Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a variation of the ancient Chinese game of dominoes, Pai Gow, that is now played with cards.

The Rules of Pai Gow Poker

Extremely simple to play, easy to master, and a game of skills, Pai Gow Poker is a favorite of casino enthusiasts who love racking their brains to win huge money. The effective tip to excel in the game is to memorize the hierarchy of hand values.

How to Play Pai Gow Poker: Enjoy the Game of Skills

Also referred to as Double-hand poker, Pai Gow Poker is the latest adaptation of the Chinese Pai Gow domino game which is played with cards with poker hand values. It is a card game and played with the standard 52 cards along with a joker. The joker plays an important part in this variation and players can use it to complete a straight flush or a flush, else as an Ace.

You can play Pai Gow Poker online. This game is played with players along with a dealer. The primary objective of the game is to make two poker hands, one five-card hand and a two-card hand, from the total of seven cards that will be dealt to you. It is also significant to keep in mind that the value of the five-card hand should be more than the two-card hand.

The Basics of Pai Gow Poker

pai gow poker jokerIf you have just started with Pai Gow Poker, you should be familiar with the basics of this card game. So, let’s get started with the ultimate guide on playing Pai Gow Poker online.

  • Place the Bet: You will be prompted to place the bet before playing each hand of Pai Gow Poker. The size of bet can be big or small but should be within the range of amount set by the casino. For more information, you must check the table payout that includes information for the same. After you have placed your bet, you and the dealer will be dealt seven cards.
  • Create Two Hands: After you have gotten your seven cards, you have to create two hands- one with five cards and the other with only two cards. The five-card is usually referred to as a big, high, behind or bottom hand while the two-card hand is known as the front, low, top, small or minor hand.

The imperative rule of Pai Gow Poker is that the value of a five-card hand should by more than the value of a two-card hand. Thus, you cannot include higher-ranking cards such as Aces in your two-card hand if the five-card hand contains smaller cards such as K, Q, and J. Keep in mind that if your small hand has the higher-ranking cards, it is called ‘Foul,’ and you lose the game automatically.

After you have created your two hands, the dealer will do the same.

  • Compare Your Hands: Once both parties are done with the formation of the two different sets of cards, there will be a comparison between the five-hand cards and the two-hand cards of the player and the dealer.
  • Determining the Winner: In general, the five-card hand of poker follows the standard poker hand rules. However, the two-hand cards are just pairs and high cards. If fortunately, you win both hands, then, you have won.

Similarly, if you lose both the hands, you have lost. However, if you win one hand and lose the other one, the round will be declared as a push or draw and you will get your bet amount back.  In the case of a tie with the dealer, you will still lose and the dealer will win. This is a way for the online casinos to have an advantage in online games.

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The Role of Joker

There is a major role for the Joker in Pai Gow Poker. Contrary to many other games, they are not treated as ‘Wild’ in all cases. You can use them as wilds when you want to complete your straight draw or flush; however, in all other cases, they are treated as an Ace.

The Pai Gow Basic Strategy

Keep in mind that your objective is to win your both hands in Pai Gow Poker, so you cannot underestimate the value of your two-card hand just to make your five-card hand strongest. Basically, it means you will want to create your both hands in a way that they stand the chance to win when compared with the online games.

Enhance Your Gaming Skills: Play Real Money Pai Gow Poker

pai gow poker cardsMany gamers wish to win real money by playing Pai Gow Poker. If you are one of those, you just need to find the reputed online casino that offers a Pai Gow Poker game. Most of the online casinos allow both free and real play mode so that players can get familiarized with the gaming platform while playing for free.

Once you have gained experience and have understood the basics of the Pai Gow Poker, you can begin playing and winning real money after making a small initial deposit. In addition, if you are interested in playing Pai Gow Poker online, you can easily do so by registering on a good casino website.

Enjoy Pai Gow Poker: The Game of Brains

Pai Gow Poker is an exciting game, which is not only a game of chance but that which pushes you to think and create a strategy to help win the game. If you love games that involve strategy and effective thinking, then you should definitely play this popular version of poker.

Are you looking for an enthralling casino game where you will use your skills? If yes, Pai Gow Poker is a perfect choice for you. It does get you thinking while making the gameplay thrilling.


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