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With Craps, you need to understand the numbers and toss the dice for results that meet your bets. Roll and see if your wager is a winner!

Craps Tournaments


Craps Tournaments If you have been reading GamblersBet game reviews, you will know a great deal about Craps, the available strategies and the great options of the game itself. There is a lot more to learn, and, you know what – participating in Craps tournaments could be just the opportunity for you! We review the available tournaments and provide you with a concise and accurate overview.

Craps Tournaments Intro

There are many ways to experience Craps. We have reviewed them all. You can play online craps for real money or try the fun modes until such a time that you feel absolutely comfortable with your level of understanding of the game. Beyond that, there is truly no stopping you. We advise to try the mock-up games for as long as it takes to get every last rule internalized. Studying the different stratagems will also help you.

And once you have internalized this knowledge, it’s time for you to join tournaments. Now, you may be wondering how to sign up for one! You have two choices, actually: visiting a physical casino venue or playing online.  We recommend sticking with online play as it’s by far more flexible and offers you different table limits and conditions. Organizing a trip down to Las Vegas, especially if you are not living in the same state, may be quite challenging, so why not just play from the comfort of your living room, for example.

Whatever you pick, there are some basic things that you need to cover to make sure that you will be actually successful when it comes to playing Craps online or offline at a tournament. First, familiarize well with the craps tournament rules and make sure that everything stays focused.  Don’t try to find shortcuts, because casinos take dim view of the practice. Focus on elaborating strategies that may actually work in your favor. If you choose to use "Iron Cross" (which we have described in another part of the website), you will notice that there may be quite a few gamers that apply the same strategy. Of course, your goal here is to basically end up ahead of the competition. So how can you do that?

Beating the Odds and the Competition

You will certainly want to know - how to win in craps tournament? There is one very simple point you need to acknowledge – you might not defeat the house. All you have to do, though, is outpace your fellow players. Clearly, you cannot control of interfere with the game of your fellow gamers, and you wouldn’t need to. Just focus on making better bets than they do!  The house edge varies between 0% and 1.56% on specific occasions – make sure to make full use of this knowledge. Of course, we have covered this in greater detail when in a separate article which you can readily check!

Golden Arm Craps Tournament – The Event of the Year

This annual pow-wow in Vegas is truly amazing way to earn big money at Craps! The prize pool is not necessarily staggering, but it will always help you earn something extra and face some of the most feared players which you may have otherwise met online or offline. It all depends, of course, and often some little-known players come to make a big splash at such events. The prize pools of course vary, and you will notice that this year’s money for grabs were $25,000, which is not a bad sum all things considered, and if you can guarantee yourself the top spot, you will be ahead of the race by quite a fair bit.

How to Enter a Craps Tournament

Play Winning CrapsOnce you have familiarized yourself with the rules, you will have to make sure that you have downloaded the appropriate software the casino has requested you to. For the most part, you will definitely benefit from playing online tournaments, as you can download yourself a cheat sheet and compare the statistically relevant data with your own understanding of the game.  It always helps to find out if your device can support the Craps software that you are required to download, too! However, you will see that in most cases, casinos will definitely let you have a go at it with instant play mode!

The Different Kinds of Tournaments

There are many tournaments you can join. Again, you will notice that Craps tournaments are fewer in-between, but overall – they are an excellent fit for you to enjoy if you love the game. Apart from the big annual events that we have mentioned, you will almost certainly find yourself playing weekend or quarterly specials! Make sure to allocate sufficient time, though, because some of these competitions can be quite time-consuming depending on how many people actually end up joining one. Thankfully, most of these competitions are elimination format, meaning that as soon as someone fails to outdo the opponents at a table, he falls out of the race.  Basically, the elimination format allows players to be tossed out of the race until there is just one contender standing.  You can also check the live video Craps tournaments!

Craps is Awesome, So Play Today!

Craps is a truly awesome game, which means that you can compete and enjoy both the game, but also outwitting other contesters. Bonuses are not available for Craps tournaments, but the entry-level is so low that you can afford to play with just a few bucks. All in all, tournaments are just another way to add to your bankroll playing a beloved iGaming title! New to Craps?  Sign up to one of the recommended GamblersBet casinos where you can join low cost or free entry Craps games to master your strategies to a level where you can take on all-comers at a tournament!

Get Your Game On with Top Craps Tournaments!


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Craps Tournaments
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