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The Best Cashback Bonuses


You've landed on this page as you are looking for a chance to get some cashback refunds from the casino in case you lose. Online casinos that are willing to give money back are not that common so bookmark this page and you will never be more than a click away from a valid win-win offer at a top online casino!

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Cashback offers provide players with the opportunity to recover their losses in the form of free money; in some cases, this also includes the chance to receive bonus cash upon winning. In addition, just to make things more exciting, many casinos have now linked the cashback offer on the reward level of players. Meaning that the more you play, the more you will be credited with the cashback offer.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus?

Not all online casinos offer win-win cashback bonuses, they tend to be given away by the more reputed ones, so finding a casino with this type of offer is a good indication that it will be a trustworthy place to play.

Since cashback is a type of refund bonus on your losses, you get back some percentage of your definite losses made with real money. This infers that you are initially required to deposit funds and place your bet to get a cashback offer. Once you have played, and incurred a loss, you are bound to get some percentage amount of refund back, depending upon what the casino has set the percentage offer.

Cashback Offers: What You Should Know 

Cashback offers are altogether a new entry into the casino world.  A lot of players are not aware of the rules relating to these bonuses. So, it’s imperative that you make sure you understand some of the basic concepts, including:

  • Time Limit: Every online casino offering cashback bonuses will have their own set of rules. However, one of the rules that remain almost common in all is that cashback offers are time-limited. This means players are required to place their bet within a stipulated time-frame in order to claim the cashback. In certain cases, you will be also called when making a deposit or placing a bet.
  • Minimum Bet Amount: You may need to bet a certain sum to meet the criteria for receiving cashback.
  • Percentage of Net Loss: When casinos say net loss, they mean all your winnings minus all your losses during the stipulated time frame. If the figures come out as a minus, then you will be said to be in a loss and will be eligible for cashback. When the figures are more than zero, it infers that you have not suffered loss and thus, not qualified for this type of offer.
  • Wagering Requirements: Usually, the funds you obtain from cashback will be like withdrawable money or a bonus. If you get a bonus, you might have to meet some form of wagering requirements before you can cash out the funds you won on that offer.

Cashback Bonus: Maximize Your Winnings and Minimize Your Losses

So is cashback all about losing? On the contrary, it is a practical way to keep you safe when you are playing with your real money at online casinos. Even though you play to win, you can’t expect to make it a success on every single bet you place. This is where cashback offers are like a safety net in that they help you refund a percentage of the money you have lost. These offers allow you to recover some of your losses before your luck picks up and you start winning again.

Casino Cashback Offers: Learn How They Work

Cashback bonus offers can be found globally at online casinos, including the US and UK casino industry but they especially important for the Scandinavian market. The reason for this is the regulation in some countries that limit the use of deposit bonuses but allows casino operators to give a refund or free credits. Cashback offers is basically a way for the casino to give you money back IF you lose a certain amount of your money. Unlike a customary bonus on signing up; this incentive can be accessed once you have been playing for a while at the casino as a kind of thank you for continuing to play at their site.

Let’s see how it works; The casino usually sets a percentage of how much you will receive if you lose, and it can range from 10 to 20 % depending on the online casino. That means you will be able to get back 10 to 20 % of your losses.

Cash-back offers are often not advertised by the casino under their promotions as it's rare that this offer is open to new account holders that never made a deposit to the casino. Once you are registered you will find this type of offer among your promotions within your account.

Why the Win-Win Offer Is So Popular

Nowadays, it’s a common practice among online casinos to offer various lucrative bonuses to their players when they register, as a welcome gift. With the introduction of numerous online casinos all over the world, it’s no wonder there is a tough competition among all, and thus in order to compete with each other, online casinos offer such rewarding extras. And, bonuses such as cashback offers works as an incentive to attract more players.

Essentially it is a marketing plan, whereby online casinos come up with creative enticements to offer something different and unique to players so that they keep on coming back for more. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both players and casinos. The players receive the bonuses that increase their chances to win against the casino, and in turn, they either get more players or retain the loyalty of their existing players.

If you are a novice player and facing subsequent losses in a casino, cashback is definitely a great way to bounce back to maximize your wins.

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