Most Common Gambling Superstitions and Myths

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by Cameron Dover
Gambling Superstitions and Myths

The Most Popular Gambling Superstitions

Superstitions are a part of gambling for quite a long time. Numerous casino buffs irrespective of their locations believe in some type of superstitions. Every country has its beliefs and these might be contrasting from other countries. These beliefs define the things that are blessed or inauspicious for the gambler.

Gamblers will go to any length just to enhance their chances to win. They don’t shy away from performing rituals as long as they may have a chance at winning. Some things are considered unlucky and superstitious gamblers must avoid them. Let’s have a look at some of the common superstitions followed by many gamblers worldwide.

Numbers ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Four’

The common worldwide belief is that 13 is an unlucky number. People are so fearful of this number that they avoid conducting auspicious rituals on this date. Amazingly, many high-rises in the United States don’t have a 13th floor. This belief dates back to the Last Supper where thirteen individuals sat at the table.

Chinese gamblers have their own sets of superstitions that are quite different from other countries. Chinese gamblers consider number 4 as the most inauspicious number because it indicates ‘death’ in Chinese culture. The lucky number for Chinese is 8 as is welcomes prosperity and good luck and it is considered the best bet for casino players.

Many players even have a set of their own numbers that they considered lucky. These numbers are special for them as they involve exclusive dates like their child’s birthdate, anniversaries, age, and so on.

Don’t Count Your Money at the Table

This is another common superstition where gamblers are told to avoid counting their money before the game is over or just afterward.

Counting money is considered unkind to the other gamblers who have lost their money. Besides, it might evoke a feeling of egotism in the person who has won the bet. It is best to reach your home or in a safe place before counting your winnings. This way you will be able to better manage them and avoid evil eyes too.

Avoid Using the Front Door of the Casino

This is a tad more vague superstition, but many gamblers follow this advice religiously. It is a common belief that it’s ill-fated to enter a casino by the front door. This is because the bad luck of the gamblers (who have lost their money) leaving through the front door could rub off.

If the rumors are to be believed, most Chinese Gamblers avoided entering the MGM Grand Casino because its entrance was a massive lion’s mouth, and it was deemed unfortunate. The casino, therefore, replaced their entrance in 1981.

The Fortunate Red Color

This is one of the most-followed superstition among Gamblers, especially Chinese. The deep red color indicates prosperity, good luck, and richness in China. If you have observed Chinese culture and traditions, you must have seen the lavish use of Red color in their homes and organizations. From red carpets, red curtains, and wall hanging, they prefer red color every time they wish to attract fortune.

Lucky Charms and Omens

The list of lucky charms that can bring prosperity to gamblers is endless. Most gamblers carry their lucky charms like rabbit’s feet, auspicious horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, trinkets, and similar blessed things with them to the gambling table.

Gamblers also believe that they will get lucky if they keep their fingers crossed, use their index finger to touch their cards, and arrange their chips tidily on the table. Having an attractive lady standing behind their chair is also considered opportune by many gamblers. Many gamblers prefer turning on all the light of their house before going to a casino.

While some things are considered lucky charms, there are things that most gamblers avoid as they are considered omens. A magpie, dog around the gambling table, black color, or a shattered mirror brings bad luck. It has been also said that gambling on a polished surface or giving money to a rival will bring omen.

Don’t Sing and Whistle at the Gambling Table

The majority of gamblers take gambling seriously and therefore they don’t like people singing and whistling at the table. Some believe that it looks irritating and annoying to other gamblers, especially those who are losing money. Also, this is a kind of disrespect and can welcome the fury of gambling deities. Either way, it seems like singing and gambling don’t go together well.

Besides placing bets at land-based casinos, players are playing online and winning money. You may need to go through the best casino reviews online to choose the safe gaming platform.  

Crossing Your Legs

You may have heard that crossing your fingers invites good luck but placing a bet when crossing your legs may obstruct the way for your blessings. So, sit with your legs slightly apart and your faith intact when playing your favorite game at a casino.

Blow On Dice

It is a common belief and followed by many gamblers worldwide that blowing on your dice welcomes good luck. This is even largely practiced by people who play the game of Monopoly with their family and friends at home.   

There are theories around that some deceitful gamblers would cover one side of their dice with tacky stuff that could be triggered by moisture. Blowing on the dice before rolling helps to make sure that each dice works perfectly and land as needed.

Apart from following and avoiding certain tips to increase their chances to win at gambling, many players employ various strategies and master their game plan to win at land-based or real money casinos online. Nobody knows whether superstition works or not as the secret to winning money in a casino is a mystery.

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