To play slots you need a bit of money. Make a bet of your choosing and spin the reels. Each spin has a chance of winning, big or small. 

Play Online Slots for Real Money

Here you find a list of the top online casinos for playing real money slots! As we know slots players are always looking for a great bonus or free spins, we have made sure these top casinos offer plenty of great slots bonuses to pick from!

All you have to do is click "Claim Bonus" and start your online slots adventure! 

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Video Slots (modern fruit machines) are without a doubt the most popular online casino game. Easy to learn, quick to play, exciting and loaded with potential winnings it's easy to understand its popularity! Finding a good Slots casino is only the beginning.

Once you start to play you will want to know the secrets of how to maximize your winnings, learn what games have the highest payouts, perhaps try slots tournaments or a slots race or better understand the different features of different slots games.

Our comprehensive Online Slots Casino Guide is the only guide you ever need!

It covers everything from real money play to free play, beginners' guide, and advanced strategies! 

Playing Slots Online - Difference Between Classic Slots & Video Slots

Today when we speak of "online slots" or slot machines, we actually mean Video Slots.

The main difference between a "classic" fruit machine and a "video" slot is the number of reels. The classic has 3 reels and video slots have 5 or more reels. 

Let us quickly remind you, a video slot is a modern, digital game evolved from the classic, traditional three-reel mechanical game, often called fruit machines.

These games are well known from land-based casinos or restaurants but besides the heritage, the modern video slots played at online casinos today have little in common with those old mechanical games. In fact, the land-based casinos find it more and more difficult to compete with the online games and as a result has modernized many of their games with the help of some of the software companies behind the development of the online slots. 

Slots, both 3 reels and video slots, are the most popular of the online casino games.

All you have to do is basically to load the game, determine how much you want to bet and then spin the wheel by a simple click. 

Where to Play Real Money Slots Online

Any online casino will offer a selection of both classic and modern slots to play for real money. The difference between a regular gaming site online and casino recommended for slots is to be found in the selection of games, the amount of the max jackpot, available software providers and slots bonuses. A Slots Casino will offer a vast selection of games from the top slots software providers, a chance to win big progressive jackpot and spoil you with free spins and slots bonuses.

At the real money casino sites we suggest for slots players, you can choose between more than 1000 different slots games, sometimes as many as 3,000, compared to a gaming site not devoted to slots with perhaps as little as 100 slots games. As not many of us will actually play 1000 different slots games in our lifetime, the point here is more one of being guaranteed a great gaming experience. As a slots player, you will want to play both some of the "old" but classic and ever so popular games as well having a chance to play the latest games when they are released. At a recommended slots casino you can trust the casino operator keeping his gaming portfolio updated with all of the latest game releases. 

Real Money Slots - Play Online and Win More!  

While playing for free with demo credits can be relaxing it's when playing for money the real excitement starts and you get a chance to earn some big wins. When it comes to playing slots for real money a land-based casino cannot compete with the potential payouts of the online slots machines. The minimum payout percentage of an online slot game developed by any of the reliable software companies used by the suggested gaming sites will be at around 95%. Some games will go as high as above 98%! The fairness of these slots games are guaranteed by the use of the Random Number Generator, frequently tested by independent third party regulators. 

Best Slots Bonuses When Playing for Real Money

No casino game can compare to slots games when it comes to bonuses. In fact, casino bonuses were originally developed with the online slots player in mind. The suggested casinos above will let you choose between a large selection of slots bonuses like slots sign-up bonuses, free spins bonuses, slots welcome bonuses and some sites will even give away free slots bonuses, like a no-deposit slots bonus. Taking advantage of these great offers will let you play free online casino slots with bonuses which in fact is just a free way to play and win real money!

Bet Sizes and Volatility When Playing Real Money Slots

Slots games are great for real money gaming! You can bet 10 cents per spin or $50 and anything in between and above. The flexible bet sizes make slots games available to any wallet, small players and high rollers alike. Slots are random based games so as long as one keeps the bets within an affordable range everyone has a chance to win.

One might be tempted to click "Max Bet" hoping it will generate a bigger payout but in most cases, you will just end up losing your money quicker.

Consistently affordable bet sizes will allow you to stay longer in the game and the longer you play, the higher the chances to win.

As you become more experienced playing slots games you will develop an understanding of when to increase or decrease your bet sizes as well as finding the type of game that will give you the best value for your money based on the bet size range you play with.  

Discussions about real money slots sooner or later come to the question of high and low volatility slots.

This topic is further mentioned in our article about advanced tips for playing slots for real money but the volatility of a slot game is determined by the game developer.

In most cases, the developer will not us know the volatility but if they do, a game can be described as having a low, medium or high volatility.

A low volatility slot game is known to give frequent small payouts, something that is good when your wallet is small or you simply want to keep on playing for as long as possible.

A high volatility slot game, on the other hand, will pay out a higher amount, but much less frequently.

It means that you may risk losing your entire bankroll before you get a win, but when you do, the amount will be significant. 

More Advantages of Playing Real Money Slots Online

Advantages of Playing Real Money Slots Online

Besides payouts being higher on online slots there are many more advantages to playing slots online. The one most obvious is, of course, the comfort of being able to enjoy playing the slots from the comfort of once own home, with no expenses involved in traveling to a nearby casino. 

Anyone who ever visited a Vegas Casino, or any other land-based casino, can testify of the lack of privacy while playing your favorite slot game. While this may be true for all casino games, online slots especially tend to attract a crowd of observers.  People tend to stand around the slot machine to watch you play and as soon as the razzle of coins from a big win is heard one might even have to fight people off. This is another reason why most players prefer to play slots for real money at online casinos even if they have a land-based casino nearby.  

Online Slot Casinos also offer a much larger selection of games, especially when it comes to new games. While an online casino can update their portfolio of slot games with new titles each month, this is obviously not an option for a land-based casino where a slot machine is much more expensive for the operator. 

Playing online slots also gives you the ability to control many settings of the game, not at least the volume settings. You can further set things up to play automatically (Auto Play) so that you don’t have to continually hit buttons especially if the amount you are going to bet is going to stay the same. If you want to keep the amount you bet consistent, you can set it to automatically spin up to 100 times on the same bet size. This helps you go through many different rounds of the same game without having to really pay too much attention. In fact, you can sit comfortably on your couch wearing nothing but your pajamas and watch the game work all on its own and you can even start several games at the same time. This is much different than when you are playing the same game in a traditional physical casino. 

As you can see, playing online gives you complete control over the environment in which you play. 

Are All Online Slot Games the Same?

The simple answer to that question is no. While they all share some common features like symbols on spinning wheels, it quickly becomes clear that there are many different types of slots; 3-Reel and 5-Reels, 3D slots, Progressive Slots, I-Slots and more.

Each slot game is further built around different game features, or bonus functions, like free spins, multipliers and other factors related to the potential payouts of each specific game (RTP). Some online slots come with bonus games, some with fixed jackpots others with progressive jackpots. The game is then wrapped graphically around a theme where the design and music add another dimension to the gaming experience. 

Software Developers of Real Money Slots Games

There are today plenty of both large, and small, software companies developing slots for online casinos. Some of the main players are Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft. They may all be developing slots games for online casinos but each game developer has some unique graphic design or uses special game features that separate their games from those of other developers. While playing at a specific online casino you may be evaluating slot games from a handful of different developers, all with many different game titles from which to choose. Most of the time these developers have very similar games but with different themes such as monsters, fantasy, sci-fi, Hollywood films, food, and many many more. Each developer has different variants of slot games for each of these themes. In fact, you can pull up the same theme across every developer and find at least two or three games based on a similar type of theme but with the unique graphic details or features, each developer is known for. This means that once you find a developer you prefer you are sure to find a game that you like.

What are the Best Real Money Slots to Play Online?

Considering that there are many different types of online slots within a variety of themes, the answer to what is the "best" game is often a matter of personal preferences. Still, when we review slots games we rate them based on their technical aspects of how well the developer of the game has succeeded in combining the different game features, bonus functions, and design aspects into an exciting game with good potential winnings for the player. The RTP (theoretical game payout) will always vary, but the consensus between studios is that anything 95% gives gamers a fair chance to add to their bankroll. 

Playing Real Money Online Slot Using Advanced Strategies

Playing online slots is very easy. Most website casinos today require nothing more than for you to log on, confirm your registration and make a deposit. You basically start to play for real money within a matter of five minutes or less after you confirm your identification and your banking information. You can choose whatever banking information you want such as a credit card, a wire transfer, or a third-party money system. Once that is done you simply pick the game you want to play and start playing.

Each game has a different set of rules and different pay lines and different bonuses. You can read the evaluation of each different game before you play or you can try free versions of the games on the casino website before you start betting with real money. Many casinos let you see a demo version and this version you get to see what all of the maximum possible features and free spins and bonuses and other such features are, more so than you would get in one legitimate game but the entire purpose here is to show you what could be possible. Showing you everything that could be possible gives you a much better idea of what it is you will get to enjoy as you play slots online long-term for real money. Even though slots ultimately are a game of chance, you can use a few tips to improve your prospects of winning, like making sure to bet enough on progressive jackpots to be eligible for the big win or learn how to fully understand the paytable of the tame.

Play Online Slots for Real Money on Your Mobile Device

If you are going to play on your mobile phone obviously you want to find slots games that are compatible with your device and the good news are that this has become less of an issue. Most manufacturers today are producing their games fully optimized for different modern smartphones and touch screens. Older versions of games are reproduced in full HTML5 with the upgraded version of old games are just as compatible as newly developed games. Once again, rest assured that it will never be an issue to play your favorite slots on your mobile device if you play on any of the recommended online casinos we list!

Is it Safe to Play Slots for Real Money Online?

While playing slots for real money people are concerned about the safety of their money and whether the casino observes fair play tactics. Casinos we have reviewed and can recommend are all complying to the industry safety standard both in terms of their own casino operation and when it comes to the casino games they provide. Both the casino operator and the software company developing the casino games are licensed which means that both parties undergo external, independent audits guaranteeing the fairness and trustworthiness of both the casino and the games. With this said, there are many gambling sites online with bad reviews, sometimes even blacklisted or operating without any license. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying away from those sites if you want to play slots with real money bets! 

Pick one of the endorsed casinos and start to play real money slots today! 

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