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In Progressive Slots the winning jackpot rises as players make bets on a slot game hosted on many casinos. A tiny percentage of each bet feeds the pot.

Progressive Slots Tips - How to Get One Up on the Competition


Progressive jackpots are some of the most sought-after titles on the iGaming market. They promise handsome amounts of money paid back to the winners, and often, the sums can reach several millions. With this in mind, gamers have been trying to better their odds of hitting the jackpot. With these tips, you can learn how to do that.

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What are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Knowing some great tips will give you a better chance of winning at a progressive jackpot game. We have prepared a number of progressive jackpot tips that will boost the odds in your favour as much as it is possible.

Progressive jackpot games are traditional slots with the exception that they have a level known as the Bonus, which will enter you into a competition for a big jackpot. The jackpot amount is determined based on how many players are connected to the network. Every bet that doesn’t win is added to the overall pool, which swells the final numbers for everyone participating.

Unlike stand-alone jackpot slots, progressive slots generate the jackpot amount by taking the loser bets of everyone who plays at a particular game across multiple casinos. The bonus level itself may be accessed after a maximum bet has been staked. After that, you will need to play for the jackpot amount as well.

Progressive Jackpot Tips and Strategy

Developing a working strategy for progressive jackpot will require careful consideration. First, let’s accept that hitting the jackpot is a matter of chance. With this in mind, we can prepare and set ourselves realistic expectations. If you are a budget player, you will have to reconsider playing the jackpot titles until such a time that your bankroll has increased significantly, as you will need to wager the maximum amount possible in order to access the bonus level.

In order to enter the bonus level, there are a few tricks that you can use:

  • First, remember to max out your bets. Every single stake should be capped at the maximum amount possible.
  • Secondly, make sure that the title you are playing is, in fact, worth your while. This means to study the average pay-out cycle. Going back, you will notice that there is an average metric when a bonus is usually won. Of course, this is again a random event, but spotting a trend could help you pick a statistically more appropriate time to be wagering.
  • Make sure to allocate sufficient funds, but also do not overkill. Instead, set a limit for yourself and stick with it come what may. 

You should check our Progressive Jackpot Strategy if you play with real money as it promises the statistically optimal way of winning. The ultimate outcome will be determined by no small amount of luck.

However, there is more useful information to be had on our pages, so please do read on.

How to Play & Bonuses

There is in fact nothing simpler than putting down a wager at a progressive slot. Just as with normal slots, you will have to adjust the coin value and pay-line. After this is done, you can select to Spin or better yet – if you feel like it- AutoSpin. The automatic function will help you save some time. Then again, if you prefer to watch your progress up close, we can understand why you would rather stick with normal spins.

Reading the Symbols

Reading the paylines and symbols in a game is useful knowledge. You will notice that certain symbols tend to pay more. You can try to keep your eyes peeled and see how often these symbols participate in a winning combination.

A great way to ‘win’ at jackpots is to focus on the day-to-day spins instead of keeping your eyes fixed on the elusive end-goal. We recommend that you carefully study what features and symbols make the bulk of your progressive slot’s offer.

Remember that Wilds and Scatter Symbols are the most desired ones as they allow you to both earn an immediate profit as well as access the bonus levels.

Playing from All Devices

There is no limit to the devices you can use in order to play a favourite slot game. All slots will be quite readily accessible via iOS or Android phone, tablet, or other devices that support and run the specific Operating System.

The technical differences have been long solved by top developers so that you can expect the majority of games to run on HTML5 today, meaning that iOS users will be happy and content in the thought that they can access great gaming libraries without having to worry.

A Final Thought on Progressive Jackpot Strategy

As outlined in our article, the progressive jackpots are elusive titles. People often blind themselves of what is happening in front of their very eyes, trying to get the jackpot. But the true secret to winning any jackpot is to focus on every spin and make sure that the results add to your bankroll. This way you can extend your stay at the casino and this, in turn, means that you can rely on rather better odds of actually hitting the desired jackpot. Of course, it’s never easy and there are no sure-fire guarantees, but we will focus on continually providing you with useful insight that will make all the difference to your game!

Put these Tips to Use and Go or the Progressive Jackpot Today!

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