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by Dave Brown
Mega Jackpots

It's perfectly normal, and in fact, it is an industry-standard for slot games to have an assigned jackpot to them. When you are playing regular slot games, the relative jackpot that you could win is static and determined by the game developer. Therefore the Jackpot is “smaller” and doesn’t change. The max jackpot is always the same amount. The jackpot we read about in August (2020) paid out €14,239,532.84 to a Player from Sweden playing at Lucky Casino. These games are becoming more and more popular since there is the potential to take home larger ‘mega jackpots’.

Mega jackpots in this sense aren’t just a few dollars either, for these jackpot amounts can regularly reach the seven or eight-figure region. These types of games are particularly appealing because they do not require enormous wagers per spin, although the chances to win these huge jackpots are of course smaller.

These games can be found at many popular online casinos, and we have taken the time out to consider where we might be heading regarding the world of mega jackpots. 

€121 Million in Progressive Jackpots - by Microgaming!

One of the best things about mega jackpots is that the amounts on offer don't remain stagnant. With progressive jackpots, for example, the amount that you could win will increase indefinitely before somebody strikes it lucky. 

If we take a look back over the last few years, we can see that the world of mega jackpots has followed this expected trend. 

In 2019 the progressive jackpots on games developed by Microgaming alone paid out a staggering 121 million Euro across 1.7 million payouts. Ten players won big amounts reaching 7 or even 8-figures each. The latest win paid out in August 2020 when a young man in Sweden managed to rake in 8-figures. This was actually record-breaking and not a particularly common occurrence, but it just goes to show you how powerful mega jackpots can be.

No matter who you are, that is a life-changing amount of money. With naturally occurring economics to look at as well such as inflation, it is only to be expected that these jackpot amounts will keep going up in the future. 

Greater Variety of Progressives

Even though these mega jackpots are supplied by software providers, they are still exposed to players getting bored of them if they do not continue to change and adapt. Software providers are constantly developing new games, whether this is table games, video slots, live casino games, card games, or specifically for this article - progressive games.

As technology continues to advance in the casino industry, it is an absolute certainty that we will see a growing number of mega jackpots along with better features and graphics. Some of the most lucrative progressives games like the mentioned Mega Moolah will continue to break record high payouts and stay popular even though the game was released 13 years ago and hasn’t changed since. Instead, it’s with the new releases we see the results of great development and creativity. African Legends is the latest game developed by the same network as Mega Moolah and the game is packed with new advanced features to captivate the player (Wheel of Wishes was released on the 11th of September 2020).

All that this means for you, as the ultimate player of these games, is that you will always have access to new gaming experiences with constantly improved features but the classic jackpot games that payout six to seven number winnings several times a year will stay popular due to the high prize money. 

Increased RTP to Players

If you are unfamiliar with the term RTP, it simply stands for ‘return to player’. The RTP for any specific games will always be shown as a percentage, and it is this percentage that tells you how often you will get a win. It doesn't really tell you what the amount of that win will be, but it does give you comfort in knowing that the game pays out this percentage on average.

We've already seen recently that the number of times players are able to score a win on these mega jackpots is increasing. Of course, each time a player scores a win, they aren't walking home with the jackpot, but they will be receiving a win in some way, shape or form.

Some of the best progressive games out there now have RTP percentages of more than 95%, which is becoming a benchmark that players are looking for. It used to be the case that anything above 85% was deemed as acceptable, but when there are better alternatives out there, it makes sense to spend the time seeking them out. 

How Do I Find These Mega Jackpot Games?

When you sign up with any of the online casinos in the list below this article, you will find a game category that is either titled progressives or jackpots. These are where you will find the games that contain mega jackpots. Keep an eye on games from Microgaming if you are looking for the highest prize money but progressive jackpot games are developed by several other trustworthy game developers. Just remember that the conditions for each game may be different. Some games may have a lower wagering minimum than others, and some may have a greater number of multipliers than others. Your choice of games basically comes down to what you would prefer to spend per spin, and what in-game rewards you’re searching for.

We would highly recommend playing a few games so that you get a feel for what you actually enjoy but unfortunately, these progressive jackpot games can not be played for free.

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