10 Slots Secrets to Boost Your Chances of Winning

by Dave Brown
Online Slots Secrets

You may have heard that slots are purely a game of chance and there is no real strategy involved. You just spin the reels and if the winning combination appears you win. However, this is not entirely true. There are many slots secrets that casinos do not reveal to players lest they outsmart the casino and deny it its rightful share. Here are 10 unbelievable but true slots secrets when playing for real money that help you capture the slots and exit the game laughing all the way to the bank.

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The 10 Slots Secrets

# 1

Each spin is purely random. All the symbols that appear in the first, second and third reel are randomly picked by the slot game software.

# 2

Return or payback is done based on the winning combination probability and the amount paid for these winning combinations.

# 3

You cannot influence the sequence in which the symbols appear. So each spin carries the same winning probability as the spin before it.

 # 4

The easier a slot game is, the worse will be the odds in the game. This is because the slot machines are programmed to play quicker than other games in a casino. So being at the slot machines for a longer span can drain your payroll fast. When compared to table casino games like blackjack and baccarat, slot odds are the worst.

# 5

Sקברקאד םכ SךםאדThe single play strategy is a simple slot strategy that is very effective.  You play at a slot machine only once and use the highest possible amount.  If you hit a win, you go at the game again. If you lose you try some other slot machine. This strategy will avoid making you linger at the same slot machine for a long time and save you time and money.

# 6

Deviation strategy is a slot strategy that uses a mathematically advanced equation. You can decide on the best winning chances with the equation. You need to be patient, have focus and be ready to spend your bankroll to get a guaranteed return.  Use a slot machine that has equal pay. This means the machine receives a value related to the coins that you bet on a pay line. For instance, you wager a 2 coin you get 20 coins in return and for 4 coins you get 40 coins.

Play at a slot machine continuously until you have won for at least two or three times and count the spins it takes to reach a win. If the standard spins are a minimum of 10 between wins, you have the spin average that you can use when you are at a slot machine with high pay outs.

# 7

Pay outs in video slots are either fixed maximum or of progressive jackpot type. The progressive jackpot is where you get a slot meter, which increases jackpot amount with each play without providing a return. Thus more number of spins results in higher jackpot.  Although progressive slots are chosen for their high return, they have a disadvantage. All progressive games are mostly linked together. This increases the amount of people playing for a big jackpot amount and low odds of winning. This lowers the amount of the jackpot too.

A fixed pay out on the other hand is more profitable, so it is best to choose such games instead of progressive jackpots.

# 8

If you want to capture short term wins at the slot games, pick the games that have the smallest jackpots. These have higher odds of winning and are easier to win due to the small jackpot amount. On the other hand, a big jackpot makes it difficult to hit a win and your chances of short term loss are more. To attract a big jackpot, you have to play for hours on end. This lowers your chance of winning. Novel themed games with mammoth jackpots possess the worst ever odds. Hence it is wise to stay with the small return slots.

# 9

Although video slots provide the ultimate slot entertainment in online casinos with their stunning graphics and sound effects they pay less. When compared to normal machines, these machines give far less returns. The main reason is the time factor. The video slots take longer time to display. This results in loss for the casino, while the slot takes time to perform. Hence casinos program the machine to charge more money from customers. Classic slots machines are therefore a much better and safer option.

# 10

On an average, a slot machine performs around 600 spins per hour. The more activity you add to a casino, the more will be the amount taken from your bankroll as house edge. Thus slow down on the spins, relax and chat with fellow players instead of focusing on the game too much. This can diminish the amount you bet on the reels and your bankroll will last for a longer time too.

Slot secrets help you equip well for the game. and help you make the slots work for you. Try them out on your favorite slot game now!

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