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by Dave Brown
Casino Chips For Real Money Casinos

We know what are the Best Online Casinos for Real Money!

You have probably already played for fun, a great option but honestly, nothing can be more exciting than real winnings!

If you need a trustworthy money casino then just pick any of the recommended casinos in the list below and you are ready to go!
If you want to know How to play for real money, What to expect/avoid or learn How to maximize your winnings and increase your house edge - then let's take you through it! 

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Real Money Casino Gambling in 5 Steps

1. Play at a Top Rated Real Money Casino (list above)

2. Use the best real money welcome bonus and/or real money no-deposit bonus

3. Manage your bankroll

4. Play on games with high, frequent payouts

5. Learn when to cash in your winnings and stop playing

Let's now look at some of these steps in more detail:

How Bonuses Can Help You Win Real Money

Yes, by taking advantage of bonuses offered to you when you play for real money you will maximize your bankroll. Ultimately a bonus will give you more time to play. Your money will last longer.

If you have been playing for free until now, you may not even have paid attention to your credits running low. With a click, you refill them and continue to gamble. Once you play with real cash, you must either deposit or claim a bonus, if you want to continue to gamble. 

Not only can you expect bonuses in return when you start to deposit to your casino account, but you will also notice that you get even better bonuses when you consistently play your own money at a single casino. 

Real Money Bonuses

  1. Welcome Bonuses
  2. No Deposit bonuses
  3. Free Spins Bonuses
  4. Cashback Bonuses
  5. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Bonuses

You would never be able to walk into a land-based casino and be able to play the double amount to your own deposits.

But this is exactly what happens at an online money casino.

These sites will make sure to keep you excited by constantly renewing their bonus incentives so you will keep coming back and play for more cash. In order to maintain your loyalty, you will most often also get rewarded in the form of loyalty points that are accumulated. The more you play you earn more loyalty points and these can be used for real cash, or spins, in your gaming account. 

* Tips: How to get the best welcome bonus when playing for real money!

There is nothing worse than the feeling of someone else getting a better deal than yourself. Don't worry, it won't happen if you choose a casino from our site! 

All of the real money websites in the above list will give you a great, valuable bonus on your first deposit/s and as we negotiate for special deals, our newsletter subscribers will be the first to get them!

We continuously review the offers and update the lists on a daily base to always show you the best possible offer available!

Bankroll management is key to real sustainable winnings!

The biggest mistake most new players do is to make a deposit, claim their bonus, and bet it all on one single game. Most often without understanding what the potential payout is on that specific game. Or, perhaps not fully understanding the concept of wagering requirements attached to the bonus they received. 

When you hear online players saying "it wasn't much fun" as they didn't win anything - then this is how they did it! Don't do the same mistake. 

To maximize your bankroll you should first try to build it up with some small but very frequent winnings and once your bankroll has increased, you can move to a game with a higher potential winning outcome. 

Real Money Casino Games


Big jackpots and large payouts draw players to play real money games. It is necessary to check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage before making a deposit when selecting online casino games to play. If it offers poor odds or requires a hefty minimum bet per round that greatly reduces your gameplay, find a real money casino game that best suits your needs.

Return to Player (RTP) percentage difference between game so choose the correct game that suits your gaming strategy.

Can I Withdraw my Winnings?

Yes, you will want to make a casino withdrawal and get your winnings, quickly and without complications! It comes down to this IF you are not really interested in the money, but like the thrill of a win, then you can just as well play for free. But let's say you want to win cash, as much as possible then keeping track of wagering requirements and withdrawal policy becomes essential. Not to mention the most essential, you want to play at a casino that actually can afford to pay out your jackpot winnings! Again, pick a real money casino on the Gamblersbet website and you are safe to go! 

You may think that being able to cash in your winnings goes without saying but this is not always the case. The good thing about playing at a recommended real money casino is that they will actually pay out your winnings. 

Will I lose? 

Yes, you will eventually lose when you play for real money. Play in practice mode (for fun for free) and you won't even notice that you just lost, but when you lose after making a bet with your own money, you will!

So what about the house edge when you play online for money. We have stated that one of the advantages of playing online is actually a higher payout percentage compared to playing at land-based casinos but this doesn't mean you will never lose money.

To get the most out of your real money gambling you should actually expect to lose. If you do this you will learn to walk away when you are still winning. This is the key to successful gaming at real money casinos! 

Can I trust the casinos?

Understanding that not every real money casino should be trusted with your cash deposits is the single most important thing to be aware of when you make the decision to play for real money! There are some really strong risks associated with the financial transactions involved when you play for money and you don't want to take any chances! There are many other risks involved as well, like pirate games and fixed software. eCogra approval is always a good sign of a safe casino so make sure to choose one of the real money casinos we have reviewed and can recommend! 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Real Money Casinos

1. Can I sign up for more than one real money account?

Yes, you can take advantage of all of the great offers above and open a real money account at each of the above-listed casinos. What you can't do, is to open more than one account at the same casino! At any licensed operator, you are only allowed to have one account per household. If they allow you to open more than one then consider choosing a site from our list instead!

So you can open a real money account across different gaming operators but the question is if it's worth it. The answer is that there are some pros and cons of both yes and no.

* Advantages of more than 1 account:

The big advantage here is that you can take advantage of special offers like no deposit spins, or high money bonuses, only available to new players. There are NO cons of using a great real money welcome bonus offer! 

* Disadvantages of playing at many online casinos:

Well, when it comes to the long term return rate, the odds are in favor of loyalty. You will have a better chance of getting the maximum return from the casino if you stick to your favorite site. No harm to alter between a few based on their current promotions but

the point here is that the casino looks at your overall account activity when they decide what promotions to give you.

This means that if you play for $10 a month at 10 different sites, none of them will find you to be a very valuable customer and therefore give their best promotions to their loyal customers instead.

If you, on the other hand, put your monthly $100, every month, to the same site, they will eventually appreciate your loyalty and you get included in lucky draws, Christmas gifts, and free bonuses, just to mention a few possibilities that usually follow with loyalty. 

Now, instead of casinos, let's say you play odds at a real money sports betting site, yes then we would agree on the advantages of having accounts with different operators as you may want to get the best odds for your specific game.

But again, we wouldn't recommend betting sites that don't ALWAYS offer very competitive odds! 

2. Is it legal to play with money at online casinos?

In some parts of the world as well as different states of the US, gaming for real money is restricted. The casino will let you know this by blocking their site so you won't be able to access it if you are located in a region that is faced with restrictions.

These restrictions are based on the legislation of each region and are based on the license the online casino has obtained for arranging real money gambling in that region. 

3. Is it expensive to play at online casinos?

Not necessarily! The best part of playing for real is that these sites also have games with very low bet sizes so that you can place bets as little as $0.01.

4. What casino games can I play with money?

A real money casino will let you play a variety of casino games thanks to a litany of options. The game selection will depend on the casino software of each site but you can expect to be able to make money bets on a large selection of;

- Slot machines

- Table games like Blackjack & Roulette

- Keno, Bingo & Scratch Cards  

Some sites have Poker as well.

5. Mobile or PC for money gambling? 

It's your choice! ALL of the suggested real money sites on the GamblersBet website have been tested to meet the standards regardless of where and how you want to gamble!

You don't need to look for a dedicated casino app. Unless you want to, and if you do, you will find those sites marked with our mobile symbol.

Today you can make the same money bets on your mobile device as you can on your traditional PC. After the release of the first iPhone in the year 2007 and the first Android smartphone the following year, software developers started to expand their options.

Devices today have more storage than ever before and with more data, developers can create games that work just as well, and sometimes even better, for use on mobile devices. 

Ready to start playing?

With a real account registered, all you have to do to get started is deposit money into your account and then place your bets.

The layout on your computer screen is going to be similar to what you would see in a free play casino but with the addition of being able to connect a payment option to your casino account.

It is very simple to follow along with the instructions on each particular website and place your bets accordingly. Once you have played a few rounds and earned a high reward you can use the same banking methods that you did for your deposit in order to make your withdrawals.

It is as simple as that to earn real money with your real money casinos.

So, if you read this article it should not come as a surprise that free play casinos have its' own set of advantages but  -

there is NOTHING like the thrill of knowing you can actually become a millionaire with your next spin or bet -

that's an exclusive real money casino advantage! 

What are you waiting for?

Can I have more than 1 online casino account?

Yes, but not at the same online casino. You can open several accounts and play for real money at online casinos but you can only have 1 account per casino.

How do I find the best online casino for real money?

You find the Best online casinos in our list of the Top 10 Online Real Money Casinos. Our reviews and recommendations consists of more than 300 online casinos, the top 50 will all exceed your expectations of great casino gaming.

Can I win money at online casinos?

Yes, the chances to win at online casinos are better compared to playing the same type of games at land-based casinos. The house edge vary depending on the game and you can increase your chances of winning by learning some basic strategies. We have comprehensive guides for each game type you can find at online casinos and teach you how to win real money playing at online casinos!

What games can I play for real money at online casinos?

Slots and Table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are the most popular real money games at online casinos but you can also play Baccarat, Scratch Cards, Lottery, Keno, Bingo, Video Poker and much more. Many online casinos have more than 2000 games to choose from and you can find variations of table games that can only be played online. We have guides for each game and will teach you how to play for real money and win!

Are online casinos better than land based casinos?

Yes, online casinos have many advantages like being able to play real money games for free by using no deposit bonuses or free spins. Online casinos have many more games to choose from and the chances to win are higher on online games compared to the same type of game at a land based casino. If you are concerned about the environment then online gaming is also green. That you can play on your mobile from any location is just another advantage of playing at online casinos.

How much do I have to pay to play at online casinos for real money?

There are many online casinos with low minimum deposit that will allow you to play for as little as $5 but remember that you can also play at online casinos for free, by using no deposit bonuses and free spins.
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