to become more active within a charity, do more volunteer work or live a more sustainable lifestyle is a slow process that requires time, patience and an open heart. It is not something that can be taught by anyone. If you are currently doing your best to reduce your fuel or electricity consumption or cut your carbon footprint, you are on the right path. You could also volunteer for a charity organization or even start helping the elderly cross the street or bring food to a local shelter. It all matters.

However, if you also happen to have a passion for gambling you may think, or have been told, that gambling and charity contradict one another but we have good news for you. You could work on your goal while enjoying your favorite casino games, be it online or offline!

Yes, it's true, there are land-based and virtual charity casinos that have chosen to donate some or all of their wins to good causes. It's an extremely fun and engaging way of showing your support for the less fortunate and Charity casino Nights or Monte Carlo Nights are some of the most popular events to join.

Let's look at 3 ways of how your gambling can benefit those in need;

1. Online Charity Casinos – Are They Really A Thing?

Yes, you can actually play at a charity casino! Casino Helsinki is one of the few casinos in the world the planet to fully donate all of its proceeds to charity. The casino is owned by the government and it allows players to select one of the seven poker tables, including Omaha Hold'em, Texas Hold'em or Chinese Poker. It also organizes weekly tournaments and yearly Finnish Poker Championships.

There are also online casinos, like the Finnish Paf casino that was founded with the help of public health services, the Red Cross and a few child welfare associations. As an online platform registered users from all over the world can play poker, slots and live casino games, with all losses being transferred to charities and non-profit organizations.

And that's not all. There are a series of free websites that offer casino-like gambling to people interested in becoming more socially responsible and making a contribution to a good cause. Players, there are able to play slot-like games with real money, no matter if their state or country usually frowns upon any form of online gambling. Poker, horse racing, other table casino games or sports betting are all part of these casinos' offers.

Players' winnings will reach beneficiary groups like in the United States. This platform collaborates with The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, The American Cancer Society, The Make-a-Wish Foundation and The UCSF AIDS Research Institute.

Players can choose the foundation they would like to support through their gambling, with 5 up to 40 percent of the house's wins reaching their selected organization.

2. Attend a Charity Casino Night Event

These glamorous events are hosted with the purpose of raising money for charities with the help of casino games or poker tournaments. 

Guests buy their tickets to the event and receive a certain amount of chips or “funny money” they will use to play their favorite games or buy a seat at the poker tournament table. No real money gambling takes place during these events. Guests are encouraged to engage in fun games for their sole entertainment. It is also possible to make further donations by purchasing additional chips to keep playing if the hosts' rules allow it.

Regular citizens, local businesses and big corporations can opt for differently priced tickets and make a more or less important contribution.

Businesses can opt for tickets that are worth thousands of dollars in exchange for certain incentives, such as heavy advertising during the event.

Some of these organizations donate all of their proceeds at the end of the casino charity event, while others will partially give to charity, with the est of the money being used to cover the logistics for the event (location and equipment rent, music bands and casino dealers etc).

Eva's Heroes is Eva Longoria's trademark non-profit organization that hosts some of the highest anticipated casino night events in the US. The starting price for a ticket for the 2019 Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament starts at $50 for a simple spectator and goes up to $250 for an individual ticket that guarantees buyers a seat in the poker tournament, on top of 10,000 chips to gamble with. A raffle ticket costs $20, while celebrities and corporations can advertise themselves and buy various tickets worth thousands of dollars – each with its own special benefits.

By the way, you can also organize your own local Casino Night (Monte Carlo Event), it doesn't have to be as glamours as the events mentioned here, read our full DYI article here "Casino Nights - Create Your Own Monte Carlo Fun(d)raiser". 

3. Donate Part of Your Winnings

The easiest way to make sure your gambling will benefit a good cause is to make a commitment to donate a certain % of all of your winnings every time you win. Many online casinos let you donate directly from the cash-out process but you can easily make your casino withdrawals to your e-wallet and from there directly forward, let's say 10% to one of your favorite charitable organizations. 

Below are some of the highly recommended real money sites that allow you to win and cash out without any problems. Now we leave it up to you to choose which good cause you want your winnings to support! 

Good luck!

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