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Pai Gow Poker is a variation of the ancient Chinese game of dominoes, Pai Gow, that is now played with cards.

Try Your Hand at Pai Gow Poker


Try Pai Gow Poker OnlinePai Gow Poker in traditional casinos is played the same way it is in an online environment. In spite of the foreign sounding name, the game is not nearly as intimidating as you might think. When you try your hand at a virtual table, you can win great money.

Play Double-hand Poker

When you play Pai Gow you are able to bet as little as $5 per hand which is much better than real casinos where you would be forced to bet around $25 per hand. Regular Poker games use the deck of 52 cards to play, leaving the Joker behind. With Pai Gow, you get to play with all 53 cards, including the one joker. In some situations this joker is a wild card and he can be an Ace for your hand, or he can complete a flush, straight, straight flush, or royal flush if you need it. Playing this game online means you never have to wait for a spot at a table to clear up. Instead you can play as soon as you want to. What’s more, you can play free games at first to get the hang of things if you are new to the game. When you are playing online, you start by placing your deal. At that point, you get your virtual cards, 7 of them. You use these to create two separate hands. The first one contains five cards and the second one contains two cards. The 5 card hand needs to be better than your 2 card hand. The 5 card hand is ranked the same way a regular 5 card hand would be ranked with a traditional poker game. After you have divided the cards, the dealer’s cards are shown to you, and the two compared.

Understanding Double-Hand Poker casinos

Now, with Pai Gow, you need to understand how the Double-Hand Poker casinos rank their cards. During this game, you need to place the biggest ranked pair into your bigger hand. You always want the highest ranked card to be inside of your bigger hand. After that, the two next highest ranking cards can comprise your 2 card hand.

The ranking system is similar to stud games with the difference being that you are able to hit with give of a kind. This is actually the best rated hand in this game. However, you might prefer to split up your cards so that you get a smaller hand that is also good. For example, if you receive 5 aces, you can split them until you have a pair of kings and then you can move those into your 2 card hand. If you, instead, get 4 of a kind, you can keep the lower ones together and split anything between 7 and 10.

Many people actually prefer to place their bets and gamble with Pai Gow in private. A lot of people prefer to do it at a time and place that they choose. For many, being able to wear whatever they want to be at work close or pajamas is particularly appealing. Rather than having to get dressed up for a brick and mortar casino which includes during your hair, putting on makeup for women, and finding clothes to suit the different dress codes, players are able to wear whatever they want without having to worry about anyone seeing them. Players get to play right from the comfort of their sofa or even their bed.

Save money with Pai Gow Poker Casinos

People who don’t necessarily live close by so brick-and-mortar establishment have to spend money getting there. This includes the cost of transportation, parking, fuel, the risk of damage to your vehicle if you drive. You might even have to pay for valet parking simply isn’t parking nearby. And then you have to bring all your winnings in your pocket out your car. When you play at a top online casino you don’t have any of this hassle.

The game traces its history back to China where it was popular among citizens and soldiers alike, only there were two versions of the game at this time. The players received seven tiles and arranged them to make the best pattern possible.

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