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by Dave Brown
We explain cloud gaming

Shortly put, cloud gaming is also referred to as gaming on demand and it is a form of online gaming that allows players to enjoy the smoothest and most convenient direct play experiences across their favorite devices. The “system” requires the use of a hosting server for gaming purposes. The server should be able o stream the necessary gaming data to the devices used by players while running the “engine” of the respective games. 

Let's learn more about this technology that is rapidly making its way into our lives.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work?

Cloud gaming lets gamers play video games via remote hardware, usually servers located at the headquarters of various companies across the world. A gamer in the US can play a game powered by a server located in Japan with zero delays. Instead of the old school game downloading and installing method, players can harness the power of internet streaming and have their favorite games be delivered straight on their devices: smart TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet, gaming console.

In other words, say goodbye to using the hardware power of your devices to run the games (with glitches and interruptions) and enjoy impeccable gameplay every time.

The majority of today's cloud gaming platforms are proprietary and the very first open-source cloud platform for gamers was released to the great public in the Spring of 2013.

Do I Need A Subscription?

Normally, cloud gaming asks players to pay a monthly or yearly subscription so they are given access to the desired content. At times, players may need to buy some of the games, on top of having to pay the subscription fee.

Plus, subscribers can expect to easily open a cloud gaming app on a chosen device and pick their favorite game to play. They will not have to download any updates or extra content in order to begin playing. Since the game is run on a remote server that is made of advanced PC components, all games can be played at extremely high settings. Microsoft is working at Project xCloud which will allow gamers to access different components in their data centers instead of the regular computer servers. Shadow fans are basically renting a remote computer every time they choose to play the game.

Popular Types Of Cloud Gaming

At the moment, there are two highly popular types of cloud gaming:

  • cloud gaming based on file streaming

  • cloud gaming based on video streaming

File streaming cloud gaming is also referred to as "progressive downloading", a small part of the game is downloaded so gamers can start playing on the spot. The rest of the game will be later on downloaded on the device of the gamers during gameplay. If your internet connection has a low bandwidth, you should enjoy your favorite titles with zero lag. This type of cloud gaming requires players to own a device that features the right hardware requirements needed to run a game.

P2P cloudless gaming is a form of gambling that relies on remote community computers to run games. All games are run on PCs and they are streamed from one computer to another. Games are stored and rendered on computer stations in remote locations. The video results are then streamed straight to players' computers over the web.

Why Do Players Prefer The Cloud Alternative?

For starters, the biggest developers in the industry promise to allow players to stream their favorite games to their devices with no latency. Secondly, games are expected to reach incredibly high levels of quality similar to state-of-the-art computers. Microsoft's Stadia service will fully support 4K resolution form day one of the big launch. We are also promised 8K later on. Can you imagine playing your favorite casino games using 8K on your smart TV or smartphone from the comfort of your home?

Add 60 frames per second on some of the slowest internet connections and 4K at 30 Mbps and you should see the big picture. Plus, the enhanced convenience of playing games whose file size could easily. Go over 100GB without interference and hassle is reason enough for most gamers to consider the cloud technology when quenching their thirst for top-quality games. No more long waiting times just to start a game. Probably the only drawback would be that players could go over their data cap limits faster than ever.

Without a doubt, the gaming industry is changing dramatically and we are keeping up with the trends and figuring out what are the best fresh solutions for gamers particular needs. Cloud gaming, as well as top online casinos, are both on many players' list of preferences.

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