With Craps, you need to understand the numbers and toss the dice for results that meet your bets. Roll and see if your wager is a winner!

How to Play Online Craps

Stroll about a casino, and you will see the more excited parties gathered around the Craps table. With 40 possible bets that translate into tidy sums of heavy winnings, the game offers a fast paced-action like no other! Thrilled to learn how to play Craps as beginners yourselves? You have come to the right place where each bounce of the dice has a deeper meaning.

Beginner's Guide on How to Play Craps

Roll the dice to win crapsIt all seems so thrilling that you will soon be asking – how do I enjoy the pits and get a piece of the action. Well, for starters, let’s clarify that you can play from the comfort of your very own home, because the online version of the game has become quite popular! Craps is played is played with two six-sided dice.

There are roles in the game, too! The player to throw the dice will be known as the shooter and when you choose to play at a Live Casino, you will immediately notice that every player at a table will be offered an opportunity to roll and become a shooter themselves! But what does a round of Craps consist of exactly? Well, it’s easy to explain:

  • The shooter picks two dice and rolls them.
  • Then, the shooter will need to fulfil the Pass Line Bet, picking from the Pass or Don’t Pass line. If this is a little confusing at this moment, don’t worry – we will explain this in a moment.
  • The round begins by bounce the dice off the wall opposite the shooter. The commencing roll is also called as a “come-out roll”. 

Looking at the Specific Rules – The Come-Out Roll

Now, in order for a Pass Bet to win, you will need to get either 7 or 11! Any one who has bet on Don’t Pass will lose as a result. If, during the come-out roll, the shooter gets 2,3 or 12 (“Craps!”), the Don’t Pass Line wins.

However, if the come-out roll is 4,5,6, 8, 9 or 10, then this is counted towards player points. Now, to get the game to a conclusion beyond the points stage, you will need to roll a point number of 7. If the number is rolled, then Pass line bettors end up the winners. Okay, this is already confusing. So, let’s just have a look at the types of bets that there are in Craps. How to play Craps and win, really?

Types of Craps Bets – The Breakdown

pass line bet in CrapsIn a word, there are multiple types of bets that you can carry out. We will describe these in detail right now so that you may have a firmer grasp of your gaming in the future. Let’s have a look at these together!

Pass Line – Pass Line simply means that the come-out roll will get you 7 or 11, which will automatically double your money. However, if the shooter gets 4,5,6, 8, 9 o 11 for that matter, then points are granted. Once a point number is established, you want to roll it again before they roll a 7 and conclude the game, because you will effectively double your money. However, if you get to play against 2,3 or 12 that’s already craps, and you don’t get to roll any more, because your bet is lost.

Don’t Pass Line are quite the opposite. You are betting that the shooter will get 2,3 or 12 at the very beginning, which means that you are hoping for the shooter to ‘win’ quicker. If the shooter establishes a number and doesn’t get Craps at the come-out roll, then you are hoping for them to get a 7 before hitting the established number again.

Come Bets – A come bet is like a Pass Line and it’s made after a shooter rolls – or it can be at least. If the shooter hits 7 or 11 after a Come Bet, you win. However, if there is Craps instead, the Come Bet loses.

Don’t Come Bets – Don’t Come Bets are also placed after a shooter has rolled. If a shooter gets 2 or 3 following a point establishing bet, then the Don’t Come bet wins. A 12 will usually result in a tie.  If a point number is established, you will need the shooter to get 7 before they hit their desired point number.

Look in any How to Play Craps for Beginners pdf document, and you will end up also talking about odd bets, which are basically bets made on your original one. Of course, each game of craps comes with its own unique set of rules and conditions. But don’t worry – complicated as it may seem, there is always a way.

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How to Play Craps with YouTube’s Help

Believe it or not, YouTube can be a great teacher. You will stand to benefit from the many video tutorials and tactics discussed live on the channels there. It makes for a great teacher indeed and you couldn’t possible regret a thing. There are many great materials entitled “how to play craps strategies”, which help you understand the game in its own neat sophistication!

And if you choose to write “how to play craps street”, you will immediately be all the more knowledgeable, pinning down a great version of the game altogether! We advise you to not spare any effort in trying to master the game in full, as it offers great opportunities to do this!

Master the Numbers and Outcomes for Your Ultimate Benefit!

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