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Online Roulette is one of the most popular table games at casinos. It is a game where you start off by choosing the bet that you want to place. You are responsible for determining your betting limit. This limit can range anywhere from a few cents only up to a few dollars. After you’ve set your limit you get to click on the numbers you want to bet and then signal to the dealer, if you are playing online with the click of a button, “no more bets”. Once this happens the wheel will start to spin. You get to watch as the virtual wheel (or physical wheel if you’re playing in person) spins around and comes to a stop. Playing online Roulette means all the fun, but without the chaos of a loud environment. Moreover, when you play in a real casino, you are essentially playing on a computer if you sit at the electronic machine anyway, so why not choose an online casino instead.

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How to play Online Roulette

With traditional American and European games, you get to place bets on whether the ball ends up landing on a red or black colour. You also get to place bets on specific numbers or on specific columns. Making bets on specific columns and winning means you double your money. Making bets on colours or whether something will be odd/even and winning means you can make even more money. You can use special Roulette odds charts if you want to Play roulette online and win improve your strategy which help you to see all of the various bets and what the odds are alongside payouts for certain bets. This is especially helpful if you are playing for real money online because you can have your roulette screen pulled up next to a screen with your charts and bets.

The odds of Winning with Online Roulette

It is good to know your odds of winning when you set yourself up at a Roulette table. The most common bet you make is for the colour, whereby you bet on red or black. You win even money when you place this type of bet. Even money simply means that you get back whatever it was that you bet. So, if you bet twenty dollars on black, and the ball landed on a black square, you would get back twenty dollars, and another twenty dollars. You get to leave with forty dollars. This is a good way to make long-term profits but you would have to bet a very high number in order to reach a benefit worth your time, and you obviously have a fifty/fifty shot thereafter. You can also bet on odd or even, with the same odds of winning and the same payout.

Another way to bet is to place bets on individual numbers. This has worse odds, 35 to 1, however, if you do win, you get back that amount. So, betting ten dollars on 12 and winning would mean you get back your original 10 dollars and another 350. The minimum bet for individual numbers, given the odds, tends to be lower than betting on colour.

Finding Good Casinos

When you start playing Roulette, you need to find good casinos, and this applies to online casinos as much as it does live casinos. If, however, you are going to play live roulette online, you need to consider firstly what device it is you want to use. You might want to play with a smartphone, with a tablet, or with your desktop. You might want to play the high stakes American classic version, or a European variation. You need to consider which one so that you know which sites to select based on which variants they offer.

Beyond this, you need to consider a few other things before logging in. Just picking a website and placing bets is not necessarily the best thing for you. Figure out what casino sites let you play for free before you play for real money if you are unsure of your Roulette skills. This will give you the opportunity to practice before you start playing. Figure out which sites have the variants you want. Some only offer classic American style and others offer more variety. By knowing first what sites have good service, good games, and good bonuses, you can set yourself up to win big, and win often even if the odds favour the house a bit.

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