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Enjoying Loyalty Points Benefits


When you play at a traditional casino you have the option of building rapport or credit. The longer you play the better your reputation becomes. The reason for this is that you get rewarded for your loyalty. The same is true for real money casino players online. When you play at an online casino you get rewarded for every single bet that you place. That means every time you play whether you play for $5, $50, or $500, you have the opportunity not only to win with whatever game it is you are playing but to accrue bonus points and loyalty points that give you compensation later.

Rewards for Casino Loyalty

The main idea is that every bet that you place earns you points in the Loyalty Club of the casino you are using. The more points you earn the higher you climb in that loyalty club. Literally, every time you play under your account, every time you let a friend play a game under your account, you earn points for every dollar you spend. Those points add up and different websites have different structures for the value of those points or what they can get you.

Reward Structures for Casino Clubs

You get different rewards structures for different games as well. Please note that most casinos have different loyalty point structures depending on which game is being played, so, for instance, most casinos will match slot game bets 100% with loyalty points, but will only match blackjack bets at around 10%.  But you still gain a great deal of access to cash back style rewards for every dollar you spend. You can combine your total points earned by using bonuses in the form of match bonuses. If you deposit $500 and you get a match bonus amount of $400, many casinos will honor that as $900 worth of bets assuming you bet all of it which means you have gained 900 points. Now the longer you play, the more chances you have to build up slowly your place in the Loyalty program. You don't have to bet all at once, but you certainly can. If you look at the reward structure and you decide that you want to achieve a level 4 out of 8, and achievement of level four requires you to play at least $2,000, you could simply that $2,000 your first week so that you get that level immediately because long-term reaching that level might mean you alleviate a $50 withdrawal fee for every withdrawal you make or you increase your withdrawal maximum to $5,000 a week.

There are different levels offered at traditional casinos and online casinos alike. Similar to the point structure you would find in a traditional Las Vegas casino, online loyalties clubs have structures to them and each level or tier within that structure gains you access to a wider variety of benefits and rewards.  For example, if you were to bet a total of $1,000 you might gain access to the first level of the rewards program. Your casino could have up to 12. At that first level you might get special access to tournaments, you might be able to exchange the point you have accumulated for real cash. But then once you bet a total of $5,000 you might earn a place in the third level of 12 which then gains access to VIP bonus deals that are available to regular players.  You would get email invitations to daily or weekly bonuses that you can capitalize upon such as deposit match bonuses every Monday. After a certain point you might accumulate enough points to place you in the fifth or sixth level at which point you get access to a personal Casino assistant to help you manage your bets.

Each Casino offers different rewards for various levels, but they can include things like converting your points into Cash where for every 100 points you have you get $1 in cash that you can withdraw or bet. Other casinos might offer free withdrawals for life where you would normally have to pay each time or match bonuses every first deposit of the month. More advanced VIP loyalty systems give you free access to remove other people can't access, invitations to VIP tournaments only, physical prizes like Electronics, or vacations to real casinos where you can participate in physical tournaments. The higher you get in the loyalty levels, the better conditions you get in the casino, such as better rake backs, payout rates, exclusive competitions and bonuses. Some casinos also connect their loyalty program to their Refer a Friend bonus, meaning you may gain some extra points for each friend you refer. 

VIP exclusivity and Casino Rewards

All instances the final level, the one at the very top of the online casinos is the exclusive VIP Club. As an exclusive VIP Club member, you get access to the best possible rewards.  With the VIP Club status, you will receive real invitations in exchange for the loyalty points you have accrued, and these invitations will include things like airfare to a local casino or an invitation to a boat party on which you can gamble. Even though the options you have will change from one casino to the next they are all incredibly enticing once you reach this level and there is no reason you shouldn't aim high.

With Loyalty Points - aim high for top benefits!

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