Winning Big at Texas Hold'em Poker

by Dave Brown
Texas Hold'em Online Poker


Texas Hold 'em Poker is one of many games based around a fifty two card deck. There are different poker varieties that have various levels of appeal, but Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular. In fact, it has been featured in many poker based television shows, Hollywood films, and televised competitions. You can try your luck with these games when you practice and play online.



Playing Texas Hold'em Poker

When you play this game off-line you get the standard 52 card deck, and you will exchange your money virtually for a certain number of chips. The chips are worth specific amounts of money and much the same as you would play in a real casino, you simply move these chips to place your bet with the click of a button. You will see a timer on your screen when you play this game so that you can place your standard bets during the specific intervals and so that you keep track of time so the game doesn’t get away from you. In fact, good games can last several hours so this is certainly not a game that you are going to quickly cram in while waiting for your dentist but it certainly is one that you can enjoy if you have the day off to relax.

Texas Hold'em Poker Basic Rules

The rules of Texas Hold'em can be quite tricky at first but even a beginner will start to get the hang of things quickly. The purpose of the game much like most poker games is simply to have the best possible five card hand. This includes having things like a royal flush or two pair, terms you no doubt have heard relating to other games of poker. So when you start playing the minimum bet is set up and the dealer is selected. As a player you are dealt two cards which only you get to see. On the left part of the dealer is called the “little blind” and it has to be put down as at least half of the minimum bet. On the left side of this you will see the “big blind”. This must put down at least the minimum bet regardless of whether they want to play. Other players are able to choose whether or not they want to play the hand and it can also choose to raise the initial bet. So, the minimum bets play is $10, you can choose at the other player to put down another 10 to raise it that minimum up to 20.

At this point the cards are dealt and you get the opportunity to raise the stakes, to say, or to fold, meaning that you quit.

Earn Great Bonuses

Texas Hold'em Online TournamentWhen you make deposits online you get to enjoy welcome bonuses. The welcome bonus is meant to entice you as the player, to keep you not only interested in the website and signing up as a customer but playing this game long term. After all, the more money you bet, and the more often, the more money you and the house end up winning. For many websites these welcome bonuses range between 50% and 100% match bonuses. This means that they match the amount of your first time deposit at the casino based on the percentage of thewelcome bonus offer. Basically this would be the exact same thing as if you were to walk into a casino in Las Vegas to be greeted at the door by someone asking how much you are planning to gamble, tell them you are going to gamble $500 that night and then have them hand you $500 extra. Obviously this would never happen in a traditional casino no matter what table you were planning on playing. But online this is precisely what happens. There are even plenty of websites that give you bonuses when you play specific variants of the game of poker.

Earn Player points

Traditional casinos will provide you with loyalty points the more often you play. Highrollers tend to get a special card that they use every time they sit down at a table or at the machine. This card will calculate regularly how much they can bet and how much they have one so as to keep track of basically how many profits they brought in to the casino. As a result the card does earn you points and eventually those points can be used for things like free rooms or free games. Some casinos even fly you out to their location covering the cost of the ticket so that you will spend more money at their land-based facilities.

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