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by Dave Brown
Play for Free at Online Casinos

Free Online Casinos let you join in the fun of playing the most popular casino games online, totally for free! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is!  Below is a list of recommended casinos that give new players free chips as a chance to test some of their best casino games without any risks! Simply take advantage of their free slots spins and no-deposit bonus offers, or use their free play mode! 

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Free play, with free bonuses or in fun mode, is great for all players! Newcomers can try their hand at games using free mode before they commit. Seasoned players can try free games so that they can test strategies they've recently picked up.

In this article, we let you know the secrets of how to play for free using bonuses or simply play for fun - in free play mode. 

A riskfree chance to win cash!

Playing for fun using bonuses like the casino online no deposit bonus gives you a lot of advantages.  You can play for free without having to dip into your wallet, and still win real cash! 

It also gives you a chance to play different slot machines without losing your bankroll. After that, you can be certain which games you enjoy before you start playing for your own money. And again you can practice different strategies under real playing conditions but without having to lose any of your money.

All of these great sites belong to some of the best free play casinos on the market with a large selection of casino games to play for free - for as long as you want in demo/fun mode!

But remember, you will not walk away with any cash when you play casinos in "fun mode".

Free play casinos provide never-ending fun!

A substantial percentage of visitors to online casinos just want to relax and they don't actually want to spend their money. The fun play mode is a wonderful invention that often goes overlooked even though it does afford players many benefits. This is the easiest and safest way for you to play games online for free and if later you decide that you want to play for real you can always start to deposit and stay with the same website.

What games can you play in free mode?

Slot games are the most popular free casino games but there are many other games available if you want to play for free. As we know playing casino games for free has many advantages we have included a "play for free" section on each casino game with specific advice on how to play for free on that specific game. See our casino game guides to learn more about free play on your favorite game! 

How do I find free casino games?

Simply visit the casino lobby by clicking "claim bonus" on any of the recommended sites. Once there, simply turn to the lobby and choose which game you want to play. Select your game and open it in demo mode. This means you can play for fun on the exact same slot game as also has a money mode. There is a wide selection of popular games to choose from.

Play free slots games without depositing

With the free play mode, you do not have to make any deposits to play the game. Of course, this goes both ways because you never make any money either. Now just because you don't make money doesn't mean it isn't going to be fun. You can basically play for as long as you want. You have infinite credits that you can use so that you get to figure out what the progressions are, what the odds are, and what the payout is for different games.

What is the difference between free play and real money play?

When you play in real money mode you need to deposit money into your casino account. For some people playing for fun is more relaxing, while others find it lacking excitement. When you play for fun you aren't looking for an adrenaline spike. You aren't looking to lose your money potentially or to take home thousands in winnings. You might honestly enjoy the game and want to relax after a long day at work playing some slot games. But you might also feel it's going to be more exciting playing for money as you may be able to fulfill some dreams with your new cash, and it gives you "a bit" of an adrenaline rush when you win.

If you worry about spending too much then read our articles on how to manage a gaming bankroll and how to gamble responsibly!

Reasons to play casino games in demo mode  

The free mode is a chance, as the name suggests, to play for free without any chances of ever getting your winnings to your bank. Now, why would people want to do this?

1. Test new casino games before you pay for it

The first reason someone would want to play games for free is that they aren't sure if they like a specific game or type of casino games. They might not have played them before and now they want to chance to play them and see what they think before they start wasting their own money on something they don't really enjoy. This also gives the opportunity for players new and old to find things they really love.

2. Try games from another game developer

A second reason someone would want to use a free online casino is so that they can test out a manufacturer.  New manufacturers today are offering different variants on traditional games, even live play games. These live dealer games have physical people in a casino somewhere else where you can play via webcam.  But if you don't know whether you would like this human element or not, the best way to try it out is with a free game.

3. Learn the rules of casino games

Someone who doesn't know the rules of the game and wants to be able to play while they are reading about those rules will benefit from free play as well.  Not having to bet any of your own money really takes the stress out of winning and losing especially when you are just trying to figure out how the rules work. 

4. Practice on your game strategies without risking your wallet

On that note, another reason to play for free is to test different strategies. You might be a seasoned player and you recently read our guide on blackjack strategies that you want to apply but you don't necessarily want to waste your money until you have truly memorized certain tables so that you know exactly what moved to make based on what number you have in front of you on your cards. You can test your memory and the strategies you have learned when you use free blackjack play.

5. Simply want to relax playing casino games for free

Another reason to play free games is just so that you can play for fun. Fun mode is really a comprehensive part of the online gaming environment. It shows you all the different features and bonus rounds and mini-games that exist in different games without you having to bet any of your money.

Ready to play some casino games? All you have to do is to choose one of the sites in the list below!

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