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Reducing Losses with the Martingale Roulette Strategy


Martingale Roulette StrategyThe Martingale Roulette System is one of the most popular roulette strategies of all time, but is it really all it is cracked up to be? Take a look at this article and discover the highs and lows of this famous roulette betting system.

What is the Martingale Roulette System?

The system basically allows you to win back your losses by doubling your next bet. The value of this strategy is high as the chances of winning appear to be good. Beginners often believe that by using this strategy, they can’t lose; however, the bitter truth is that they can and do. The fact is when you start to lose bets in a row; you can end up losing a large chunk of your casino bankroll without winning anything big in the long run.

When players earn small wins on a short-term basis, they are under the impression that they are doing quite well. However, when they calculate their earnings as compared to the amount they have bet, they are very likely to have lost a lot of money. 

How the Martingale System Works

The Martingale Roulette system - statsIf you are looking forward using the Martingale betting system, you will need large funds and the skill to carry out some easy arithmetic. This betting system allows you to make bets on even money bets including odd or even, and red or black, low numbers (1-18), and high numbers (19-36). It is worth noting here that zero is not included in any of these betting options.

The key rule here is to double the amount of your bet after every loss. Let’s see how it actually works:

You can begin with the minimum bet, say $1. If you win a stake at any time through this system, you go back to betting the original amount, $1 here, and start over. Conversely, when you lose, you are required to double the amount of your stake on the subsequent spin. For example, if you lose a bet of $1, your subsequent stake will be of $2. If in case, you lose that $2 as well, your subsequent bet will be $4.

The Martingale betting system is planned in a way that it lets you collect lots of small earnings with a reduced possibility of losing a large amount of your deposited bankroll. Because, you are always doubling-up your stake, the amount you will earn after every winning stake is $1, if you win at $1 stage or any other stage after that. When using the Martingale betting system in roulette, it is important to keep the end result in mind.

Risks of using the Martingale System

Certain things that you should always remember when using the Martingale betting systems are:

  • The primary important thing to consider is that Martingale strategy will not let you beat the house edge in roulette. The casino will have an edge when you place a bet using this system and even though you will rarely lose your total funds, losses will occur every now and then, meaning that in the long term you may gradually lose a large amount of money. If you have a fat bankroll, this may not be an issue as you may be able to absorb any losses incurred and be able to play for a long time.
  • Players with big bankrolls can run into difficulties with the system around the highest bet rules at tables. For instance, your casino has set a minimum limit of $5 and a maximum limit of $500. Now you start by making a bet of $5, but you lose, and then following the system, you make a bet of $10. The run continues, so you make bets of $20, $40, $80, $160 and $320. At this point you have reached the betting limit for the table imposed by the casino, so you won’t be able to make more bets, and thus you lose about $650. Therefore, in the end, it does not matter how huge your bankroll is, as your betting amount is restricted by the casino rules.
  • Another thing that you should note is that you will always lose if the ball lands on zero. Remember that Martingale is always applied to even money bets and seldom to a group of single bets, dozens or columns. When placing even money bets, the player loses if the ball lands on zero.

It is very important that you remain vigilant when using the Martingale system. You must be ready to lose money in case the strategy fails to work out. The Martingale betting system is good for gamers who are able to potentially lose large sums of money in order to earn small wins.

In general, this strategy should be used by players who are strong-willed, determined, and with a fat bankroll.

The Benefits of the Martingale System

Even though there are disadvantages of using the Martingale betting system, you can use it to your advantage as long as you understand its limitation and risks. The key thing is, that if you win more than once, you will get a modest profit enough to recuperate all your losses.

On the other hand, there might be times when even after rigorously following the Martingale strategy, you are unable to win anything and end up losing a large amount. Ultimately, at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that you tried something new and hopefully enjoyed the experience of using a popular strategy to win at roulette.


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