Play Keno, a fun game played at casinos and also offered at lotteries. Players choose numbers ranging from 1 to 80 and wager.

How to Play Keno: Understand the Basics

How to play keno online

Whether you are relaxing on your couch or you are on the go, Keno’s simple-to-play strategy makes it an exciting casino game to play online. Keno is a game of odds and is quite similar to lottery games where the machine randomly generates numbers and you have to hope they match with yours.

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How to Play Keno

Casino buffs who love playing slots, poker, baccarat, and bingo will surely enjoy playing Keno. It is the latest rage that has swept the casino world off their feet. There’s no need to visit any land-based casino to enjoy this game of chance because you can quickly place your bets through several online casino portals.

Keno is a game of possibilities. The primary objective of the game is to match as many numbers as possible out of the 20 numbers that will be drawn from a Keno machine. According to the game statistics, the odds of getting a single number matched with the drawn 20 numbers is impossible. Similarly, you would be extremely lucky to get all your 20 numbers matched.

In order to win real money playing Keno online, the players place the bets prior to choosing their numbers. However, in the online version, the online casino mechanically offer the player an initial fund and it’s up to the player to increase the amount by playing and winning the game.

But, before you get energized to play free Keno online, you must get yourself acquainted with the simple rules of the game. Keno is very easy to play and is similar to playing bingo and the lottery, so let’s get started.

Keno Terminology

Let’s learn a few technical terms of the game:

The betting card on which the numbers are laid out is known as the ticket which is handed to every player participating in this game.

Each number on the ticket you choose is known as a spot.

A single turn of Keno game is known as a race, in which each player has to choose their personal spots on the ticket handed over to them.

If the resulting number is the same as your spot, then it is known as ‘catching a spot’.

Talking about prizes, it fairly depends on the spots you have chosen and how many spots you catch in a race.  

Talking about bets, you can choose anything between 1 and 10 numbers on the ticket.

For each spot you choose, you have to give a minimum wager as a whole. And based on the number of races you want to play, the wager is multiplied. For example, if you place a wager of $5 and you want to play a total number of 10 races, then you must place the total bet of $50.

There are certain ways to place the bets and play the game to gain the maximum fortune. Let’s have a look at some strategies.

The Simple Rules to Play Keno

Online keno gamesYou can play Keno for free online as it is a fun, simple and enjoyable game. Many players around the world love to play Keno since it’s a no-brainer yet an engaging casino game. If you have just heard the word ‘Keno’ and wondering how to play the game, don’t worry.

It’s a breeze to learn the rules of Keno, and as simple as they are to learn, simpler are they to use and win the game. Listed below are some basic pointers on how to play online Keno and win huge money.

  • Choose a Reputable Online Casino: In order to start enjoying playing Keno, you must find a reliable online casino with good background and reviews. It’s not a daunting task to find an online casino to play Keno. You can make a quick search and look for the one that boasts of positive reviews. In addition, you can always talk to your peers for good recommendations.

Also, look for the Keno versions that are being played at the online casinos and then choose the right casino to register your details. Keep in mind that reliable casinos often give attractive welcome bonuses to their new members. So, definitely, it is a big plus for the players.

  • Pick up Numbers from Keno’s Grid: After you have chosen the Keno version you want to play on an online casino, you will be asked to select the numbers with the help of your mouse. The Keno grid comprises of, approximately, 80 different types of numbers and the players have the freedom to choose either a few numbers or as many as they want. Your chosen numbers will be highlighted in blue on the Keno board.

In general, there will be certain guidelines on the minimum and the maximum numbers the players can select from the Keno grid. Typically, the most popular online casinos have set the lowest limit at 1 and the highest limit at 20. Just be aware of the online casino and the variant you are playing before selecting the numbers.

  • Decide the Amount of Your Bet: After you have made your decision and picked the numbers, you will be prompted to choose the amount you want to bet on those numbers. Here too, it is important that you check the amount of bet you can make because the amount differs from casino to casino. Typically, most online casinos have set the minimum bet as $5 and the maximum bet as $10.

One of the significant things you should keep in mind is that after you have chosen your numbers and submitted the amount of bet you want to place, you won’t be able to change your decision. Thus, you should be careful in making a choice.

  • Click the Play Button: Once everything is set, you will need to push the ‘play’ button. The Keno machine will randomly select any 20 balls with winning numbers. If the balls have the same number as what you have chosen, it is called a ‘Hit.’ Your hits will be seen in red color on the Keno board. The amount you will win in Keno will depend on how many numbers you have matched and the amount of bet you have placed.

Just like many other lottery games, Keno is an effortless game that requires just a few strategies to play. There are numerous players who analyze the pattern and check several facts to come up with the best numbers to play in Keno; however, in the end, the Keno winner is usually the one who has a lot of luck on their side.

Unwind Yourself with Keno!

Are you worn-out after a hectic and tiring day at work? If yes, take a chill pill and rejuvenate yourself by playing a wonderful game of Keno on your personal computer or smartphone. Unlike many casino games, Keno doesn’t require you to over-think whilst it leaves you feeling relaxed and contented.

Play Keno now and take a load off!


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