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Best VIP Bonuses for Casino High Rollers!

VIP Bonuses at online casinos

Some people are fortunate with a big wallet. Others don't seem to enjoy the daily "small" play but rather prefer to risk it all at once, and not play at all the rest of the month. Both can take advantage of the many High Roller Bonuses available at online casinos and maximize their casino bankroll. VIP Bonuses are not always easy to find so bookmark this page, we know what casinos take care of their High Rollers! 

High Roller / VIP Bonus Top Bonuses
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High Roller / VIP Bonus

Exclusive Bonus

High Roller / VIP Bonus

High Roller / VIP Bonus

Exclusive Bonus

Casino VIP High Roller 

There are casinos that specialize in High Roller stakes and VIP treatment.  These casinos come in two forms. The first is a casino that only allows high roller bets. These are obviously designed for people who have a much larger gambling budget and who want to spend more. Much the same as any type of VIP treatment that you would receive from a physical casino, the more money you gamble, the more benefits you acquire.

The second is a regular casino that simply has a loyalty program or VIP program for those who bet a certain amount. In order to gain access to these programs you typically have to reach a betting minimum.  After you have bet a certain amount of money or played a certain number of times, you will receive an invitation. More often than not these aren't clubs that you can join just by filling out a form somewhere. You have to be invited by the casino. And you will know when you get invited. You won't miss it. There's a lot of flourishes that go into making sure people know when they are part of this special club. Now a lot of online casinos that have VIP treatment will not say specifically what the requirements are. Partly to keep you playing because if they told you what the requirements were, you might think it was too high and not even bother or you might simply bet all of that at once in order to take advantage of the benefits. By not telling you exactly what the requirements are you're forced to just play more and more until it happens.

In any case, there are a handful of benefits that you might receive depending on the casino. Every casino is different. All of their High Roller VIP treatments are different. One casino might offer a graded benefit policy where you get more and more benefits the more money you spend. They might, for the first thousand dollars you bet give you 20 free spins at whatever game you like best. They might give you two free games of Poker. If you reach $2,000 worth of bets they might give you entry into a tournament for free. After you exceed $10,000 in winnings you might get exclusive invitations to a VIP Club where you have no charges for your withdrawals or you don't have monetary limits on your deposit or better yet you have access to a portfolio manager who will help you to see where you're making the most money with your bets.

Casino Club and VIP High Roller Benefits

Even if you are not a VIP player you've probably heard of VIP clubs at online casinos. Players who get accepted into these clubs are treated to much more than just some extra cash. They get free holidays, prizes, and access to exclusive parties. So what does it take to become a VIP player and get VIP High Roller treatment? The benefits you get are going to include things like dedicated casino hosts who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so that you can talk to them whenever you want. That host will be your go-to person if you have any questions or requests and they will typically be available via instant message or email. Having a dedicated agent rather than the standard run-of-the-mill customer support means that your agent will know full well what bonuses and rewards you are going to deserve because of how often you play. They are going to make sure that you have all of your questions answered and your problems solved immediately.

Another benefit that you might be given is faster cash-outs. Generally speaking, there's a limit on how much money players can withdraw during a given amount of time like a week or a month. But once you reach a VIP status that goes away and your cash out requests are processed in as little time as possible.

Why Join a Casino Club

Once you join a casino club, you will get many more benefits, which only build with time. Imagine that if you stay with one club for the whole of your gambling career, you will accumulate hours upon hours of gameplay, thousands upon thousands of wagers, and soon your benefits will give you more monetary reward than you have lost with your gambling. You get special bonuses as a high roller. These bonuses typically pertain to your wagering requirements. Regular casino bonuses might have high wagering requirements like 40 times the deposit amount but as a high roller, your wagering requirement might only be five times your deposit amount.

Invitations to special VIP events is one of the most unique aspects you will find at one of these casino clubs. Even though you play online, many casinos will fly you physically to another location for a party or a casino event like a tournament as part of your reward. These are typically reserved for the highest tier of VIP players but once you reach this level you might receive benefits like paid vacations, concert tickets, or tickets to sporting events in your area.

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