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by Dave Brown
Vanessa Selbst

Traditionally, poker is seen as a man’s game. The majority of the winners tend to be men in the recent past because there were hardly any women poker players. Now things have changed a lot. More and more women are participating in this exciting card game professionally and bringing rewards home.

Let’s have a look at a few of the women poker players who spend time at casinos and know the strategies to win at poker.

1.     Vanessa Selbst 

Vanessa has claimed impressive wins during her poker journey. She has won three WSOP bracelets in open field tournaments. She has been on the main event final tables and won a huge reward of $11.8 million in live poker.

Selbst has created a name for herself in the poker world and she is the only woman player to receive more than $10 million in winnings. Selbst took retirement from poker in 2017 and joined the corporate world to become a manager.

2.     Kathleen Leibert

Kathleen started her Poker journey when she was only 12 years old. However, it was only in her late 30s that she started to get recognition as a poker player. In 2002, Kathleen won her first million when she participated in the Party Poker Million.

She also got a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2007 with a massive cash reward of around $6 million. She was ranked 41st in the All-time Money List as she has claimed the maximum number of rewards as compared to any other woman.  

3.     Annie Duke

Annie is the only woman poker player who has won the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2010 and claimed $500,000. She also stole the limelight in 2004 when she won the first position and $2 million at the World Series of Poker Tournament. Before becoming a poker player, Duke studied psychology.

Currently, Annie is focused more on writing about Poker and she has written numerous books and guides for poker players. She also acts as a consultant and story narrator for events where she uses her knowledge of poker as a method to teach many important lessons.

4.     Annette Obrestad

Annette was a pro at poker when she was only 18. She started playing poker online at real money casinos at the age of 15 and won freeroll tournaments that offered cash rewards. She gradually made her way to play live poker games.

A well-known player from Norway, Annette has won more than $3 million and has claimed World of Poker Bracelet when she was young and this made her the youngest woman to claim a bracelet at the elite poke festival of the world. Since then, she had earned more than $4 million in live poker tournaments.

Annette is a fine poker player and she has known to won one poker game without looking at her cards. Nowadays, Obrestad is a You-tuber as well and creates tutorials online.

5.     Live Boeree 

Live Boeree begins her professional poker journey when she was chosen for a reality poker TV show in 2005. She was just 20 at that time. She was trained by Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth in the show along with other pro poker players.

Live kept her desire to play poker even after the show and in 2010 she claimed the largest ever European Poker Tour Event and won more than a million pounds, which set her career in the right direction.

She partnered with her boyfriend in 2017 and won the WSOP Tag Team Event. Boeree became the only woman to win a WSOP bracelet and EPT event.  Now, besides playing poker, she also takes part in events, conferences, and Ted Talks.

6.     Vanessa Rousso

Rousso started playing poker online when she was in a law school. Amazingly, she became successful at poker and decided to become a pro at poker. She finally dropped out to focus entirely on poker and moved to Las Vegas in 2005; however, she eventually got her law degree and passes the Bar exam in 2018.

Stunning, intelligent, and with a great understanding of poker tactics, Vanessa managed to create a great poker career for herself. In 2006, Vanessa won a six-figure number three times. The top and the most incredible game of Vanessa was EPT Grand Final where she won the cash reward or more than $700,000.

7.     Joanne ‘JJ’ Liu

JJ relocated to the US from Taiwan when she was a youngster and started as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. During this time when she was busy with computer software, she developed an interest in poker and gradually she became a regular player at national poker tournaments.

Since 1990, JJ has been ranked high in poker rating charts. In 2017, she was ranked number one in the Taiwan All Time Money List and claimed huge rewards at the World Series of Poker.

8.     Maria Ho

Maria Ho started playing poker when she was in college. She had already gained a lot of experience playing poker while she was graduating. Ho then started playing high bets poker games. She is one of the successful poker players as she has claimed four WSOP final tables, one WP final table, 45 WSOP cashes and 6 WPT cashes.

She took nearly $240,000 at the World Series of Poker when she was only 24. Ho has earned more than $3 million to date and she continues to play poker professionally. Besides, she also dedicates her time to hosting poker tournaments.

Gone are the days when poker was only played by men. Women from all over the world have proved that they are the best poker players as well! 

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