Persian Tarot: All You Need to Know

Translated from French by Steve ThorsTen (2019)

Whether you are a novice in Tarot or are a bit of card fanatic yourself, you have heard the name of Madam Indira being invoked – one of the great clairvoyants hailing from India. She is responsible for the creation of the Persian Tarot today, and the most surprising fact is that Madam Indira created her tarot when she was only 10 years old. One can almost say that people are born with the gift of exceptional foresight rather than acquire it themselves!

Thanks to her gifts, she has been able to integrate the world of the esoteric into a card game. And Madam Indira had a rather difficult childhood herself. She never knew who her parents were and she was raised as an orphan in Algeria where she received a strict catholic upbringing and education.

At the age, her abilities as a clairvoyant began to show and her friends noticed. She said things and predicted events that subsequently happened. She then started distributing her first card game. She was inspired by the 1001 Fairy Tales created and created Persian Tarot in 1980. Her colourful cards were rich and symbolic.

Married, Indira undertook many voyages with her husband, which allowed her to popularise her gift across the world and to gain popularity across politicians in the highest echelons of power. Her reputation spread across the entire world little by little. Madame Indira is still known for her talents, and especially in Europe, in Africa, and the West Indies.

The Cards of Persian Tarot

Madam Indira’s Persian Tarot consists of 55 cards which are subdivided into four groups: there are animal cards, symbol cards, minor cards, and finally, there are the so-called supplementary cards.

The game includes 19 major mystical cards which consist of 5 animal cards and 14 symbol cards. The five animal cards are:

  • The Tiger
  • The Panther
  • The Fawn
  • The Swallow
  • The Wheel of Fish

The 14 symbol cards are as follows:

  • The Torch
  • The House
  • The Meeting
  • The Marriage
  • The Fecundity
  • The Rupture
  • The Hand of Fatma
  • The Coffin
  • The Sun

The 16 intermediary cards with their characters are:

  • The Kings: The King of Hearts: The King of Clubs, The King of Diamonds, The King of Spades
  • The Queens: The Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Clubs, The Queen of Diamonds, The Queen of Spades
  • The Jacks: The Jack of Hearts: The Jack of Clubs, The Jack of Diamonds, The Jack of Spades
  • The Aces: The Ace of Hearts: The Ace of Clubs, The Ace of Diamonds, The Ace of Spades

The 16 minor cards are:

  • Hearts: Three of Hearts, Five of Hearts, Six of Hearts, Ten of Hearts
  • Clover: Three of Clubs, Five of Clubs , Six of Clubs, Ten of Clubs
  • Diamonds: Three of Diamonds, Five of Diamonds, Six of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds
  • Spades: Three of Spades, Five of Spades, Six of Spades, Ten of Spades

Last, there are the four supplementary cards:

-The Owl:

The Owls: Three of Owls, Seven of Owls, Nine of Owls

Each of these cards has its own fundamental meaning which will be interpreted when it’s been drawn.

How to Arrange the Cards

Numerous tarot experts evoke the Persian Tarot developed by Madam Indira as the sole reference when practicing the art of clairvoyance. In fact, the rich and symbol cards have been simplified so as to facilitate interpretation. Persian Tarot is one of the best choices to begin studying the art of tarot cards.

If the interpretation is done by a professional tarot expert, who has a good understanding of the significance of each card, the Persian Tarot gives excellent results in terms of predictions and explanation of facts as well as it accurately describes a situation. You can use this practice to obtain information about everything that interests you, such as professional details, love life and so forth.

While drawing, a person can focus on a single question, but you are free to focus on as many other things that you want to be consulted on. The cards will take into consideration your personality and your desires and you can ask them any question.

However, the cards won’t always give you straight or accurate answers. They will only give you messages which you will encounter in your future. They will help you interpret better a situation from your past or your present.

It’s important to remember that your future depends on your actions. Nothing is yet determined. The cards will help you read the future and avoid the challenges that may impact your happiness.

If you have a question to ask, if you have the desire to have a situation in your life explained, or want to know what the future has in store for you, consult the Persian Tarot cards!


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