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Online Caribbean Stud Poker - Just you, the dealer, and lots of real money chips up for grabs at the table.

Play Online Caribbean Stud Poker For Real Money


Caribbean Stud Poker is a type of poker game where you are playing one-on-one with the dealer. Most of the time this particular type of poker game is tied to a progressive jackpot which makes it even more appealing. In places like Europe this is called something different, typically called Five Card Stud, rather than Caribbean Stud.  Of course there are different variations to this particular game but in the end the goal is the same: you want to beat the dealer by ensuring that your hand is better than their hand. Naturally, if you play your cards right, you can make great bets and come out on top, potentially the winner of a progressive jackpot. 

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History of Caribbean Stud Poker

The origins of this version of poker can be traced back to the 16th century in the Spain and a three card game Primera which then spread around Europe, particularly to France, Germany and the British Isles, taking names like Primero, Brag, Pochen, and Poque  By the 1700s the game had evolved and included betting and bluffing strategies.  Around this same time it was introduced by French sailers to the southern United States. In the early 1930s it became popular in the Caribbean, where it found its way to cruise ships touring the islands. Early Vegas casinos began to feature it as well, and it arrived at its current form as a poker variant in the 1980s. The formal rules were derived from a mixture of the original Primera and Five Card Stud Poker and were created and standardized by an American professional poker player, David Slansky . Slansky was plying his trade in the Caribbean island of Aruba at this time, thus giving the game its name.  This story is much debated and disputed in the folklore of the poker world, but what really matters is that today this is a wonderful game that you can play to pass the time and even earn a good deal of money.  In some UK casinos, the game is referred to as "Casino Stud Poker".

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker OnlineLearning how to play Caribbean Stud Poker is very simple. It is fast and direct so you need worry if you are a newcomer. As mentioned the point of the game is simply to get a better hand than the dealer, which is most of the time the case with poker games. You can put down a separate bet, if you want to, for the associated progressive jackpot, but you don’t have to. You can simply start off by putting one dollar aside for the jackpot and that will make sure that if you do win the jackpot you qualify to take home the winnings. Once you have placed your bet you’ll receive five virtual cards all of which will be face down. The dealer will get five cards in order that will be face down, one of them face up. You look at your cards and you see that one out of five that the dealer has and from there you get to choose whether you want to fold or quit the game, raise or increase your bet, and then we go from there. If the dealer does not have either an Ace or a king, they do not “qualify” and in this case you win regardless of whatever cards you have. Not only that but you win twice your initial bet. If the dealer, on the other hand, does qualify your payout only happens if you have better cards than the dealer. Obviously the stronger your hand the more you win with this and if you both tie, then the game starts over and nobody wins. If the dealer beats you, you walk away with nothing.


Your payout will typically correspond to whatever amount you bet at the beginning. If you qualify and you get a royal flush your payout is 100 to 1. If you qualify and your hands present with a straight flush your payout is 50 to 1. If you qualify with four of a kind your payout is 22 one. If you qualify with a full house your payout becomes 7 to one, your payout reaches 5 to 1 for a flush, and so on and so forth. In order for you to win the progressive jackpot, assuming you placed a side bet for it, you have to get a royal flush. Read about Caribbean Stud Poker tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning even further! 

Finding Caribbean Stud Poker casinos

When you are looking for Caribbean Stud Poker casinos be aware of the fact that the house edge online is typically 5.22%. If you are placing great bets and using wonderful strategies you can bring the house edge down to a total of 2.56%. You want to find websites that let you play free games before you have to commit any real money so you can practice different strategies so that you are able to bring that house edge down as much as possible when you start betting real money.

Caribbean Stud Poker - Win real money when you this fun online game with confidence and an optimal startegy!

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