No Thanks! Card Game

Translated from German by Steve ThorsTen (2019)

No Thanks! is a simple game that is played with both cards and chips. Having mastered the concept of simplicity, here's a game that has it all!

Gameplay and Rules

No Thanks! starts with a deck of cards where the value of each card can be between 3 and 35. At the beginning, 9 cards are taken out of play and the remaining cards are put in the middle. Each player is awarded 11 chips.

When the game begins, a card is placed face down. Then, the player decided whether they want to keep it or take it. If they don't want to take it, then they put a chip next to the card as compensation. The value of the collected cards is "negative points" and the value of the chips is "positive points".

Players can avoid counting all negative points by creating chains of cards with consecutive value. In this case, only the value of the lowest card in the chain is counted as "negative points". Forming rows is great, but with 9 cards missing out of the game, one can never know if the cards you need will even be in the deck.


The game is cheap, easy to play, and takes very little to understand. Understandably, the game does depend on luck somewhat, but the shortness of the actual gameplay makes it a very interesting choice of entertainment. Because of the luck factor, you may often end up without completing a row of cards, but most players know how to adapt and the fast-gameplay is really fun and enjoyable overall.

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