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No Wagering Requirements Bonus


No Wagering Requirements Free BonusAll casinos are supposed to have wagering requirements. It’s the first thing you will learn about bonuses in general. So, what if we told you that, there are no wagering requirements bonuses that allow you to save yourself the hassle of chasing a playthrough proviso or meeting a specific deadline? 

Some casinos use their Welcome Bonus or a No Deposit Bonus as a drawcard, but having a no wagering bonus is probably a new concept to you but just as good an offer, it will be better to take a closer look into the details. Let’s do that. 


What Are Wagering Requirements?

Before we proceed to explain why the lack of wagering requirements is good, we need to make sure we are on the same page insofar as bonus terms and conditions go. You see, every bonus is an opportunity to receive some bonus funds, and use the money to win or play more. 

Now, before you can claim any winnings, you have to meet two conditions. The first is to play through the bonus a specific number of times, and this could be ten times, 20 times or 30 times both or either your deposit or bonus.

The second condition is to do so by a specific time frame, which could be 48 hours, seven days, or a month. There is really no specific prerequisite, although you will often see the same numbers. Well, without going into the other details, you now have a good idea of what wagering requirements are. 

Naturally, if you are a player, you want to enjoy your bonus funds, not worry about some contract you have accepted with the casino. 

Why Are There No Wagering Requirement Bonuses?

So, by now, you have no doubt about what no wagering requirement bonuses are. They simply allow you to use bonus funds without ever having to worry about the wagering conditions, as the name so readily suggests.

A no wagering requirements bonus can come in various compositions. On the one hand, it can be simply a sum you receive upon registration. On the other, it can be a matched bonus, as in deposit a specific amount that will be matched by 100% up to a predetermined limit.

Often, no wagering requirements bonuses can also grant you free spins, just like a regular welcome bonus would. The idea behind these bonuses is to show appreciation for players. Now, there will be such limitations, of course. For example, you cannot win a progressive jackpot prize using a no wagering requirements bonus, which is fair.

You probably have to use the bonus on some specific games, too, but that depends solely on the T&C’s established by the casino you have joined. Now, you are probably wondering why no wagering doesn’t mean the absence of terms and conditions.

Well, every bonus on every website needs some sort of direction, and while you may not need to wager the bonus money, you still have to use it as the casino mandates. The best online casino no wagering requirements bonuses are always mindful of player preferences, and this means you can get a lot of quality action. 

Always Claim No Wagering Requirement Free Spins

Free spins are always a great idea when it comes to a bonus. When you consider the possibility of enjoying the bonus without any wagering requirements attached to it, this possibility has become even more tempting. 

While no wagering requirement free spins may take some time to find, you will definitely appreciate having the opportunity to enjoy free spins right away, without any strings attached. 

So far as top no wagering requirements bonuses online go, free spins are definitely the leading choice among players, especially when there is an option to claim this bonus in the first place. The bonus itself will probably vary a bit, depending on the casino, which is quite common.

You will often see prompts asking you to claim 20 No Wager Free Spins Bonus or something similar. Basically, what you need to do is accept the bonus, play through the 20 free spins as directed by the casino, and then withdraw the money if you like.

Alternatively, you can use the money you have won and continue playing. While, it’s all about good luck and chance, making the most out of a great no wagering free spins bonus is always a brilliant idea.

Best Casinos to Find a No Wagering Requirements Bonus

Now, to have the best possible experience, you will need to find the best online casino that offers no wagering requirements bonuses. To follow recommendations is always the best way to go. Yet, since you now know everything there is to know about this type of bonuses, you will probably be able to vet and pick casinos yourself. 

Don’t hesitate to pick one of the recommended brands, but equally, don’t hesitate to check the terms and conditions closer to make sure you are happy with the bonus conditions. 

Claim and Enjoy Great No Wagering Requirements Bonuses 

To sum up, a no wagering requirements bonus isn’t too difficult to understand. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Sure, there are still some terms and conditions that you must observe, but you will never feel too pressured to complete those. Actually, there is really nothing to complete. You just get to play through a great bonus and withdraw the winnings whenever you decide!

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Publish Date: 
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Are no wagering requirements bonuses too common?

That depends on the casino. There are definitely many no wagering requirement bonuses out there and you can find them yourself.

Would you say these no wagering requirements bonuses are better?

We believe so. The fact you don't have to chase a deadline or a rollover requirement is a very big plus.

How much are these no wagering requirements bonuses worth?

Now, they are not worth too much. In most cases, you can get 10-20 free spins or $20 free money, but each casino is free to tell for themselves.

Can you claim no wagering free spins?

Yes, you most certainly can. This is one of the most common and useful no wagering requirements bonus.

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