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Three Reel Slots Online

Are you in search of the best classic slots with huge jackpot prizes? Classic 3 reel slots are just what you need to win big and have fun at the slot machines. Classic 3 slot games have high degree of variance which makes you spin multiple times. But the 3 reel slots remain an all-time favourite because the paytables are far better than what you find in the 5 reel video slot games.

Classic 3 Reel Slots Origin

Classic 3 reel slots game is a popular casino game with an everpresent huge following. The three reel slots were the first to originate. The first ever slot machine introduced by Charles Fey in 1895 had 3 spinning reels. Each reel had 5 symbols. The machine had an automatic payout system. So if you scored 3 similar symbols on a horizontal row, you will win a high payout. The format was so successful that soon the 5 reel slot version was developed.

What Are Classic 3 Reel Slots?

3 Reel Slot Classic slots with 3 reels, as the name implies, consist of 3 rows vertically. This will limit the possible number of winning combinations. However this does not restrict the huge payouts you win when you play the 3 reel slots using real money. The limited reel number does not however mean you have limited winnings.  When you play the slots for real money you can expect big jackpots.

Although, as the name suggests, it is a basic slot version without any advanced features, you get the staple scatter and wild symbols. If you want to do a trial run for free before you play with real money, the free classic 3 reel slots are ideal. The video slots with 5 or more reels generally come with advanced features that are difficult for newbies to understand. So if you want to become familiar with slots, start with classic 3 reel slots and later move on to the 5, 7 or other complicated reel games.

Why 3 Reel Slots Are Popular

After the introduction of 5, 7 and more slot reel games, the classic 3 reel version may seem too tame for many people. But the opposite is true. Often experienced gamblers prefer playing the 3 reel slots as they want to relive their first thrilling experience at the slot machine. And for those who do not want to be bothered about complicated features or betting strategies and have pure unbridled fun, the classic 3 reel slots are perfect.

How Classic 3 Reel Slots Work

Triple 7 - 3 Reel SlotA majority of slot machines of 3 reel type will display the winning combination symbols either on the slot game screen beside the reels or in the front part of the machine. If you score the winning combination symbols, the machine will hand the payouts.

All three reel slot machines have a lever. You have to pull the lever to spin the slot reels. The lever is the reason for the nickname –one armed bandit. You can now find video slots containing advanced features in the three reel version with different symbols for each reel.  This results in a huge number of combinations and even bigger jackpots.

The working mechanism is simple. You have to pull the lever or press a button. This will activate the reels and spin them. If luck is on your side, when the reels stop spinning you will land a winning combination. You need not indulge in smart game strategy or practice other complicated moves. The game relies on pure luck.

The spinning action triggered by pulling the lever causes random number generation. This number denotes the time when the reel stops. All slot machines have maximum and minimum bet limit and paylines. Free spins and bonus rounds are other forceful tactics that attract players.  Wild symbols are a staple addition to the slots, as crowds simply love the wild symbols and other bonus offers.

Winning At 3 Reel Slots

Just like the game is simple to play, winning is also easy. The gameplay is identical to what you find in the land-based slots. Here is how you can manage big wins at the 3 reel slots:

  • Register with any online casino offering a wide range of online slots and create an account. Make a deposit to the account.
  • Browse via several 3 reel slots present and choose a game you fancy.
  • Go through the instructions for the game to know about the particular game policy.
  • Pull the lever and start winning.

Popular Slots

Some of the popular classic 3 reel slots include:

Mega Joker: This is a fruit themed 3 reel slot popular in land-based and online casinos. The progressive jackpot with this game is huge and winning chances are high. This is a 5 pay line game and has a low range of betting

Fruit Machines: This is a popular slot game theme found in all top casinos and includes games like Reel Rush, Burning Hot, Fruits Kingdom, Royal Fruit and more. The slot game is easy, cheerful and lots of fun to play making it entertaining for hours on end.

Even after the advent of video slots that feature animated symbols, over hundred of pay lines and bonus rounds, the classic reel slots still have an edge. This is because they are totally focused on fun and entertainment whether you play them for real money or free. The free games do not need any download, deposit or registration.

Try the classic 3 reel slots at an online casino now - relive your land-based casino experience!


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