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In Progressive Slots the winning jackpot rises as players make bets on a slot game hosted on many casinos. A tiny percentage of each bet feeds the pot.

Play Online Progressive Slots for Real Money


Have you ever thought about winning big the next time you casually play your favorite slot game online? Have you ever pondered what it would be like to just spin the reel and suddenly be surrounded by flashing lights and clanging bells? Well, if so, you are not alone, and you might want to try your luck with progressive slots.

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Understanding Real Money Jackpot Slots

play progressive slots for real moneyProgressive jackpot slots are slots games that are built around a large jackpot. That jackpot increases regularly as more people start playing the same game. Progressive jackpots can be played in single, stand alone machines or in a network. If they are played in a stand alone machine, then only the people who use that machine pay into the slot. If it is part of a network, then the games are connected and everyone who plays on any of the connected slot machines contributes to a giant jackpot. In either case, the more people who play at a given machine, network, or group of machines are able to win a jackpot that regularly increases the longer people play on the machine.

For most slot games, the jackpot amount is set, but with progressive slot jackpots, the amount increases in regular increments until won. The more often players play, the more money is put into the jackpot. A portion of every coin, every dollar, is sent to the prize pool. If you are enjoying an online casino progressive slot, then it stands to reason that you have the opportunity to make much more than in a brick and mortar establishment - more people are able to play a virtual game at the same time whereas a traditional casino can only support a single player on a single machine at once.

Online Progressive Slots - All Shapes and Sizes

Progressive slots for real money are many and varied. You can find all types and shapes. Make no mistake. It could be a 3D slot or a classic 5-reel slot. With new games being so different and innovative, you will have to get accustomed to the host of options made readily available to you.  You can get free spins and wild symbols. While you play for fun at the progressive slots, you can just as easily bag yourself a million cash prize, which will have life-changing effects!

Play Real Money Online Progressive Slots Like A Pro!

So, how do we play the jackpot games and make sure that we are doing our absolute best to win them?  Luck is, of course, a key factor, but you can plan ahead and thus make sure that you are staying on top of your game:

  • Make sure to set up a bankroll before you play – if you reach a limit, you should stop. Live to play another day and don’t let the prospect of solid winnings unhinge you from reality.
  • Always play with maximum coins – Jackpots are tricky. They demand that you play with the full possible amount of every single bet. Jackpot levels are only accessible if you stake the full amount of the bet.
  • Check the payouts before anything – Always pick yourself the payouts that offer the highest Return to Player rates. Remember, an RTP is just an important gauge, but it has its specifics. If you play 100 times, the RTP may not necessarily come true. You need to play more to make sure that the final profits coincide. Still, statistics can be beaten if you manage to bag a few quick wins.
  • Don’t waste good profit for nothing – If you have amassed a good percentage on your starter’s capital (anything between 10% and 25% or more is great), you may want to consider if it’s really worth continuing. You have just won a solid sum. Why lose it? Consider cashing it out.

Benefits of Playing Progressive Slots

Naturally playing progressive slots might be more enticing to many because it is a chance to win statistically more money than you would be able to get on any other game. You can maximize your bets each time and reach high profits. Betting with progressive slots means that you can get a much bigger payout if you end up winning. The amount you might win is actually bigger than what most casinos can ever offer for any game. And again, playing in an online capacity brings with it the opportunity to make significantly more money than in traditional casinos because of the sheer volume of players who are participating in any given game or network.

There is no strategy you can use to guarantee a win online or offline with progressive slots, and the odds of winning are about the same as your odds of winning a state-run lottery. However, no matter how big or small, your odds of winning remain the same. So, if a jackpot goes from one million dollars to five million dollars, your chances of winning that jackpot remain the same. More to the point, with online casinos being as prominent as they are, these games have become even more popular in online environments, which mean the growth potential for jackpots is even higher. Today, if you choose to play online, rest assured that the rules will be roughly the same as those rules by which you must abide when you are in a land-based casino, so at least all things there will remain the same.

Best Online Jackpot Slots to Play

We could name quite a few great titles that you will want to experience! Let’s focus on the MEGA titles, first. You have your Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah. Both games have payed out staggering amounts throughout the years! Mega Fortune paid out a staggering $20 million in a single win, and that’s quite something!

Today, you will notice that progressive jackpots have got their own distinct windows on a casino’s website. This is because there have been so many new games that it would be hard to keep track of all of them. Besides, customers are also quite enthusiastic about having a richer selection of games on their hands.

Other games we have found quite worth our while are Where’s the Gold, and Penguin Pays. All of these titles are fun ways to spend your time hunting for the big money. And to be perfectly honest – it’s quite feasible to land a jackpot, although it may take you a fair, fair while.

Picking the Fair Operators and Best RTPs

If you want to truly make sure that you are in the best possible situation to turn a profit, remember to always choose trusted operators. You can start by going through Gamblers Bet’s own top picks. We make absolutely sure to only introduce you to licensed & vetted casinos. It’s worth stopping by what we have to offer, because you will always be able to find the RTPs of a specific casino or progressive slots, and this is useful to know when you are trying to win a big jackpot.

A Final Thought on the Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are simply thrilling. You stand a chance to net a life-changing profit that could make you a very happy punter! Let yourself go and explore some of the most rewarding and popular progressive games!

Play your favorite online progressive slots for a chance to win mountains of real money!

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