Bohemian Tailor and Brandeln Card Games

Translated from German by Steve ThorsTen (2019)

Bohemian Tailor

Bohemian Tailor is a fun card game for two originating in the Czech Republic. Unlike online poker games using 52 cards The Bohemian Tailor game features 32 playing cards.

The ranking of cards goes as follow: Ace-King-Queen-Ten-Nine-Eight-Seven. There is no special suit ranking in Bohemian Tailor. A card can only be taken by a following card from the same suit. For example, an seven of spades can only be taken by an eight of spades.

Purpose of the Game

The purpose of the game is to add as many picture cards or court cards to your own deck. There is a total of 20 such cards, including: four aces, four kings, four queens, four jacks, and four tens.

To begin the game, you must deal six cards to both players. The rest of the cards form the deck which is placed face down on the table. The dealer changes after each game. Before you begin the actual game, the players must agree on the number of rounds. Another matter of discussion is the size of the bet, as Bohemian Tailor is usually played for real money.

The game begins with a player placing a card on the table. Upon completing his round, the player draws a card. The existing card or cards can only be taken by a same-suit card that is one point higher than the existing one. It's smart to keep in mind which cards have been played, because you can then place cards whose next bigger have already been played through.

The game concludes with the winner who manages to collect 11 picture cards. He is awarded 1 point. If the player has 16 picture cards, then the prize is 2 points and the prize is tripled to 3 points if the winner has 20 court cards.


Brandeln is a one of the oldest card games that can be played quickly in between breaks. The game is played with 28 cards and their ranking order is Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten-Nine-Seven. There is a "trump suit," where the cards rank Jack-Seven-Ace-King-Queen-Ten-Nine.  There is no specific ranking of the suit's colors.  Each player gets seven cards over a total of three dealings – two, then three, then two cards again.

  • 3-trick Brandel - 3 points
  • 4-trick Brandel - 4 points
  • 5-trick Brandel - 5 points
  • 6-trick Brandel - 6 points
  • Bettel - 7 points
  • Mord - 8 points

The game starts with a player who announces a bid. The opponent then needs to outbid the sum by offering at least one number higher. The announcer also determines the color of the trump cards. If you cannot use a trump card, you must discard any card. If an announcer has reached their tricks, then the game is ended. Any differences in the value of trump cards must be set between players at the end of the round. A possible way to do this is assign a 10 pfennings per point.

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