Online Chess Flourishes Following "The Queens Gambit"

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by Sara James
Online Chess

Online games have become a rave all over the world after the pandemic had people locked up in their houses for months. Not surprisingly, everyone began to maximize the time they spent in their houses by turning to entertainment. Streaming movies and playing virtual games, like online chess, became the order of the day and the wave is not over yet. One of the oldest strategic board games with a history dating as way back as the 7th century. This IQ tasking board game has been made readily available in our pockets and online with the advent of technology. 

Although chess has always been a gambling game, it is safe to say that online chess gaming and chess gamble have never carried on as much motivation as has been portrayed since the release of the Netflix original series “The Queen Gambit”. Now, a lot of people are interested in knowing the guide to sports betting just to participate in online chess games and probably stake odds on players too.  

A lot of chess players know Queen’s Gambit as one of the best chess odds or handicaps that create a chance for winning against both strong and weak opponents. Chess betting with a queen’s gambit has benefitted a lot of experienced players online.

When placing odds, people choose the most popular sports betting types, the single bet, to place their stakes on the player who begins with a queen gambit. The winning possibility of starting a game with the queen gambit move is very high. This is one of the reasons players can relate to the mini-series, “The Queen’s Gambit”. 

Netflix, in the third quarter of 2020, had 73.08 million paid subscribers and an increase of 30% has been recorded in the first 2 months of the fourth quarter. Usually, only half of that population is needed to give online chess gambling sites more than 2 times the necessary traffic needed to boost profits. The overwhelming rush of the need to play online chess in the last quarter of the year speaks volumes of how much impact the series has on its viewers.

Netflix gave a recent report stating that 62 million households have watched this original series since its release on October 23, 2020. Netflix also announced that “The Queen Gambit” is the most-watched scripted limited series ever. The series did a great deal of awakening love for chess in the hearts of many people for the game of chess and even igniting a fire in the minds of those who never knew about the game.

Brief Overview of The Inspiring Chess Drama

The Queen’s Gambit is an inspirational sports story adapted from a 1983 fictional novel. Walter Tevis, the author of The Queen Gambit novel, represented real-life chess rules and intricacies of the game in his sports novel. Although he was a chess player, Tevis consulted professionals and masters in the game of chess while writing his novel, making sure that he depicted the game of chess accurately. 

While the great author, Walter Tevis, wrote the novel, Scott Frank wrote and directed the mini-series. Scott Frank collaborated with Allan Scott to produce this American mini-series for Netflix. 

The Queen’s Gambit was set at a time when the game of chess was in its bloom, from the mid-1950s to the 1960s. Elizabeth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor, is a chess prodigy and genius. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, 9-year old Beth Harmon loses her mother in an accident and is transferred to be raised in an orphanage. Elizabeth Harmon is taught how to play chess in the orphanage by Mr. Shaibel, the orphanage building custodian. She had great visualization skills which helped her to learn the techniques of chess very fast.

Based on regular orphanage customs in the 1950s, the girls at the orphanage were fed tranquilizers daily which soon became a source of addiction for Beth Harmon as she grew up to become a chess genius addicted to alcohol and tranquilizers. She also struggled with trauma from her troubled past. 

Beth Harmon’s goal was to become the world’s greatest chess player but her demons were holding her back from achieving her dreams. The inspiring drama shows the persistence and determination of a genius to beat all odds and be the best. 

“The Queen’s Gambit” Influenced A Growing Interest For Playing Online Chess  

In the last 40 years, records have shown that there was a gradual decline in the number of interested chess players all over the world till 2020 when things began to change and the new normal set in. Many chess competitions hold annually especially since the International Olympic Committee recognized the game as a sport in 2000. Some of the best sportsbooks have begun wagering on chess competitions as well. However, this sport was still uncommon to many sportsbooks till 2020. 

Following the lockdown, an increase was recorded in the number of people who wanted to “try something new” or those who wanted to go back to their “lost love” out of boredom. Although online chess is most preferred, players are also requesting over-the-board chess games to psychologically tease opponents.   

Interestingly, an evident spike in growth occurred after the release of the American series, “The Queen’s Gambit”. The tenacity portrayed in the series influenced many viewers to want to be part of the game of chess. With the growing interest in playing chess, individuals are motivated to explore chess techniques and intricacies.

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