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This comprehensive guide to Casino Welcome Bonuses start with an updated list of the Best Welcome Bonus offers right now! Continue to read and we let you in on all of the secrets of what it means to nab such a goodie and of how to put it to good use. Why Welcome Bonuses? Well, what better way to fund your own gaming by using the casino’s money and then turning this into shiny riches!

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 1. What is a Welcome Bonus?

A "Welcome Bonus" is a special bonus offer exclusive to new players at an online casino. With the bonus, the casino gives the new customer more value for his first deposit. Let's say you deposit $50, get a $50 bonus and you end up with a total of $100 to play for. This is great as the more you play, the higher your chances are of winning! Most commonly, you may enjoy a match bonus as soon as you deposit. The amounts vary, but they can easily reach a few hundred of any given currency. 

The Welcome Bonus is most often of the type "match bonus", meaning the bonus amount you will get will be in percentage to your own deposit but it can also be a "flat" bonus, for example, $25 to all customers making a deposit of minimum x amount, as decided by the operator.

The Welcome Bonus is often the most lucrative of all of the casino rewards and an excellent way to fund yourself. Most casinos will add extra treats to make their sign up deal more tempting for the accomplished gambler and chance passer-by in equal measures.

What seals the deal for any gamer, novice or pro, is the simple fact that you often get a side dish of free spins. Free spins are more precious than the currency itself because they offer you a chance to win big. And it’s not just the fact there are a few free spins out there – each of these little chance events will afford you the opportunity to trigger bonus rounds, benefit from Wild and Scatter Symbols, and who knows, maybe end up all the richer by the time you have used them all up.

Alas, progressive jackpots wouldn’t be on the menu when it comes to the welcome bonus, but this is no reason to worry. The extra financial leg up you get early on will have you up and running in no time. And having an honest lick at the bonus cannot be that difficult when you have amassed a small fortune playing completely risk-free.

 2. From which casinos can I get a Welcome Bonus?

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus, to make sure you get one with the conditions that will really help your wallet, be sure to choose one of the casinos we recommend with excellent welcome bonus offers.

 3. How does the Welcome Bonus work?

All welcome bonuses have the same basic formula, but they differ in both execution and how much funds are allocated to new users. For the most part, though, they will all be contingent upon the set of rules known as wagering requirements. Hurry past them and you may regret that later.

These conditions help you understand better what your promotion is all about, such as:

  • What are the playthrough requirements?
  • How do you get the extra spins & cash?
  • When can you cash them?

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, you are on your way to squandering a perfectly awesome opportunity. If you are in fact a more considerate player and know about expiry dates and playthrough provisos, you are quite likely to be adding to your bankroll even as we speak!

Familiarity with the welcome bonus is useful. Did you know that not all bonuses concern single deposits? There are in fact…bundles!

When you opt for a bundle, your bonus is fed in smaller amounts to you so that you can make the most of it. Once you have cleared the requirements, you may deposit a small amount and go after the following objective down the road. It’s a far better way than blindly and frantically trying to catch up on $1,200 right off the bat.

 4. How much do I need to deposit to get a bonus?

The minimum amount required to obtain a bonus varies between different casinos but can expect to have to make a deposit of at least $ 10 in most casinos for any bonus based deposits. However, some casinos expect you to deposit a minimum of $ 20 or even $ 25. 

 5. Can I get a Welcome Bonus without making a deposit?

Usually, a "welcome bonus" requires a deposit, but as a new customer, you can sometimes get a bonus without having to make a deposit or maybe you can receive free roulette spins at the time of registration without having to make any type of deposit.

 6. What is the maximum Welcome Bonus I can expect?

The maximum bonus amount can range between $ 100 to $ 2000. If you are looking for a high offer Welcome Bonuses can be a good idea to look for a VIP Casino with Welcome Bonuses suitable for High Rollers.

 7. How do I claim my Welcome Bonus?

Most bonuses for new players are credited automatically when you make your first deposit. In seconds, you will see the corresponding amount of the bonus in your account and you can start playing. In some casinos, you will have to confirm that you accept the bonus, or you want the bonus before it is established.

 8. How many Welcome Bonuses do I get?

A welcome bonus can only be claimed once per casino account. But don't worry, the bonuses will keep coming, but now they are called matching bonuses or deposit bonuses. 

 9. What is the difference between a welcome bonus and a welcome pack?

A welcome bonus is valid only for the first deposit, while a "welcome package" will give bonuses on your first 3 or 4 deposits.

 10. A bonus code is needed to use the Welcome Bonus?

Sometimes, if you do, we give you the code! Just look at our bonus code pages or the casino review where you want to play.

11. What games can I play with a Welcome Bonus?

It’s a good question. Video slots are the preferred option of many customers. They will give you the full value of your wager as a contribution. In other words, if you wager $25 in a game of Gonzo’s Quest, $25 will be counted towards your playthrough requirement in the end.

Is the opposite possible? Can casinos not include the full amount as a bonus contribution. Yes! If you happen to play on a table game or video poker, you may see that the wagering contributions are either 0% or 10%. Casinos know that you have a better chance of winning there as you can employ a strategy and they have leveled the field by offering you the extra cash only as long as you agree to take them on their home turf.

With sufficient spins though and a good strategy, you may yet become a victor on any casino, especially in the ones we recommend.

12. What to consider when accepting a Welcome Bonus

Picking a bonus is always a great thing. However, some thought must go into whether it’s always the optimal version. If you intend to play games that rely on chance more so than on a strategy, we would say that every extra penny you get helps. The same will apply for other casino games as well.

Even though you can technically defeat the casino in a roulette game or video poker where the payout rates are as high as 98%-99%, it may be useful to have the bankroll going. The only drawback is that you will feel pressed for time and in a constant need to catch up to your playthrough requirements.

However, choose to bet a smaller amount at the beginning of your gaming session, and you will have a much simpler playthrough requirement on your hands.

13. Is a Sign-Up bonus a Welcome Bonus?

Sometimes, a "Welcome Bonus" is called a "Sign-Up Bonus", but in most cases, a registration offer is something that is obtained in the registry, often without any deposit being required.

14. What are the alternatives to Welcome Bonuses?

The welcome bonus is the staple of every casino out there. Recognizable and easy to obtain, this is an option that few gamers would afford to pass up on. The signup offer ultimately allows you to build the bankroll you would need to play with the high rollers. It’s a great way to get yourself settled at a casino and an option well worth exploring.

The Welcome bonus is great but now we want to draw your attention to other top-rated casino bonuses and help you familiarize yourself with the entire thicket of exquisite bargains that promise to help you add to your funds quite undisturbed.


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