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Online Slot Tournament

Slot Tournaments are a great way to have fun playing slots online. With a low entrance fee or no fee at all, you can join a slot tournament, compete with fellow slot fans and win big cash prizes. Slots are easy and require no skill. It is not surprising that slot tournaments in online casino sites have increased in popularity considering slot find the challenge of competing even more appealing.  Do you want to participate in slot tournaments for real money or for free? Here are some basics you should know before you take the plunge.

Entering A Slot Tournament

Pokies Tournaments with your favorite gamesSlot tournaments held in online casinos are competitions with multiple players from all parts of the world. The slot buy-in is the sole charges you have to pay for taking part in a tournament. This is because players need not use their money when the tournament is underway.

After you pay the entry fee, the casino gives you credits, which you can use in the tournament. Because all participants pay only the entry fee, credits given to each are the same. This guarantees that the casino practices fair play.

Time Factor

Each slot tournament is set to run for a fixed period of time. Players cannot use certain advanced features like turbo or auto-play features.  When the competition starts you have to just press the spin option in the game. The objective here is to spin as many as you can. This way you can gain maximum points before your time is up. When the time limit is reached you cannot use the credits remaining. Scores are compared and the winner is declared.

Online Slot Tournament Types

Slot tournaments are of different types including slot tournaments sit’n go and slot tournament for free. You can select the tournament that suits you best. Here are some of the tournaments that you can play at online casinos:

  • Freeroll Tournaments which you can attend only by invite, no entry fee
  • Freeroll Tournaments open to all, no entry fee
  • Pay-to-enter Tournaments that pay out all entry fees collected 
  • Pay-to-enter Tournaments that pay out flat sum prizes 
  • Pay-to-enter Progressive Tournaments that pay out a proportion of fees in descending amounts (the more participants, the higher the prize sums)

Free tournaments which you can participate by invite only are focused on the high rollers or loyal players. Thus newbies and other players are not allowed to partake in the tournaments. But some casinos offer slot tournaments for free to all which are held daily or weekly.  Free tournament open to all are ideal, if you want to know how tournaments work. You can have fun and know more about the game without having to spend money. Most tournaments, however, charge entry fees for participants.

Slot Tournament Features

Slot tournaments often feature popular slot games including Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Immortal Romance and Gold Factory. The slots game is the same as you play in a regular slot machine. The only difference is that for each spin, your bet is deducted automatically from the coin box you have. Every time there is winning combination, your wins are added directly to the Win Box. Another difference is that you are not playing against the slot machine while in a tournament you play as an individual and try to beat fellow slot players. You also get slot tournament reload bonus in some casinos online.

Important Terms In Slot Tournaments

  • Coin Box
    All slot tournament players begin with similar coins in the coin box. The coins box will become smaller as the play progresses and your bets are taken from the coin box.
  • Win Box
    This is a separate box where your winnings are placed after you hit a winning combination.  As the play progresses, the win box increases in size and the win box balance is a crucial number that decides the slot tournament winner.
  • Leader Board
    This is the board that displays your ranking against the other tournament players. Each time you add more coins to your win box, you will see your position improving stepwise.
  • Play Time Clock 
    This tells you the amount of time you have until the tournament starts or finishes.  Playtime generally begins at 15 minutes into the game and runs down from the first spin until it reaches zero.

Slot Tournament Strategy

Just as in the regular game, luck plays a crucial role in slot tournament win. You need intense concentration and high speed to win. You will have to use all credits in a specific time span and play quickly to use all credits. With every winning spin, your entire score is improved. When you don’t use all the credits, you will be at a big disadvantage. Hence you should keep pressing the spin button and rake outperformance as quickly as possible.

Some important points to remember while playing include

  • Check pay table of the slot game to know how the wagering requirements are met by other players.
  • The time taken for winning credits to reflect on your score can be long.  If you hit it big, keep spinning instead of celebrating it and losing precious time and credits.
  • Sometimes you may get bored with the continuous spinning and slow down. This can result in your not using the credits fully. Ensure you have your focus and are in a relaxed mood prior to a tournament to get the best wins.
  • Coins remaining in the coin box do not count towards the winning score and only those in the win box count. And losing a spin also does make your score less.

Although winning at slots does not involve any fixed formula which can guarantee a win, you can still have loads of fun at the slot machines.

Other Casino Games for Tournaments

Check our casino games guide for more popular games with tournaments! 

Play slot tournaments now and experience the excitement and thrill of online gaming competition!


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