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by Dave Brown
Gaming Industry in Latin America

If we are to focus on some of the greatest developments in Latin America, we cannot go without mentioning the amazing growth the gaming industry has recorded in recent years here reaching a $2 billion in value. Mexico and Argentina are usually considered "the" gaming regions of Latin America but Colombia and Chile are not far behind. 

Gambling In Latin America – Current State Of Things

With 33 countries, a population of 600+ million and a booming tourism industry, it comes as no surprise that gambling operators, land-based and online alike, want to get a piece of this potential huge gambling cake.

Gaming here resembles gaming in the Western world, even though the laws and regulations vary throughout the continent. Gambling is at its highest peak on the continent and it is oftentimes used as a means of educating pr promoting a form of social activism. By far, Argentina is the ideal gambling nation in the area. Thanks to the successful mix of public acceptance and local regulations, Argentina could be the best spot for a casino-themed vacation like you've never experienced before.

Online slots are a favorite gambling game in most Western countries, especially in Europe and the USA, due to the simplicity and fun of the gameplay. However, casino table games are more popular in Asian countries.

Let's take a look at a few more countries that are gaming havens in Latin America.


Thanks to its relaxed gambling regulations, this country is excellent for both residents and visitors from other countries. With around 80 land casinos (highest number of the Latin American countries) to choose from, Argentina is ranked first as a premier gambling destination in the area. You can expect a global gambling experience provided by known brands along with the local alternative in bingo rooms and or slots-filled amusement arcades. Buenos Aires is the capital city as well as the host of a few impressive resort-style casinos. The Casino Buenos Aires venue is a huge, 40,000 square meter complex built two decades ago.

The largest casino in South America is the Trilenium Casino and it hosts anything from roulette, slots, blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em or Punto Banco. The City Center Rosario also hosts an excellent Casino and Resort type of venue that has won numerous awards. Get ready for a carnival mood and the glamour of Las Vegas casinos.


Peru is another popular gambling destination in Central and South America as it is home for close to 5 land casinos. The Palacio Royal Casino is found in various cities across the country, including Huanuco, Piura, in Arequipa or Chiclayo, while Majestic Casino and the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Casino are found in Lima. The Hippodrome de Monterico is great for bettors who are passionate about horse racing. Players looking for that Vegas feel can check out the Bellagio casino in Miraflores, along with names like Tropicana, Mardi Gras or Atlantic City casino.

All known casino games are covered by these venues and there are weekend patrols and enhanced security measures that should keep locals and tourists safe at all hours of the day. Local casinos are not recommended for tourists as they tend to be less honest.


Gambling in Brazil is, unfortunately, one of the Latin American countries with very strict gambling regulations. At the moment, the Congress is struggling to quickly figure out the best regulations for online and offline gaming to cater to the needs of millions of passionate gamers, while taking advantage of the revenues that legalized gaming would bring in. Congress legislators have only recently started to work at laws that will regulate online gambling, bingo halls, casino resorts and local jogo do bicho games. Land and virtual sports betting is also expected to be regulated over the course of the upcoming years. Since poker is considered more of a skill game rather than a game of chance, the game is allowed. The same goes for lottery games. 


Dating back to the Aztec Empire civilization, gambling has always been a huge part of the Mexican culture and lifestyle. Ranging from fabulous beach resorts in Acapulco or Cancun to American-style casinos, sports betting and everything in between, players have everything they need here.

Together with classical forms of gambling, Mexicans prefer some peculiar gambling options that are different from conventional Western gaming. For example, fronton and cockfights are highly popular here, along with domino. Brick-and-mortar and web slots are a preferred form of gambling in the majority of Western countries, with prevalence in Europe and the US. Asian countries prefer table games.

Chile And Colombia

These two countries are also top gambling destinations when it comes to Latin American countries. They have legalized all known forms of gambling, with sports betting, poker, casino games and rooster fights counting among people's favorites. While Chile has banned online gambling, Colombia misses the necessary framework to regulate it, which means virtual casinos are in a grey area for both countries.

To Sum it All Up

There's no surprise, given the incredible natural sceneries that tourists have the pleasure of discovering here. Some would argue the beaches, Amazon rain forests and mountainous landscapes here are the most spectacular on the planet.

Latin America, however, is also a top destination for tourists interested in spicing up their vacation with their favorite casino games as well. If you are planning a casino break in the near future, Latin America might be an excellent choice for a number of reasons but remember you can always play online, even in Spanish, at the best online casinos

All in all, Latin America is a wondrous place to visit and the provider of a one-of-a-kind gambling experience, so it is worth adding to your list of possible destinations for your upcoming vacations.

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